Homayoun Shajarian, is the BEST!


Homayoun Shajarian, is the BEST!
by Souri

Last Saturday I attended Homayoun's concert and I'm still under the charm of that mystical event.

It was heartwarming to see that almost half of the audiance were the young sudent below thirty! Am I dreaming or is that the wonderful performance of Dastan group and Homayoun's magical voice rejuvenated the "Sonati Music" in the recent history?

There were at least 500 attendant and this is a big success for Montreal, given the classic type of performance which is not among the most favorite of all. 

The whole audience were moved by the performance and the last song made many of us crying and singing that beautiful song of Siavash Kasreaa "Vatan" along with Homayoun. The whole audience was standing up.......

I am very proud of him and wish the Persian Sonati music, will have more responsible and devoted artist, like Homaoun and the Dastan group. 

وطن! وطن! نظر فکن به من، که من
به هر کجا، غریب‌وار که زیر آسمان دیگری، غنوده‌ام
همیشه با تو بوده‌ام، همیشه با تو بوده‌ام

اگر که حال پرسی‌ام، تو نیک می‌شناسی‌ام
من از درون غصه‌ها و قصه‌ها برآمدم

چه غمگنانه سال‌ها که بال‌ها زدم به روی بحر بی‌کناره‌ات
که در خروش آمدی به جنب و جوش آمدی
به اوج رفت موج‌های تو
که یاد باد اوج‌های تو

کنون اگر ز خنجری میان کتف خسته‌ام
اگر که ایستاده‌ام و یا ز پا فتاده‌ام
برای تو، به راه تو شکسته‌ام

سپاه عشق در پی است. شرار و شور کار ساز با وی است.
دریچه‌های قلب باز کن، سرود شب شکاف آن ز چار سوی این جهان
کنون به گوش می‌رسد من این سرود ناشنیده را، به خون خود سروده‌ام

وطن! وطن! تو سبز جاودان بمان که من
پرنده‌ای مهاجرم که از فراز باغ با صفای تو
به دوردست مه گرفته پر گشوده‌ام

سیاوش کسرایی



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Yes indeed, dear Captain

by Souri on

Even myself, each time I come here, I do listen to the music again. Now, imagine how the audience was feeling on that concert. It was very exciting!! Thanks for the comment.


Awesome music

by capt_ayhab on

Awesome music Souri jan, thanks for sharing it. I have already listened to it like 5 times.




Thanks for the appreciation

by Souri on

Monaye nazanin,  Mondaye gol and Alborz beisar aziz:

I'm so glad you enjoyed this video. It's always a pleasure to please the great friends by sharing interesting materials. Thanks for your words.


Lovely here...

by Monda on

and much better live! Thank you Souri jan.


Thank you Souri.

by desi on

Thank you Souri.

Mona 19

وطن! تو سبز جاودان بمان

Mona 19

It's always refreshing to listen to classic Iranian music.Thanks for posting it,Souri Khanum aziz and Have a great day.

Kindest Regards,Mona ;)


Wonderful Souri Jan...

by alborz on

... a new generation of masters in the making.




Desi jan

by Souri on

I'm happy you liked it. His voice is amazing. I know you live in Europe, but if it can help, I always order my CD's from this site.


Try Nasim Vasl from Homayoun, it is the most beautiful one!




I had the privilege of

by desi on

I had the privilege of seeing Mohamad Reza Shajarian about 8 years ago.  It was an awesome concert.  I had no idea his son was such a great musician as well.  I'll have to buy this CD.  His father's music can be purchased on itunes but Homayoun isn't available yet.  Thanks Souri.


Oh no :(

by Souri on

Farshad jon,

How sad! I heard the concert in your city was as big and wonderful as the one in Montreal. Today I talked to the organizers of that concert, who said the concert in your town was attended again by more than 500 people. this is amazing.

Make sure next time you won't miss it dear. I believe they have a yearly tour, in this corner of the world.

Thanks for the appreciation. I will send you a CD (as I know you won't pay a penny to buy it, lol :))

Of course this was a joke !


He is amazing!

by farshadjon on

Thank you, Souri khanom!

Unfortunately, I could not come this time.


ID jan

by Souri on

You should be there! It was one of the greatest concert I have ever seen. Dastan group is really powerful. They are so much in tune with the music and the spirit of the poem, it is incredible.

Beside Homayoun (who is a true love :)) I also loved the magnificent performance of Behnam Samani's Daff and Pejman Hadadi's Tonbak. I got many pictures with them, but I was so ugly in them that I didn't dare post em here, just in this one, you see me in the right corner(a piece of my face ... lol)

A unique group, never seen before. A wonderful night.

I'm glad you liked this video, with the beautiful poem of Kasraee.


Mehman jan

by Souri on

Both, Mohamad Reza and Homayoun Shajarian are the real gifts for the Iranian. Imagine, how many young Iranian , tied the connection with the rich poetry of our country, just  through these two great voices!

Homayoun is wonderful. All by his voice, his technique and also his humble character, he is becoming the lord of many beating hearts now!

The group's performance was magical. I wish you were there.

Thanks for the appreciation.



dear Adib

by Souri on

Glad you liked the video. I am so proud of Homayoun and his group for having attracted so many young Iranian to the Sonnati Music by their continuous and devoted hard work. And I'm so proud of you, as true Iranian, despite your young age, you are so much connected to your country, its history, its culture, its music. When I said, it is an  honor for me having known you trough this website, I wasn't exaggerating. Playing the tar and also your cousin playing the oud (which is a most difficult instrument) is a wonderful chance for you two, lucky guys

And agree, the music is a veritable ladder for the soul.....by the way, where's he? :) I haven't heard from him since a long while

We will surely stay in touch my dear Adib and I am very touched by your nice words. 

I like to dedicate a part of this poem "Vatan" of Kasraee to you and your family, with true respect and love. This is a true story of a man whose whole life went for the love of his country and never stopped until the last day of his life

سپاه عشق در پی‌ است

شرار و شور کارزار با وی است

دریچه‌های قلب بازکن

سرود شب شکاف آن

ز چار سوی این جهان

کنون بگوش می‌رسد

من این سرود ناشنیده را به خون خود سروده ام




by IRANdokht on

Souri jan

thank you so much for sharing the experience and this great video clip. I am listening to it with really mediocre speakers and Homayun's still awesome! Mastan is also a great band. I wish I had not missed them, but you sure did make my day!




What A Voice!

by Mehman on

Thanks for posting this Souri,

This boy's voice is so warm and enchanting, he might well surpass his dad's charisma soon!

Adib Masumian


by Adib Masumian on

Beautiful video! We recently received a CD of Homayoun Shajarian and the Dastan Ensemble, and it's just out of this world. It is the voices of him and his father that first caused me to fall in love with sonnati. Now my tastes have expanded to include the budding Salar Aghili, student of M.R. Shajarian, and some of Shahram Nazeri's music. Alireza Eftekhari also has a nice Sufi-like feel to his works which I enjoy tapping into. I have even wanted to learn to play the tar for a few years now. My cousin in Houston took up the oud, and he already plays it magnificently.

The melody of these masters' music and the sweetness of their voices are an ever-vibrant testimony that music is truly the ladder for one's soul...

You've made my day yet again dearest Souri! I hope our previous conversation in the live chat room was not our last.