I am tired of this troll : Boosboos

I am tired of this troll : Boosboos
by Souri

Since years, we have been witnessing many kinds of behavior in this site. There were times when some persons were abusing one or two or more persons, either sometimes or all the time by attcks or insults or accusation.

Well, we got angry, we got upset, we got disappointed........Then the publisher took some disposal to prevent or at least limit those abusive behaviors, radically. Now Once again, we are faced with a new way of abusing by someone who pretends to be a newcomer!

I have to say for a newly arrived user, he/she seems so comfortable with the way of abusing and trolling all the pages, I am speechless!

He/she is posting  the most controversial blogs and posts rude and unnecessary comments about almost everything, 24 hours!

What do you think about this new troll of IC?

Will the owner of the site take care of this one or not? And when?

I mean, if there's a mean to stop him/her, it must be used very soon and definitively.

Otherwise, I'm afraid this will make many of us run away from this site, like many others who quit the site in the past and never came bak.

What do you suggest to block this kinds of trolls from the site, definitively?


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maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

I think jj and the admin knows about it first hand.

last night aroud the evening came a video clips of Mr.reza P. talking to the ..I mean it was 37 min. so I only read the rude comment by IT (since I'm not sure about the gender) deeciding to listen to it later and left a comment asking you came here 3 min ago from the other blog commenting! after 10 min came back the clip and all were gone!  so I asked jj about it and he said that was an old... and here it is with the last 2 comments deleted as well 1 from IT and one from me.

how ever that was my part of the story .



 Souri jan: Thank you.

by vildemose on

 Souri jan: Thank you. This new troll is a nutter, a whack job. I think he is writing under the influence of some heavy duty medication, rambling on and on about prostitution, and some other nonsensical mambo jumbo. He is just a nuisance...I wish him gone for good.

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