I need help

by Souri

Best wishes of healths and happiness to all of you.

Dear friends, I'm facing some headaches !! I need to travel to Orlando Florida to take care of some legal troubles of the property nature. I don't know anybody there.

The friends I had there before, had moved from Orlando. I'm asking if
anybody among you living Orlando/Kisseemmee  is willing to help me with the translation and legal stuff, during the one week I will be there. Please kindly contact me trough the Iranian.com for letting me know. I'll be very grateful. thanks. 

And my apologize to JJ for using this page for my own purpose, sorry I am very desperate.



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Kaveh jan

by Souri on

Thank you so much for your kind regards. Best wishes.

Kaveh Nouraee

Souri khanoum

by Kaveh Nouraee on

I just stumbled upon this page, but I see that you are in good hands with some good advice.

Best of luck.


Dariush jan

by Souri on

Thanks for your heart warming wishes. It's so much appreciated at this time of difficulties !

Wish you the best year ever, too. Now, at this hour, you have already began the new year 2009...we have still a few hours to wait for it :D) Did you go out for celebrating it with the crowd ? Paris is wonderful for that celebration. Don't kiss too many beautiful girls however, be careful :P)

Darius Kadivar

Wish I could help but too far ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Wishing you success nevertheless and Also Happy New Year to you Souri Jan and your loved ones.




Dear Samsam

by Souri on

Thank you so much. You are a very good friend and I'm sure your friend is also very great and honest lawyer.

I will call that number too. It's a pity Sina had moved from Orlando, he could be of the best help . God bless you and your friend and all the Iranian.com friends.



Souri khanoom

by samsam1111 on

You are short of luck since one of My old time high school pal Sina & family(remember my blog salsabil?) moved his buss to NC from Orlando , You reminded me of him, emailed him & among other things He suggested you take paralegals since they are cheaper for light matters . If He was in Orlando, knowing him he would welcome you for the whole week in his house . but tough luck :

He said check this ;

Kissimmee Paralegal Service

4521 Wheelhouse Ct
Orlando, FL

407 306 8808

cheers & good luck!!!


Ali P; Best wishes Pal !!!


Thank you Ali P jan

by Souri on

You are woderful. You are very great dear. I will call her for sure.

Wish you a very Happy new year.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

Ali P.

Another one

by Ali P. on


I have a good attorney friend (Iranian lady), down in Ocala, FL. She runs a mediation center. I'm sure she knows the area and the professionals who may be able to help:



Call her up and tell her Ali P sent you.


Ali P.


OC bar association

by Souri on

Oh, I'm sorry, I was in a rush and didn't look well. You are so kind to get back and mention this !! I will defentivley call them, thanks a lot again :D)

Dear Aw: You are great .

Dear Orange county : Thanks a lot. Yes I knew there is also an Orang County in Orlando area, but I'd forgot it!! Mine is in Osceola county and I'm happy to see they also cover that district.


Souri Khanoum

by Orange County (not verified) on

There is also an Orange County in Florida!

Orange County Bar Assocation Attorney referral service covers; Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties in Florida.

DW Duke

OC Lawyer

by DW Duke on

Its the OC Bar Association in Florida. I believe their office is in Orlando.  I get all these Orange Counties confused too.  :)  I have an office in Orange County CA.  And there is one in NC as well.  I don't even think they have oranges there.  LOL

American Wife


by American Wife on

I'd like to think that my heart and soul ARE bigger (and better) than my mouth.  Thanks and I'm glad it helped.  I think I'll consider it my New Year's resolution.



Thank you so much

by Souri on

Dear AW: I don't know how to thank you. You are wonderful. This is amazing how you help me now while we have had some quarrel before. It shows how big your heart is and how great is your soul. I'd visited the link and also sent an email to the organizer of that group. Wish you the best in this new year.

Dear DW Duke: Thanks for your help. I don't know if the lawyer of OC can also help with Florida's legal problems, but it is very nice of you for referring them to me. I never forget this kindness. Best wishes.

DW Duke

Legal Help

by DW Duke on

Hi Souri:

If you need an attorney you might try the Orange County Bar Assocation Attorney referral service.  I hope it works out for you.  



American Wife

ok... something similar

by American Wife on

You've got to get used to manuvering around this site but if you type in the city and state (I think in the middle of the page), it will then give you anything Iranian/Persian for that city.  It came in handy when looking for restaurants in Durham, NC...lol.  I'm sure you've seen this website though.  It might have some kind of assistance program.


American Wife

honest to God.... what a cooincidence

by American Wife on

I have a website that I found that shows different Iranian business' etc. throughout the country.  I use it for reference if we're going to be in a particular state and for when (and if) we move back to South Carolina.  I was just poking around and found this.  I hope it's of some help.