an important message to "Literary critic"

by Souri
Dear Literary critic,

I got an email from the son of great poet and literature professor, Mr Iraj Dehghan.

He is in search of any bit and part of his father's life to understand him better.

In that blog that I had posted on March 16, you mentioned that you knew Mr Dehghan and you were a fan of his works:


Mr Dehghan (son) asked me if I can translate his father's poem for him. As you know, my English is insufficient for translating such a great gem from Persian to English.

Although there are many English spoken members here who will be able to do this translation gracefully, I would like to ask you to show up and contact Mr Dehghan's son, in order to share your memories and information of his father. I will be very grateful to you.

Dear Mr Dehghan,

I am very honored that you chose to contact me and asking me this question. It is wonderful that nowadays, the technology make all the people around the world to get closer to each other. Thank to the and thank to your father's great literary works, we could connect today and share more of our interest. Unfortunately I don't reply to all the emails I get, because my email address has been misused and hackered by some unknown people in the past. This is why I preferred rather to blog here and thank you publicly. You can always send me more emails and I will find a way to reply to you or send you any further information about your father. I wish you a wonderful year ahead and best luck in your researches.

Dear all,

I beg you please (any of you ) who has time and interest to translate that beautiful poem of Dr Iraj Dehghan, which has been mentioned in that blog above and post it here.

I will be very grateful to you. Thanks.


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Thank you MPD

by Souri on

I hope it is.

Or? Wait a minute.... was this one only to rhyme with the poem below? :)

I will believe you only when you  tell me which one of you said that? (I think it was the one on the top right corner ? :)))

Just kidding. I'm so glad to hear this from you. I'd always appreciated your talent.

More power and bests of lucks for you in this coming year.

PS- I was waiting for a little bit of teasing between you and Azarin (the talented writers of IC).....nothing yet?


My dear Azarin

by Souri on

Your translation is great! Wonderful!

Both translations are magnificent and each one does express its author's personality (well, one of the author's personalities :))

You are so kind to work on the poem and post your contribution here.

Thanks a lot.
Chokh mamnoun :)


Multiple Personality Disorder

Dear Souri,

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Whatever misunderstandings there were between us, it passed :O)

Azarin Sadegh

My translation of the poem!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Dear Souri,

Such a strange world! I just read MPD's amazing translation of Mr. Dehghan's poem... after spending half a day yesterday trying to translate it myself!! A few days ago, a friend of mine had sent me this link to your blog suggesting that I should give it a try! And I did and honestly I found it very fun to do, considering my usual process of writing!

Voila my translation (that as you can see it is a worse translation, compared to the magnificent work of our dear MPD.)


She broke her promises and said: Whatever it was, has already past  
I cried and told her, maybe it’s over, but how soon it passed,

It was the spring of having you. It was love and even hope  
The spring ended when you left.  Whatever it was has already past.


It was a night, unlike any other night, and nothing seemed wrong  
A night along with you, the best of times, listening to this melody, our song

Such exciting memories! The trace of you in my heart  
Since we made love by the river - that night – our last night

That night when all my misery vanished, all my torment  
As soon as the breeze engulfed me with your heavenly scent

Don’t be sad or fear the coming journey, O our taboo:  
Your fragile heart’s ache… let’s wish it would pass too.


Beautiful translation!

by Souri on

Thank you MPD. This is a very nice and beautiful translation of the Dr Dehghan's poem.

You are very talented (that's nothing new for you, I'm sure you have already heard it many times :))

But yes, you are, and  I appreciate a lot that you did put your time and effort to brightening  this blog with this great translation.

Again many thanks to you (and to our mutual friend )

Multiple Personality Disorder

My translation of Iraj Dehghan's poem.

by Multiple Personality Disorder on


Please do not click on the "reply" button so I might make minor adjustment to this translation.  Thank you.


Broke my covenant and said: whatever it was it passed
Told her with teary eyes: yes, but how fast it passed

It was spring and you and love and hope
Spring's gone and you left and whatever it was it passed

If there ever was a night in life that with pleasure it passed
It was the night beside you with melody and chant

What lovely memories left in my heart
The night that by the river it passed

As occidental breeze over musk passed
Untied many bounded knot that night

Saddened not, and not think of this journey's past
Albeit sorrow added to your brittle heart, it passed



by Cost-of-Progress on

I am not a fan of poems, but this is nice.






That beaufitul poem of Dr Dehghan is this one:

by Souri on

شكست عهد من و گفت: هر چه بود گذشت
به گريه گفتمش: آري‌، ولي چه زود گذشت

بهار بود و تو بودي و عشق بود و اميد
بهار رفت و تو رفتي و هر چه بود گذشت

شبي به عمر گرم خوش گذشت آن شب بود
كه در كنار تو با نغمه و سرود گذشت

چه خاطرات خوشي در دلم به جاي گذاشت
شبي كه با تو مرا در كنار رود گذشت

گشود بس گره آن شب ز كار بسته‌ی ما
صبا چو از بر آن مشك سود گذشت

غمين مباش و مينديش از اين سفر كه ترا
اگر چه بر دل نازك غمي فزود، گذشت


سر زمین سرد ما گردد بزودی لاله زار

 مهر و امید و عدالت ، باز گردد بر قرار

From: Daneshjoo