Iranians, are we a peace loving people?


by Souri

Actually I am confused now, since what I see at, is a complete wilde land of non-sene ! Are we really for peace and freedom? Or we are just here for the sake of arguing and putting down the other people?

I am very sick now and just come back from the hospital. When I turned on the PC and came to the site, I got frightened.

So much absurdities! So much hysteria, over what?

It seems that some of the bloggers here, need really to make their head get examined. At least, take your pills before coming to the site and writing your non-sense.

Enough is enough!

Either try to understand how to debate with the people, or stay out of the kitchen.

Let see what is going on.

Some people are here only for a political agenda.

Some others are here to talk and learn about politics , only.

Some people, are interested only to art and litterature, and stay away from other topics.

Some others, have an idea about almost everything, without being too passionate about politics, but want also to exchange their ideas in that matter.

The thing is, the ones who are engaged only in political debates, believe falsely, that they are "expert" in that domain!

If they hear an oppositing view, they resort to : insult, propaganda, lies, accusation, humiliation.......etc , etc. Hence the "hysteria" mount!

People, get reall:

1) You are nothing but the pure observants, residents of the west! You are not the opposition force against Iran. Because you are here 24/7 writing for a bunch of readers who are like yourself. You have plenty of time, but you use it in this site instead of doing something more substential. Nobody blame you! You are free to spend your time, as you wish. Like I do. But don't take yourself so seriously!

2) You are against the regime? Fine.

Some people are "for" this regime, like it or not. Some others, are only against some aspects of the regime. This, belongs to every person. Hence : democracy! I bet it doesn't sound nice to you! Does it? You can't say to someone : Now I know your true color, because you say that you do agree with the regime, but then you had said at that time that you were against the regime! This shows only the depth of your ignorance!

Open your eyes! There exist people who are different than you, who think differet than you, who have the same right to express their views, as much as you do! Here it's me:

1) I personally, am for the enrichment of uranium! Yes, I am.

2) I personally, am against terror, of any kind, by any group, against anyone!

3) I personally, condemn the military attack of Iraq by the Americans

4) I personally, condemn the military attack of Afghanistan by the Americans

5) I personally, condemn the attack of 9/11 by the Islamists

6) I peronally, condemn the atrocities of Israel against the Palestinians

7) I personally, condemn the arrest and torture and execution of our freedom fighters in Iran, by the IRI

And the list goes on!

See? in my list, there are both "For" and "Against" votes for the IRI, there are "For" and "Against" votes for the Islamists. But, nothing "FOR" the American military attack to no-where, and nothing "FOR" the Israeli government.

You don't like it? You think I am hypocrite? Deal with it!

There are plenty of people in Iran, who think exactly like myself in this regard.

Go call them the "opportunists" the "hypocrites" the "paid agents" the "enemies "...attack them, kill them, do whatever you want to them! But face the truth:

This, is your country!

This, is your people!

You can't stay here, writing hysteria, and believing in yourself, for an eternity!

You are not even a professional, a mature activist.

When you get irritated, you resort to name calling, moking the age and physical conditions of your opponent! What a low level partisan of democracy! Shame!

You get so much excited about the killing of a human being, you blame others for not participating in your party, accusing them of being for the regime!
It is so simple for you to launch accusation, because it makes your life easier! This way you don't have to face the truth! You don't loose face in front of your fans!

Terror and killing for political reason, is condemned in democracy! Deal with it!

The same way you judge the people, with a "black or white" sword, the same way they do this you : Are you really for democracy or not?

You can't justify the terror of a scientist (which you always call only a Bassiji, just to legalize his murder ) by saying that in Nuremberg, they didn't accept the defence like : He was doing his job!


But Nuremberg was a real court!

For your records, there were people, accused of "crime against the humanity" who were STILL heard and given a chance to defend themselves!

Learn the history! Understand it!

Don't cut and paste it to your own interest!

You can't kill someone on the street, just like this ,  only because you  SUSPECT that he is doing something against the humanity (which he has not done yet). Just because you THINK, that he MIGHT be plotting something against the humanity, doesn't justify his terror.

You never believe in the IRI newspapers and information, but in this particular case, you take everything that is mentioned about him, by the IRI Media, just because it serves your purpose?

This is not a court! This is a kangaroo court!

And you call yourself the freedom fighters?

And you accuse and humiliate people who condamn such inhuman act?
And you call yourself the millitant for democracy?

I have a valuable a piece of advice for you : Take it easy!


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Thank you gitdoun

by Souri on

Not only because you agree with me, but mostly because you said you will work on yourself. I always admired the power of self aknowledgement. More power to you.

gitdoun ver.2.0

i agree with souri

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

i am guilty of contributing to the hysteria. i will try to work on myself. thanks for this great blog ~!

G. Rahmanian

Self projection?

by G. Rahmanian on

I guess so!

iraj khan

Tiger Lily,

by iraj khan on

Make them an offer they can't refuse!


"You Better Stop It Or I Become you!"

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Good night!

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Baba shoma bikarid? Vel konid digeh shooresh badjoori daroomad.


Hypocrisy has no bounds...and apparently no shame either

by Onlyiran on

isn't it funny that the two people who are complaining the most about abuse on this thread are the only two on this same thread who have been blocked in the past for being abusive to other users?  One of them blocked at least twice and the other at least once.  Hypocrisy has no bounds!!!

I guess the only thing that the IRI has taught you in the past 32 years is how to be hypocrites & Professional Victims:



Dear Anglophile

by Souri on

Yes, naboudid, dishab jashn boud inja :)

The same people who accuse others of everything, they were all here , threatening others to report them to the DHS! LOL, then they say they don't like IRI :)

I am glad you found this blog intersting.

Thank you.


While LA is fast asleep, London is fully awake! ...

by anglophile on


Souri jan


Glad to see that the debate has moved on and is getting more interesting by each comment thanks to a very good choice of topic for a blog.



Tiger Lily

iraj khan, that is very funny

by Tiger Lily on

The irony being that they claim that one works for the IRI and then they end up calling  a normal work place? LOL!


But seriously, if any of them tried that one, let me know, and they won't know what's hit them.

Artificial Intelligence

Thank you for yor comment Souri

by Artificial Intelligence on

I understand your position. Just an FYI, Mr. Ala was not attacked once in that thread. He came charging in and pulled the triger before anyone  said anything about him (a very common behavior by him). He could not control himself. 

I hope you feel better. 


iraj khan

"آفتاب آمد دلیل آفتاب" شاملو

iraj khan


Everything that you had written in your blog came true by the comments of the 'Usual Suspects' who spew misinformation about others and try to discredit them.

If that does not work, they'll try to gather information about them and attack them at their work place, again with misinformation. 

If that does not work then, they call them IRI supporter,

If that does not work they call them terrorist and threaten them.

If that does not work then they try to provoke them and block their account. 

"aftab amad dalil aftab" Shamlo 


indeed VPK

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I dont visit this kind of blogs, just came in to say Hi to Vildemose and faramarz and got jumped on. Plus have not ran, cycled or swam for 5 days now. Time for a good long one along the beach..

Good night to you and all the other friends here. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


People come here to learn

by Rea on

... not to read personal drivel. 

N'importe quoi, svašta i ništa. 

In that case, better go to pbs.tehranbureau.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Maybe time to call it a night

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


People this is getting out of hand. It may be a good time to call it a night. The tone is getting worse so before someone is banned please let us say good night.


You said it: "mind your own business"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

and enjoy the sandis whilst it lasts. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by darius on

You are about to declare yourself a kind of saint or imam or masoom

or a prophet when comes to decency and behavior.


Please make yourself clear in your affilation , put up your picture up like Ari does  and show  us the  character of a leader , a truthful leader  or just  do your regular daily things ,keep  yourself  busy with your name calling, slander and whatever makes you feel happy .

Some of us "Ghalt zeyadi mikoneem " that  include you and me , if any one of us is threat to national security of this country or in process of breaking our oath of citizenship and commit any act that may cause an immenet danger, then I assure you , we are all watched and monitored.

We are all responsible for what we say and we do .   


I promise you law enforcemnt and DHS love , just mind your own business. 




ajab gereftari shodim ha

by Souri on

baba, Mr Gilani, I didn't flag your last comment. You and your comments are irrelevant to me. The last time i  tried to talk to you eloquently and very politely, to explain to you our differences, I got the  answer which only deserved yourself and your ilk.

From that point on, i don't even see you. You don't exist here. good bye.

PS_ I still continue to flag all the irrelevent comments. Everybody should stick only to the content of this blog, or go post your comment somewhere else.

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Why don't you tag along, dear! The more the merrier. And to be honest with you, I want to get you drunk on some Jose Cuervo Gold! That's my kinda drink!


Uncle G.

by Faramarz on

Toby Keith speaks my language!

Roozbeh Jaan,

You are among the best around here, so don't take any of this seriously. We have got a lot of work to do. Please keep your eyes on the prize.



Admin please make several

by vildemose on

Admin please make several copies of my comments and email it to both the queen and

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Queen of the castle has

by vildemose on

Queen of the castle has zero self-awareness. How very Queeny...Our queen is also very pretty........LOL

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


so why do you want the admin to delete my comments?

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Because I am speaking the truth and you are frightened of hearing the truth? 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Dear Admin, please don't delete vildemose's comments

by Souri on

I don't know who flagged those comments, but I always want this kind of comments stay because it reveals the ture perosnality of its author, better than a book written about them.

She is among those people that I referred to in my blog, as :

"At least, take your pills before coming to the site and
writing you non-sense."

G. Rahmanian

Faramarz Jaan: This is what could've happened!

by G. Rahmanian on


Douste aziz AI

by Souri on

Sorry I didn't get it the first time. I was more into the meaning of the whole comment, than the word AipacZadeh. Believe it or not, I haven't seen the relatin. Now I understand what you meant.

Still, in every court (complain) you must give the whole data. The context is the most important thing. Now, I have the link. But the way you gave me just a couple of sentences to read, how could I know if that person was not attacked, just before writing this comment in reply?

Sorry dear, you do a mistake. I like Dr Ala, he was also victime of  those abuses at work, but I don't know him more than I do know you. The fact is (as TG just mentioend below) that I might agree with someone in one threads and not agree with him/her in another subject.
For example, do you think that Dr Ala agrees with my support of Reza Pahlavi as the representative of the oposition?

If I talked to you that way, is also because I am a bit tired and sick. I was reading and writing for this blog the whole day, and had to attend a meeting at 3:00 and now have other things to do.

I apologize if I showed a little impatience, dear.




چوب رو که برداری، گربه دزده در میره!


The only comment that this blogger, this defender of "respect" and "free speech"  flagged is mine. the one in farsi, which is actually very relevant to the blog and by no means insultive to anyone. this is a comment pulled from the blog that Faramrz referred to. The comment is regarding  the supporters of the Islamist  regime in N. America  who under the cover of "anti-war" actually lobby for the islamist regime. This comment was published in Mr Mousavi, the jailed reformist leaders  "Rah e sabz" publication.

So quoting comments from Mr. Mousavi's on line publication is "propaganda"?!!!! 

Wow woman, your hypocricy knows no bounds. have you even heard of the word "shame"???

Now I am really out of this place, really..... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on




by Faramarz on

So you are sensitive about Tudeh and then call me Nazok Narenji?

See, that's why I know women so well! They are so predictable!

I am going back to the Pub with my dear friend Uncle G. and after that we will pay a visit to Ari's house for some Ovaltine!

Night is still young. 



I was about to answer to Ari

by Rea on

..... now I see comments are being flagged.


Artificial Intelligence

Dear Souri

by Artificial Intelligence on

I don't know what you mean by I did not give the link. I copied and pasted the entire comment by the writer and its date stamped. Better than the link! There is no need for "context". The context is clear from the writing, where he calls people who post on this site "AipacZadeh". Personal attacks that you are writing about on this blog. 

This same person, came and gave you some nice comments here and agreed with your view. But see how he acts?

What I stated below is very relevant. You just don't like it because its against someone who you are aligned with politically. I know the truth hurts sometimes but its the truth. Sorry if you do not like it. 

Here is the entire link if it helps you. Its a perfect example of the hypocrisy I am talking about.