Letter to General Secretary of European Union‏


by Souri

Following letter was sent to the General Secretary of the European Union and to all Permanent Representatives of EU countries in the EU Commission.

Please forward it to your friends, and contact us if you need EU contact addresses.



Javier Solana

Secretary General of the European Union

March 4, 2009

His Excellency:

There are disturbing reports that the European Union in dispute with the Iranian government over its uranium enrichment activities, is considering to include Sharif University of Technology (SUT), a prestigious Iranian University, in a new list of sanctions against Iran

European countries have always respected academic freedom and free scientific exchanges. Even the Sanction laws of the United States which started the economic sanctions against Iran, exclude scientific exchanges with Iran.

Just recently delegates of the US National Academy of Sciences and seven presidents of top US universities visited Sharif University of Technology and were highly impressed with the quality of its research and education, as reflected in their very positive report.

The graduates of SUT who have continued their education abroad have consistently demonstrated their ability to make fundamental contributions to the advancement of science and technology relevant to their fields of specialty. Graduates of Sharif University are among the top graduate students in the best academic departments around the world. Some Universities, like Stanford in the United States, often accept Sharif University graduates without any preconditions. Preventing these individuals who are capable of making fundamental contributions to the betterment of mankind is a severe damage to the advancement of international science and technology.

Unfortunately there have also been rumors that Sharif University of Technology is among the designated targets for a military attack against Iran. We are afraid that if the European Union decides to include Sharif University in the sanction list, then it might be considered as a justification for attacking an institution of higher education.

Europe and Iran have historical and cultural ties. Iranian universities have always valued their contacts and interactions with European colleagues and universities. We hope that this valuable relationship will not be jeopardized due to some transitional political issues.

Fredun Hojabri,

Professor & former Academic Vice-President of Sharif (Aryamehr) University of Technology,

California, USA


Prof. Fazlollah Reza

Former Chancellor of Sharif (Aryamehr) University of Technology
President and founder of Iranian Academic Association of North America
Ottawa, Canada

Prof. Farhang Mehr
Former Chancellor of Shiraz University
California, USA

Mehdi Zarghamee
Professor & former chancellor of Sharif (Aryamehr) University of Technology
Massachusetts, USA

Prof. Alireza Mehran
Former Chancellor of Sharif (Aryamehr) University of Technology
Montreal, Canada

Mohammad Amin
Professor of Sharif university of Technology
Former Chancellor of Isfahan University of Technology
Illinois, USA

Heybatollah Khakzar
Professor of Sharif (Aryamehr) University of Technology,
Former President of University of Science and Technology
Stuttgart, Germany

Farhad Riahi
Professor & former Academic Vice-president of Sharif (Aryamehr) university of Technology,
President of Bu-Ali Sina University
Massachusetts, USA

Bijan Aalami
Professor & former Vice-president for Research, Sharif (Aryamehr) University of Technology, President of Taavonie Roustaee University
California, USA

Morteza Anvari
Professor of Sharif University of Technology
Former President of College of Computer & Management
Illinois, USA

Farideh Tehrani, Ph. D.,
Associate Director Libraries,
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
President of Shiraz University Association (SUA)
New Jersey, USA


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Sharif University is one of the best in the world

by farrad02 on

You ask anyone in the top echlons of technology universities around the world, they will tell you that Sharif University is possibly one of top 5 technology universities in the world, period! This is inspite of all the shortcomings and mismanagement by the current regime! One reason is the people of Sharif University. The professors, staff and students who make up the wonder that is Sharif University! Sharif University is a beacon of hope in an otherwise dark part of the world! Getting into Sharif in Iran is almost next to impossible and only the kids that are at the highest IQ levels and great achievers get into Sharif each year! 

It is a fact that a bachelors or graduate degree from Sharif is a guaranteed credential to get into just about any research facility and higher learning institution around the world! Just ask a Berkley or MIT professor what he/she thinks about Sharif graduates! Just do a simple Google search of Math and Science Olympiads and see which university's students and graduates rule these olympiads!

In summary, Sharif University is the prid of the Iranian nation and one of our national assets! It is not about the Islamic Republic or any particular president or leader. It is going to stay and thrive for our future generations! Long time after IRI has been disposed of, Sharif graduates will continue to impress the world! 

Putting sanctions on Sharif University or God forbid bombing it is completely out of the question and won't solve any issues for anyone!

Hands off Sharif University!




Let them!

by Landanneshin (not verified) on

Whilst truly commending the authors of the open letter to Mr. Solana ( don't forget he was Sec.Gen.of Nato before, and Americans don't give that sort of a job to any Spanish politician for nothing!) and hoping that before it is too late, the EU leaders wake up to realise that when finally, Iran and US strike a deal to do business with each other, the biggest loser will be Europe,I'd say just let them do it!

Don't know if anyone remembers how European leaders demeaned themselves by secretly visiting Col.Gaddafi in his desert tent- when he was backing European urban terrorists, just to beg for a bit more oil and natural gas, If you do,then don't worry over their bluffs on "tightening sanctions against Iran."

Just a day after Hillary Clinton said the US is going to invite Iran to the next Afghan Conference, and that after all Russians are not such bad guys, you should've seen the changing colour of the European leaders' pants!! not to mention the odour!

Not to worry,let them eat grass!



by Ajam (not verified) on

Ironically, most of our scientific achievements were made possible in spite of all these sanctions. Wheres the main aim of such sanctions were to impede our advancement! We should actually be grateful to the Westerners for that!

anonymous fish

on the face of it,

by anonymous fish on

i would agree (with the letter of protest!!!!).  the following link provides some backup information and explanation about the proposed sanctions.  those opposed to ANY sanctions will obviously see it as another slap in the face.  IRregardless if you oppose them or not, i'm not sure i support the "larger carrot" explanation either.  it's a damn shame, no matter where you stand.