Love is in the air


by Souri

I loved this poem which is posted by Daneshjoo here:


This is so fresh, so flawless and beautiful. It just touches my heart, so much that I decided to share my feeling with all of you.

I run;
And it's like I'm seeing color for the first time;
The wind electrifies the clouds as they shift along the skyline;
I breathe;
And I can smell the flower’s invitation;
Luring me to taste its nectar;

I am not immune to these animal instincts;
I am not immune to the changes that springtime brings;
But today when the bird sings, it rings through my body like a tide at flood;
Pulsing through red blood cells;
Swelling into the emotional cavity in my rib cage;

Today is the first day of spring;
Though the calendar does not say March 21st;
And it's not because the sun has just burst out from behind gray clouds;
But because today is the first day you ever existed;
Though you likely resisted coming to be;
Your destiny determined your coming to me;

Today I see tulips opening, destined to thrive;
Birds chirping and dancing, celebrating that you're alive;
The clean breath in my lungs makes me joyous and full;
Just like your smile and love have awakened my soul;
I dance over fallen trees that will go back to the earth;
Enriching the soil, enabling new birth;

Like the revelations I gain from the death of my pride;
The reduction of strain due to you at my side;
You are springtime to my body
Sunshine to my heart;

You catalyze a photosynthesis that I'd been too afraid to start;
Your light gives me food, your warmth makes me grow;
Your rain washes my debris away and your love makes me know;
Though I cannot see the springtime, I experience its effects;
The colors, the freshness projects a feeling of excitement like what you put into me;
Rubbing tired eyes of sleep after a long hibernation;
You are a site for eyes chilled by winter;
On this day, the day you first existed;
I notice Spring;
Love is in the air


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by yolanda on

Thank you for posting........very sweet, romantic, and powerful love poem!

Love can revitalize and rejuvenate people!

Thank you, Souri, for posting and formatting!
Wow! Photosynthesis ends up in a love poem, very interesting! The poet or poetess must know Botany very well!