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Medical news
by Souri

I've got this by email and don't know how much it is true, but personally I will be more careful from now on, eating less chicken wings. The references are at the end of the text, so you can call them for more information.



Chicken Wings - Its Dangerous

Avoid eating chicken wings frequently - ladies, especially; a true story...!

A friend of mine recently had a growth in her womb and she underwent an operation to remove the.

The cyst removed was filled with a dark colored blood. She thought that she
would be recovered after the surgery but! she was terribly wrong.

A relapse occurred just a few months later. Distressed , she rushed down to her gynecologist for a consultation.
During her consultation, her doctor asked her a question that puzzled her.

He ask if she was a frequent consumer of chicken wings and she replied yes wondering as to how, he knew of her eating habits.

You see, the truth is in this modern day and age; chickens are injected
with steroids to accelerate their growth so that the needs of this
society can be met.

This need is none other than the need for food.
Chickens that are injected with steroids are usually given the shot at the  neck or the wings. Therefore, it is in these places that the highest concentration of steroids exists.

These steroids have terrifying effects on the body as it accelerates growth..
It has an even more dangerous effect in the presence of female hormones,
this leads to women being more prone to the growth of a cyst in the
womb. Therefore, I advise the people out there to watch their diets and
to lower their frequency of consuming chicken wings!
People, who receive this email, please forward it to your friends and loved ones. I am sure no one wants to see him or her suffer!


Sharon How

SingaporeMedical Association

Tel: (65) 6223 1264, ext. 22

Fax: (65) 6224 7827

Email: sg

Website: //www.sma.



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DW Duke


by DW Duke on

No, unfortunately I do not speak Persian which is disappointing because many people send emails to me in Persian assuming that I do. 

We are also able to find kosher meats in some of the grocery chains.  Where I live we do not have any kosher grocers like in LA but we can find a limited supply of kosher foods at Trader Joes, Albertsons, Kroger etc.   


LoL Orang jan

by Souri on

Where have you been? I did hazer ghayeb yesterday and you were absent!

You are right on the poulet aux hormones. That was what we were talking about at home yesterday. I miss the good and healthy food of France. C'est dommage!

The good news is , I will be there very soon, maybe at the end of the month. Promise we will have a good lunch in a brasserie dans le 15eme: The ailes du poulet peut-etre? LOL

Orang Gholikhani

No Steroid in France

by Orang Gholikhani on

Come back Souri jan

La France a toujours refusé Poulet aux hormones américains :-)



Tablighat mamnou

by Souri on


Do you speak Persian? I said no advertising here :)

I do buy Kosher sometimes in a local store. They have great kosher foods in Montreal. 

Also Costco does some Kosher too :)

DW Duke

Safety in Food

by DW Duke on

Yes, organic vegan is safe.  For meats you can purchase on line here:


I think Empire might also deliver via online orders. In either case you won't have to worry about steroid injections.  


Or go vegetarian

by Nur-i-Azal on

If even periodically.


Maybe :)

by Souri on

But joke aside, it terrifies me. I always loved chicken wings since I was a kid ....and now I don't know how to quit my old habit so eaily :-(

DW Duke

That is why it is always

by DW Duke on

That is why it is always good to eat kosher or halal depending upon one's Abrahamic persuasion.  :)