Ostaad Shajarian

by Souri

In January 2010, NPR will launch a year-long exploration of 50 great voices in recorded history. They have selected 126  vocalists from around the world and across time. Among them Ostad Shajarian.

You can go to NPR site and choose up to five favorites you think should be included in the final 50. There are just 2 from France (Piaf & Trenet), and only from Iran.

In order to make it easier to navigate, you can select the presentation of the list Sorted by Name (Left bottom of the list), and you can go directly for example to S to select Ostad Shajarian.






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thanks for sharing

by KayvanAli on

Tough indeed...Missing from the list are Iranian vocalists who never had the chance to break into international markets:
And I don't think a vocalist list would be complete without the following included:
Mercedes Sosa
Freddie Mercury
Césaria Évora
Dolores Montoya Rodríguez (Lole y Manuel)
Eddie Veddar
Ibrahim Ferrer
Elvis Costello
Israel Kamakawiwo (Brother Iz)
PJ Harvey
Jimmy Scott
Matt Johnson (The The)
Annie Lennox

Cheers and shouts,


Akh Souri jan, what a tough task!!

by Jaleho on

How could one not choose caruso, Maria Callas, Domingo, or Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, or Umm Koulthum in the top singers?!

But, that's precisely what I did! i convinced myself that it is not fair to include opera singers in there, and let's pick one of each genre to do justice (my way), so my favorites get in there:-) Here:


Louis Armstrong

Edith Piaf

Freddie Mercury

Frank Sinatra

 I also emailed them to include the Turkish sanat music singer, Minur Nurettin Selcuk, whom I consider the greatest Turkish singer of all time. But, I was glad that his name was not in there to limit my choices even further!


Nazy Kaviani

Thank you Souri Jan

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thanks for sharing this my friend. I voted for Ostaad.


Thanks for sharing this

by divaneh on

I voted Shajarian too, so lets hope he gets in the top 50. I was also happy to see Tom Waits, Fairuz, Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury in there. Unfortunately missed Khalid.


What a tough choice!

by HollyUSA on

I had a list of 12 on the first round. But if I had to cut it down to 5 they would be: (in no particular order)

Freddie Mercury

Joajo Gilberto

Ray Charles

Edith Paif


As it is I'll have to toss one out so I can vote for Shajarian!




My top five

by Souri on

Of course I have more favorite singers but they are not listed there :(

1) Shajarian

2) Stevie Wonder

3) Ella Fitzgerald

4) Brabra Streisand

5) Dolly Parton


I wished we could chose 10 names.

by pedro on

I was hopeing I could find names of Golpayegani, Delkash, Marziyeh, and Iraj. Love them all 

These are my pics.

1- Ostad Shajarian,  all time favorate.

2- Amalia Rodrigues, got to know her 20 years ago, love her voice. 

3- Edith Piaf, Known her from childhood, never get tired of her voice.

4- Billie Holiday, takes you back to when America had class.

5- Maria anderson. can't get enough of her beautiful voice.

Thanks Souri


Hard Choices

by Asghar_Massombagi on

But here is my selection:

1. Ostaad Shajarian, 2. Khaled 3.Maria Callas 4. Johnny Cash 5. Ella Fitsgerald

Thanks for this link.  It's a great idea.


What were your top 5?

by Omid B on

(1) Shajarian

(2) Morrissey

(3) Uum Kulthoum

(4) Van Morrison

(5) Marvin Gaye





What a great place for

by benross on

What a great place for discovery! I also voted for him, and I discovered Meredith Monk.


Afarin Redwine!

by Souri on

Ye sharaab pishe man jayezeh dari :)

What is your favorite red vine?

Was it to you that I said I liked Cahor? Although it is not rated as a high quality one :-(

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

I voted him too .

Thank you Souri Khanoum .