Reza Sadeghi

by Souri

Hope those videos are not "deja vue" on the site. Maybe there are, I never look at those kind of  modern Iranian music. Still I find this guy has some points to make :O))


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Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

This is the Reza Sadeghi song I like. On his CD, it has a piece of poetry at the beginning which I love. Couldn't find that one to post. Thanks Souri Jan:


A 234

by Souri on

This is what I like the most in him!! He doesn't have the look at all. The only thing in his favor is  his own talent! unlike the LA folks, he has a real talent, even if the rest doesn't follow.


He Also Needs to...

by Anonymous 234 (not verified) on

lay off the kabob for a while!!!!


He has a good voice...

by ahvazi on

My favorite song of his is "Farda Ba Mast"


Beautiful voice

by Anonymous (not verified) on

I heard his voice last year by listening to "Vaysa Donya". Someone sent it to me, saying he is very popular in Iran. He has beautiful voice, composes most of his song, and always has a sad tone in his lyrics.