Shake hands with the devil

by Souri

I want to introduce to you this great movie which has won the Emmy Award 2007 . An addaptation of a real story, written by  General Dallaire, the leader of the UN peace keeping force in Rwanda during the early 1990s.








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Souri jaan,

by ThePope on

Read it in English. The book is written in very simple English...

-Enjoy reading it

Here's more info 'About the book':

Azadeh Azmoudeh


by Azadeh Azmoudeh on

After Hotel Rowanda, this was another shockingly amazing movie.



dear ThePope

by Souri on

thanks for this great information. I checked it on the web and am interested to read it. Do you think it would be easy to read it in English ?

Maybe it's better for me to order it in French.

Anyhow, I thank you a lot for the interest. I will defeively buy that book




Souri khanoom,

by T.h.e.P.o.p.e (not verified) on

it's a very good movie indeed. With a pretty strong acting by Montreal's Roy Dupuis...

If you have really enjoyed this movie, Shake hands with the devil, I recommend you to read Immaculee Ilibagiza's "Left to tell", it will blow your mind away, and as a woman you'll even enjoy it more. Believe me, it's one of those books that once you pick up and start reading, you'll just have to go all the way to the end in one shot!


Thank you my dear

by Souri on

And you are a very conscious friend !

Do we need so much discretion really ?


General Dallaire

by Sam+Sam (not verified) on

was a conscious soldier & You are a conscious blogger souri .thx for this info.


Dariush aziz

by Souri on

Yes the Last King of Scotland was in fact one the most violent film, but a good one.

In the Shake hands with the Devil (you can see it in French too: J'ai Serre la main du dibale) you will see less violence, but still get horrified.

There's also a short scene, where Dr Kushner is represented. I believe it's a " must see" movie. 

Thanks for your interest.

Darius Kadivar

Thank Souri Jan

by Darius Kadivar on

I didn't know of this film. I guess I must have missed it cause most Canadian Films are hardly shown here in France unlike Hollywood Productions unless they are from the French speaking Canada film industry. Will try and find the DVD.

Merci Beaucoup,


PS: The Last King of Scotland was also an interesting film although very hard to watch at times because of the violence.