Shush dar daman nour

by Souri

In this documentary you will see how our heritage has been sold to the foreign countries, by the fault of Ghajar dynasty. Jadid-on-line is one of the best website that I know in the field of our history and cultural heritage. Please look at this one:



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Javad Yassari

Dear Ms. Souri:

by Javad Yassari on

I saw this a little while back and I was outraged.  However, so long as our heritage is in safe and accountable hands, where it can be viewed and researched and kept from further harm, I don't see a worsening of this loss.  I am considerably more concerned for illegal and unknown archaeological excavations which have been going on in Iran over the past thirty years, where uncovered items have been sold in black markets without any accountability or a chance for others to see them or to learn from them.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for sharing this important piece. 


Dear Ari/ and all

by Souri on

Pity I have no time tonight, but later on, i will talk about a documentary I just saw last week on the French TV (of course)

Same story is repeating now, with Afghanistan!!

You shoud be there to see how the French archeologist take all the treasure of the Afgan lands and bring them to France. 

Alborz jan, not to mention, they said the Taliban have destroyed many of the precious objects which belong to the time of Alexander the Great and even older. 

This really broke my heart. That documentary was a great eye opener for us, the people with such an ancient history....If I get a chance I will talk more about that documentary, later.

Thanks to all of you for the interest you showed.

Manoucher Avaznia

شازده جان؛

Manoucher Avaznia

ولی من آنطوری که شنیده ام نوشتم.  ولی جایی نخوانده ام

Shazde Asdola Mirza

moment Manoucher moment

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

نه تنها مرتع ما را چریدند

پدر نامرد‌ها بر سبزه ریدند

شازده ایرج میرزا

پیش از ورود پول باد آورده نفت به ایران، قاجار بی‌ پول و بدبخت بودند؛ ولی‌ امثال ایرج، قوام و مصدّق رو به ایران تقدیم کردند!

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Thanks Souri. It felt as tragic as imagining a Rodin broken to pieces and brought to a museum in Tehran. These Shush articles should be bought back and placed where Iranian parents can easily take their children to see them. As an Iranian I would trade a lot of oil just to get these back.


افسوس "که ما دسته کم صد سال دیر رسیده‌ایم"،...


...بیان آخر این فیلم، هنوز هم صادق است و نسل‌های آینده هم در مورد ما و این دوران به همین نتیجه خواهند رسید.

امروزه تمام آثار تاریخی ایران در خطر هستند و فقط نگاهی اجمالی‌ به ارامگاه کوروش نشاننده فاجعه دیگریست که دولتمردان امروزه ما ایرانیان برای نسل های آینده به جا خواهند گذشت.

شاید در این شرایط، ما باید راضی‌ به این باشیم که میراث فرهنگی‌ ما امروز در موزه‌های دنیا برای همیشه نمودار مثبتی از یک فرهنگ غنی میباشند.  در غیر این صورت شواهد دیگری که روزانه در دسترش مردم دنیا میباشد ننگبار و شرم‌آور است.

 ممنونم سوری خانم و امیدوارم آنچه که از آن بیم دارم واقع نشود.



Mixed feelings

by Anonymous_98765 (not verified) on

I share the same sadness and anger as other posters, however I don't know if those historic artifacts had been remained in Iran, they most probably had been destroyed by the likes of Khalkhali or by looters who still are busy stealing and selling to private buyers. Some of these looters I've heard are supported by Aghazadeha.

At least in a museum we can be sure that everything is much safer and next generations will have a chance to see them. When I visited Persepolis, I saw one of the Ghajar princes had left a big "YADEGARI" on one of the walls.

I think French people were not (and perhaps are not!) as civilized as they think they are but let's be honest to each other: Iran as a nation is not exactly out of dark ages yet.


سوری جان


Thank you very much for this post.  Painful to watch.... and Mr Avaznia, the poem was really apt and horribly descriptive!

Sharareh Golshani

Souri Jaan

by Sharareh Golshani on

Thank you so much for posting this.   






Manoucher Avaznia

Souri Jaan;

by Manoucher Avaznia on

I dearly appreciate this post that re-ignited a flame in my heart.  Definitely, there are way more than Sush to this.  Anywhere these plunderers were allowed to go under any pretext, they did similar things to our heritage.  Let's do not kid ourselves and do not finger point at "Daaee Jaan Nepolen".  It is a reality of our modern history.

بقول ایرج:


نه تنها مرتع ما را چریدند

پدرسگ صاحبان بر سبزه ریدند



This is not the only precious thing that Iran lost then!!!

by Tahirih on

Souri jan it was so hard to watch, but thanks for posting it. I was not aware of it, and will send it to my friends. My God  Iran lost so much....




Western Thugs!

by Kurush (not verified) on

Iran must demand in no uncertain terms the return of its national treasures. If the French & the British refuse, economic sanctions should follow: just stop buying french products and urge patriots to boycott French & British products. A legal case could be made that national heritage of a nation is non-negotiable and hence its removal by both the British and the the French an act of theft. Unless this issue is publicized vigorously and the French & British governemnts embarrassed for holding on to the stolen antiquities, nothing will result. There is an international movement for the return of such items and the interdiction of the Western auction houses which facilitate such trade, e.g the Elgin Marbles.