War of the avatars


by Souri

People, people!

Control yourself, behave yourself.

Always remember that here is a public place.

The same way that you are behaving as a normal person when you go to an office, a university, a park...etc etc, you should keep a minimum of decency and respect to other persons who are there.

If you have personal problem, if you have grudge, miseries, repressed feeling ...or anything like this, here is not a place for relief or refuge. Buy yourself a pushing ball and serve yourself. Cuss as much as you like and record your voice. Write angry letters to the people you hate  most with whom you have some unfinished business, but at least you know them personally.

Here is not a place for that!

Stop using these pages as a garbage where you can throw all your heinous and ugly behavior which you can't put anywhere else.

We are not concerned for your problems with your boss, your wife, your child, your parents, your love,,,,,,etc etc.

Don't bring them here to throw it at us, in the name of "Iran" and your love for the country.

We know that you all love Iran but you all live here and for "some reasons" you all prefer to stay here. Then stop it!

I don't care who is Communist or IRI supporter or Monarchist...etc.Look,  I don't know you!

We are all bunch of avatars here. Just keep this in your  mind when you come here and :

* Don't take anything  you read here too seriously
* Don't take anybody too seriously
* Don't take yourself too seriously

If you don't like something you read, just say it but don't insist for we believe you!

And especially do not insult us when we don't believe you!

Think always that you enter here like you enter a playground, you play, other people play,  and then bye bye!

Just as simple as it!

Leave people alone! leave them free to express their feeling. Don't insult, don't mock them. 
Live and let live!


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Be respectful if you expect respect

by bparhami on

Well said Souri.

I have no patience for people who demand freedom and respect, but are not willing to offer the same to others who disagree with them. For example, someone who wants to dress freely as she pleases should not make fun of another person's headscarf or chador, no matter how misguided that other person's choice appears to her.



by yolanda on

Here is my motto:


* Don't take anything  you read here too seriously
* Don't take anybody too seriously
* Don't take yourself too seriously

I agree with you 100%.......after we turn off the computer and leave IC.....we still have a real life!

P.S.    OMG! The bloodbath of tonite is scary! I am having culture shock! Just hope that everyone is OK! It is time to move on!