What's wrong, Afshin_Afshar?

by Souri

Did someone deleted his post with 404 comments in it?


What's wrong with you guys?

You launch a debate, it get too hot, and it burns you?

I don't mind you delete your blogs, but at least you can have the kindness like Anonymouse to give us a warning 24 hours earlier.

No matter.

I had already read some of the comments. Nothing genius anyway.


Why deleting the blogs?


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Don't worry....

by yolanda on

Don't worry, he is just hibernating! He may have already returned under a new name, we don't even know it.



Thank you!

by farshadjon on

I agree with you 100% about this subject matter  Souri khanom!



Hello, my friends...

by yolanda on

I am 100% sure Afshin is keeping track of "this thread" even though we don't know where he went! I really don't think he will stay away from the Iranian.com (no way!!!!) unless he went to another planet, which is very unlikely!!!!!

     We have to be positive/understanding and keep the door open for him to return, later he may realize that Iranian.com is the best and coolest place to be.

BTY, I don't know the guy! I know absolutely nobody here in the real world. Actually that is good, I am kind of afraid of the frictions or something like that.  This is just my instinct telling me that he is an Internect aficionado and he has to visit here.

take care!



Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

I say if I may humbly do so.......

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

When Afshin decides to return we simply welcome him and always wish him the best.

From the little time I knew him, he seemed like a really nice person.



Nice to see that you are doing well.




On the same page…

by Anvar on

Thank you ladies for the feedback and comments.  I think it’s safe to assume that we’re all on the same page – more or less. 

*yolanda* - Yes, maybe he’ll come back.  I think we respect his decision whatever it may be.

*IRANdokht* - I agree that we shouldn’t expect people to show up when they’re called out.  In most cases, our expectation of courtesy from them matches our high level of regard for them.  In other cases, regrettably, we’re trying to score points or expose perceived hypocrisies.

*Souri* - You’re not alone in your way of thinking.  By the way, I see why people address you as Souri Khanoum.  As for me, no Mr. is required. But thanks anyway, and for the blog too. : )



ok Anvar

by IRANdokht on

now that you put it that way...  ;-)

I see your point! It's true the comments are stuck to that post but they still bear the commenter's ID so it's more of a joint community venture than a one-way gift. 

I would still be careful when asking a question from one person and assuming that they would sign on and see it promptly.

It almost reminds me of the times when a human rights issue about IRI was blogged about. Most of the time the first few comments were from people who normally didn't care about human rights, but they were demanding to know where all the bleeding hearts (including myself) have been and why they have not commented on that specific blog yet!  



Thank you my friends , for the comments

by Souri on

Dear ID: I am not offended at all, I thought I was alone in my way of thinking, now I see that the opinions are shared andQ is saying the same thing in that blog of Nathalia. Don't worry, I'm not that fussy :)

Thank you Yolanda. Me too, I liked Anvar's example very much.

Mr Anvar: Thanks for the great analysis. I do agree with you.



by yolanda on

I like your post and your analogy. Maybe one day the guy will miraculously re-appear and tell us why this happened, or maybe even resurrect his blog!




Another view…

by Anvar on

To borrow and build on a couple of analogies - one from *Souri* on throwing a party and having friends over, and the second from *IRANdokht* on how the host of the party could deal with unwanted gifts:

To me, a blog is more like throwing a pot-luck dinner party or better yet, arranging a picnic in a public park.  Yes, one person has the original party or picnic idea (blog).  But in a pot-luck party or picnic, most invitees or guests contribute as well (posts).  Some may bring delicious desserts, some bring their annoying kids, some bring music, some show up drunk, some bring games, some bring spoiled food, and others bring the main dish.  These “gifts” (posts) are not to be consumed just by the host or the coordinator (blog owner), but also for everybody else who might be present (posters & lurkers).  Personal gifts to the host ought to be presented privately (i.e. email).  In the blogosphere, guests participate either actively by reading and writing or passively by reading only. 

Barring any extraordinary circumstances, it would not be hospitable to unilaterally delete blogs or posts and deprive the guests from the commonly shared gifts.

BTW – Once published, nothing in the computer world or the Internet can ever be deleted.  Multiple cached and backed-up copies of the original materials can be found on servers and personal computers.



Souri jan

by IRANdokht on

All I meant to do was to show another angle from which this whole thing could be looked at. Like I said I don't know Afshin and I am not aware of his reasons, but I don't let these things bother me too much either.

I hope I didn't offend you.



ID jan :)

by Souri on

I don't want to argue with you about this case until next month :0)

but generally someone who plan to go to Iran, they care enough not to post blogs and comments which can cause the prejudice for their security at least a few weeks before their departure (unless they are Hoder ;)

It seems that I'm the only one who is in this position, so I will beg you pardon, everybody and will zip it now !


I don't know about Afshin

by IRANdokht on

But what if someone deletes his/her blogs and comments and decides to stay away for a few days/weeks/months for whatever reason? Someone may do so prior to a trip to Iran or some changes in their lives...  Should we still expect them to answer our questions that we ask in a blog?



Thanks for your comments everybody

by Souri on

I still think Afshin could at least come here and say that for some reason, he chose to delete his last blog along with some previous ones and also many of his comments in the other people's blogs.

Please understand that this is not a court and we are not accusing or condamning anybody here. I am just talking of a matter of principe.

Is that "politically correct" or not, to delete our blogs (which are  the most discussed) without any warning before nor explanation after?

That was my whole question.


I just ..........

by yolanda on

I just hope he is happy! Everything happens for a reason. There is a reason that he does not feel comfortable to leave his article out there. I remember his last comment (blog) is that he has found his religion. I asked him what his religion is, he never answered, so I deleted my question....I hope we can respect his privacy, 'cause there is a reason that he does not want to tell us what he did and why he did......I hope everyone is happy and can understand his actions. It is not that bad, we can get over with this and move on. Just remember this is the cyper space, the end of the day, we are all in one piece!

take care



Souri jan

by IRANdokht on

There are other ways to look at this besides the host who throws you out without an explanation.

When someone writes a blog, all the comments that are attached to it appear under their name and under their account, so they basically are stuck with them just like when we give someone a gift (our comment), what he does with it is not our business anymore.

I think if the blog was derailed and the comments are misrepresenting his/her intentions for writing about the subject, the blogger should be able to delete the unwanted comments. But the blogger here doesn't have the option to clean his or her own "home" as you put it, after a bunch of unwanted gifts are delivered and some truly stink up the place... The only thing allowed is to delete the whole thing. Now depending on how bad they want to get rid of the junk, they may delete their blog. If anyone liked the discussion or the subject they can start a new thread and write their own. How often do we really go back and read all the old comments on an old blog anyway?

I am not claiming to know what Afshin was thinking or what the reasons were. A blogger can simply change his mind after discussing issues and be convinced that the blog does not represent his views anymore.

But that's just how I see it.



Anonymouse jan

by Souri on

man yeki ke aslan nafahmidam, manzouret chi bood.

But in that blog, I did not put a single post. I was just following it.

And as I said before, there were not genius comments over there neither.

My point is in a question of the principle!

I don`t have any personal problem regarding that blog.

Good day!


If you like or

by Anonymouse on

If you like or dislike someone's comment in particular, you can click on "reply" and then respond to it.  That way that comment can't be deleted or modified. 

BTW Afshin did say that he was going to delete the blog, then he changed his mind to keep it and then he changed his mind one final time to delete it.

Finally when you write a comment on someone's blog or article, don't think much of it ;-) it is just a comment. Did we comment all the time when we were growing up?!  Aslan nakhastim comment bedim!

Everything is sacred.


Anahid jan

by Souri on

I know, I understand your point. I do sometimes (rarely) delete my posts too. But, your blog and mines were not on the top of "the most discussed" list.


Let give the poeple room..........

This is the only thing which does not exist in this site!

Anahid Hojjati

Dear Souri, maybe we should give Afshin some space

by Anahid Hojjati on

Souri jan, I don't know why Afshin deleted his blog or his comments on my Bob Dylan blog.  His comments on my blog were about him being a fan of Dylan for long time and the fact that he enjoys Dylan 's music a lot.  I have myself deleted at least couple blogs.  One was the blog about "Darius kadivar" that you had contributed to.  My reason for deleting was that in grand scheme of issues, the fact that Kadivar has postings about Pahlavis or else, did not matter much.  Just few days ago, I wrote a political poem that couple people told me that was too political, so I deleted it.

By the way, I wrote a new poem which is on my blog.


That's said....

by Souri on

But Afshin could have at least the courtesy to come here and explain it! How rude!! How wired!!!

It is like you give a party at home, you invite friends (or others) then while they are having a good time, suddenly you turn off the light, put everybody out, and close the door, with no explanation!

At least you owe them an explanation, no matter if they take it for a good reason or not!

People don't understand what happened. They have contributed to that blog and spent time on it. He suddenly decide to delete it w/o any explanation and he does not even come here, when I blogged about it and  asked it, to give us his view?

Can he explain why he has deleted also his comments in that blog of Anahid (Bob Dylan)? Why he suddenly didn't like his comments neither?

What a bunch of spolied children in this site! No respect for the readers.

You included Jahanshah.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Afshin decided to delete his own blog. He has his own reasons. Whatever those may be, he has the right to do so. Anyone who writes a bog can delete it. I used to make it hard for people not to delete their blog. Sometimes I prevented it. But now... I understand why sometimes people would want to do it. Bottom line is that blogs are someone's private space and he or she can do whatever they want with it.

I saw that Q had reprinted Afshin's blog without permission. Please don't do that. Respect Afshin's decision. If you wish, blog about this issue and give your own opinion and debate it as much as you want.


I just reposted "Religion Bashing"

by Q on

in a new blog, giving Afshin full credit.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

به نظر میاید که حساب ایشان هک شده باشد .


Purging Blogs = Burning Books

by Anvar on

*Souri* - For personal reasons, that’s how I feel when blogs get deleted.  I even expressed my dismay to the site’s admins when the blog that *Q* mentioned below disappeared.  They told me that it was not anyone from IC who had deleted that particular blog.

I don’t even like it when people delete their own posts.  We should think before we write.  Once the comment is posted, we should either be brave enough to stand by it or humble enough to amend it appropriately. 

Most blogs or comments don’t need to be read more than once or twice anyway.  It’s the principle of it.

In the peculiar case of *Afshin_Afshar*, even his posts in fun and non-controversial blogs, like the one *Anahid Hojjati* mentioned, are being systematically deleted.  His avatar has been changed too.  If these are all his own doings, then I think he owes everyone a convincing explanation especially since he had written that he would not delete that blog.

Speaking of peculiar blogs, it seems like the current most discussed blog (…proud…Muslim) is locked!

You’ve asked good questions and I hope all of us will get good answers.



Yes, right

by Souri on

I have deleted all my blogs following an argument with Jahanshah (and Co) and decided to leave.

I said this site is not worthy of my contribution. I asked him to delete my account. He said no.

Then I tried to delete it myself, in vain! I didn't know how to do it technically, I though if I delete all my blogs, they will notice that I really didn't want to stay here.

It was not a good decision, now I regret it. But it was not the after day of posting my blog that I had deleted them. The reason of the coflict was not the content of those blog.

and between the two of us, there were no sensitive debates on those blogs. Just some poetries and else.

At least I had explained it and I had warned that I will do it. Anyway, I wish Afshin will come here and explain what was in his mind when he did it. Also I did not follow up and haven't read the last comments. Maybe things got really too bad at the end?

Anonymouse, why did you, deleted your long blog at that time? I'd missed the last part there too :)

Anahid Hojjati

Not only Afshin's blogs but his comments are also deleted

by Anahid Hojjati on

This indeed is weird.  I had a blog about "Bob Dylan" yesterday that Afshin had made few comments on that and now those are deleted too.  Afshin, if you read these comments, would you please let us know what happened?


Q I don't know why

by Anonymouse on

Q I don't know why Afshin deleted his blogs.  Maybe he felt he was becoming a cyber addict and wanted to have a clean slate.  Whatever his reason I'm pretty sure he did it himself and if he wants he can explain it.

Souri last year in one occasion you deleted your blogs too, didn't you? what was your reason?   

Everything is sacred.


Q and Farah

by Souri on

Thanks for your contribution to this blog.

I'm so glad that you two read my question and do reply to it.

Please just hold from negativity and do respect this blog which has nothing to do with your difference of values.

We like to find out what went wrong with Afshin and why he had deleted his blog w/o any warning.



Parkhash, you're the only stalker here

by Q on

Sure I do leave open the pages to the blogs I contribute to sometimes, which are often the best written and the most well thought out.

Needless to say no one will lose any sleep over your "writing" when you finally kick the cyber-bucket. How's that for "stalker" ?!

I love how you remember and repeat perfectly a name I called you that you maintain is a baseless accusation, Farah!. Looks obsessive to me.

Farah Rusta

What's the matter Q? not enough time to report all comments :))

by Farah Rusta on

Souri Khanom Salam

Just thought to use this opportunity to say helloe and renew my acquiantences and at the same time pay my due respects to my cyber stalker, Q (affectionately known as Pino-Q). As you see Pino-Q is running two computers at the same time to make sure that ALL comments are carefully scanned, classified and reported. Why? He'd better tell you the answer (LOL).

With my best wishes


Farah (or Parkhash to Pino-Q)!!