Whitney Huston and the Illuminati


by Souri

Okay, I know you will find me superstitious or maybe even superficiale , but still I need to share my feelings with you at the risk of being called to be both ! I know, I know, most of you will say: but this is for the teen, not for the mature people like you!

But, since 3 years ago, when I have read "Angles and Demons" from Dan Brwon, I am very much influenced by the theme of the book. What if, all which the say about the Illuminati, is true? What if even half of that, is true?

I don't know if you have heard all those conspiracy theories around the "Music Industry" and the death of Micheal Jackson and Whitney Huston, and others....

Although, I am not a very fancy lady, mostly I am an old fashion, but I loved them both. Their deaths at that unusual age, was a tragedy.

Plus, according to the historical texts, the Illuminati were really powerful and it is really possible that they are still at work.


I wanted to know if anybody out here, have an idea about the Illumanti?

What do you think about their role in the international economoic and political scene?

They say, all the US president, have been (and they must) join them and obey them.

What do you think?

Is this just the teen-ager's conspiracy stuff ?

Sometimes I think it is real.

Here are the videos about the Music Industry, I posted only 4...but there are more.


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Thanks for the great blog. Illuminati proven scientifically...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

To exist "in holy Quran, in "al-lumia" soureh, "which was removed from the holy book in 1917, by chief Luminati agent, V.I. Lenin. Some other Notable Luminati agents: Dave Chappelle, Princess Diana, Elvis Pressly, Sammy Davies Jnr, Mao-Tse-Dong, Moshe Dyan, Golda Meyer. Apart from Dave Chappelle, the rest were all transfered by Illuminati special space ship to galaxi luminus, where they have been living happily ever after"

Source: The book " glorious line of Emam" by  comrade Kianoury.  Chapter 3, page 12.    



Thank you dear Maziar

by Souri on

Yes, of course the drug addiction was the cause for her and many other artists death. I agree. Still, we want to pay attention to the pressure of the Illuminati, on those artists which causes them to resort to drug.



maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

As sad that is a lose of a human being

Ms.Huston got caught in webs of fame,money,succes and failed miserable personal accomplicements;Failed marriage from the parent side, faild relation from her own side and the .......

she died of drug over dose too much of dependency and thanks lord she had plenty of $$ to support that habit as she died in Beverly hills !

other wise every street corner of America witnesses 1000 of similar deathes every day.



Thanks darius

by Souri on

I am still reading it. Very complicated, I have to admit.

Interestingly, one of my uncle was a member of the franc-maçonnerie (Freemasonry in English), but we didn't know this before the revolution.

It was only  the during the last days of the revolution, that his name came out as the forth person in the row, in Keyhan of the day.

He fled for France. When in France, I asked him about that, he told me that was nothing. He said, that in order to get a good position in the Ministery of Justice, in Iran, those lawyers who have studied in France, have been suggested to join the group. He said, this was only a formal group and they have never held any attendance or secret sitting.
I don't know what to belive now, but I still think that he was right. I think this Freemasonry thing, was not well understood in Iran. Maybe they have kept this only on a very superficial base, just for the form.

There was a book "Framacionerie in Iran" which has been published right after the revolution, but I have been in France and never get the chance to read it. Especially that I have been told that it was full of baseless statement.

I am now more interested in this subject, than ever. They say, they have also a plan for the 12/2012 world's incident.

Very intriguing !


More info

by darius on

Here is     the  home page if you are really interested. This is for read only,

it is for individual to use their own judgment and research the claims made by Cephasministry .


You can find Cyrus the great as one of the  Teachers or steps of promotion including Salomon.

You may want to read the place where he talks about President Garfield and chanting of the talmudic versuses for lucifer.


Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

I'm probably the biggest Dave Chappelle fan north of U.S.

I though I had seen everything from him, and I have all his movies and espisodes of his shows. But I actually hadn't seen the stuff you posted.

In my humble opinion there are only three great American comedians:

Dave Chappelle, Richard Pryor and George Carlin.

And here's one from the last one on that list:

Modern Man


Thanks & good night.



by Souri on

Anonymous 8 and dariush : thanks for the valuable input. I am even more interested now.

Mash Ghasem : I don't know if you were serious or ironic, but I have to thank you for having read the article.

Mash Ghasem

Souri,thanks for Dave Chappelle, he's simply brilliant, anything

by Mash Ghasem on

he says MUST be true; cause he be my man, and he's a fine Brotha.

He's also the best comedian in the US, since Richard Pryor.

Some say Chappelle is even better than Pryor! 


interesting read

by darius on


i believe is true

by Anonymous8 on

club of rome is real illuminati