Wife-Beating Etiquette

by Souri

this video has been sent to me by email.

I don't know the source.



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Oh, don't you guys rush to judgment

by Bavafa on

In Islam, there is a reason and fairness for every thing.

For instance:

Q: when is it permissible to beat an Akhoond….

A: any good old time

Q: When is it permissible to rape an Akhoond…

A: to rape, it requires a devious soul which only Akhoonds posses such soul so a human being will not rape any body

Q: When is it permissible to insult an Akhoond

A: Insult away… savab dareh




by yolanda on

Egypt seems to be a scary place....they practiced female circumcision until 2007:



so girls are treated like 2nd class citizens!


Shameful .....!!

by R2-D2 on





Kill her, beat her, rape her, but don't insults her. What a man!

by MM on

Didn't we have this blog on animals as well where you can kill an animal, rape it, beat it but for freaking heaven's sake, don't insult it.

So, if 2+2=4 and 1+3=4, then 2+2=1+3.  I will not even say ..........



by yolanda on

This is very revolting! The word "beating" and "etiquette" should never go together! The guy is Egyptian!

Thank you for sharing!