Writing "Love" (parte 1)

by Souri

I have been moved by all those beautiful stories written on this collection of "writing Love".

Unfortunately, I do not have a good writing skill, like other friends.....and I do not have a true love story of mine to tell you.

So, I chose to write for you, a resume of the story which has changed my life since my early 20's.

This is a beautiful and sad story from Stephan Zweig (1881-1942) called "Letter from unknown woman".

"An Austrian writer receives a letter from an unknown woman on the day of his anniversary. This woman tells him that she knew him for 20 years now. As she was his neighbour as an 8 years old child, she fell madly in love with him, observing him secretly. Later, at age 18, she was one of his numerous mistresses for two or three nights and became pregnant. She didn't want to disturb him so she chose to be a courtesan in order to raise their son. She met him for another night, years later, but the writer didn't recognize her, once again..Now that their son has just died from the influenza, she has decided to write to him this letter he will receive only after her death....."

The movie adapted and directed by Max Ophuls (1948) is one of the best adaptation, but the book is totaly something else. A must read!I chose a short part of the novel for you, which I will try to post it in 2 parts (it's a bit long)

Hope you will enjoy it.


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