Yazdi's report on Mr. Hoveida's execution

by Souri

I'd never seen this video before. It has been sent to me today.

Just want to mention that I do not support Yazdi, in any of his political views.

But this video is revealing the facts that I had never heard, and I want to discuss it with you now.

Do you think or heard before that what Yazdi said here about the execution of Hoveida, is true?


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by ThePope on

As usual...

Roohollaah Khomeini ordered the execution,
Haadi Ghaffaari shot him from behind twice,
Saadegh Khalkhaali finished him with one last shot(tir-e khalaas).
And all this at 2-3am early in the morning,,, go figure...


Az een Yazdi-e meehan foroosh haroom-zaadeh tar too tareekh-e Iran nadaashteem.





Thank you Kurush

by Souri on

Good comment. I mostly agree.

"I am sure Iran has its fair share of double agents."

So do I  :)


His brother's book

by Kurush (not verified) on

I have seen, but not read, a book by his brother,- this clip can be corroborated perhaps if the book mentions the corridor hatchet job. However, in the heady days in the aftermath of the Revolution, a lot of scores were being settled, the possibility of the US intervetion was on everyone's mind. Example: the Czar of Russia was being kept, along with his family, alive by the Bolsheviks, but as the counter-revolutionaries, 'White Russians', seemed to have had the upperhand for the moment, fearing that the Tsar might be set free, the revolutionaries speedily took him and his family to the basement and executed them. Likewise in Iran. Hoveida & the remanants of the Pahlavis, could have served, at least in the thinking of the revolutioaries, as a rallying point for the counterrevolution. Revolutions have never been known for mercy. I personally do not have sympathy for the Pahlavi officials, they made a choice to ally themselves with the US puppet. As to his secrets, I wonder what he would have to say except that some who were in the entourage of Khomeini were actually 'planted' by the CIA. I would not be surprised at all. Nor would I be surprised to know that they might have actually been high IRI officials. I am sure Iran has its fair share of double agents.