You rock girls!

by Souri
This is positively incredible!!  Hope you-all can open this.

These are the Kings Firecrackers, a group of 4th through 8th grade
girls from Ohio who are nothing less than AMAZING!



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Monda khoshgeleh!

by Souri on

Doustan be jaaye ma!

I'm glad you had a very great time. Yes, pity I couldn't come, you would have a much better time ;-)

Don't forget to post pictures and eventually videos, we are impatient!

What was on the table? Kabob or ghormeh sabzi? Tell me everything...



quelle energie!

by Monda on

ما هم بچگی ها مون طناب بازی میکردیم ولی نه بااین تکنیک. ماشاللهشون باشه!
سوری جون امشب جات خالی بود.


Thanks for the info

by Souri on

Yes, this name is so beautiful, I'm sure you know the meaning, as you are so much interested to our culture and language. I am very grateful to you for all your attention to our county.


Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Je vous en prie, Souri

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

Oui, Je me souviens en peu. :o)

Arman is my youngest son. He is 17 years old and will be going off to university this summer.

Thank you for the compliment on his name. His full name is Armando but I call him Arman for short. I too like Arman much better. :o)


Merci beaucoup, Natalia

by Souri on

Ma chere amie!

C'est tres gentil de ta part!

Hope you still remember your French a little bit :-)

Thanks for the nice words.

I am curious a bit, who is Arman ? Is that your son? How nice he has a beautiful Persian name. How come?

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez


by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

Thank you soooooooo much Souri for posting this. It was totally awesome!

Arman watched it with me. His jaw dropped when he saw them. He could not believe what he was watching. He was totally blown away by them.