The fruit of Islam is liberty

by Tahirih

Mona's teacher in public school in Shiraz gave her and her fellow students this subject to write about:

" The fruit of Islam is liberty. Whose has tasted therefrom has benefited"

Mona' response, which she read aloud in class was this:


'Freedom' is the most brilliant word among the radiant words existing in the world. Man has always been and will ever be asking for liberty. Why, then, has he been deprived of liberty? Why from the beginning of man's life has there been no freedom? Always, there have been powerful and unjust individuals who for the sake of their own interests have resorted to all kinds of oppression and tyranny�

Why don't you let me be free to express our goals in this community; to say who I am and what I want, and to reveal my religion to others? Why don't you give me freedom of speech so that I may write for publication or talk on radio and television about my ideas? Yes, liberty is a Divine gift, and this gift is for us also, but you don't let us have it. Why don't you let me speak freely as a Baha'i individual? Why don't you want to know that a new religion has been revealed; that a new radiant star has risen? Why don't you push aside that thick veil from your eyes?

Perhaps you don't really think that I should have freedom. God has granted this freedom to man. You, his servant, cannot take it from me. God has given me freedom of speech. Therefore, I cry out and say, "His Holiness Baha'u'llah is the Truth!" God has given me freedom of speech. Therefore, in clear words, I write, "Baha'u'llah is the One whom God has made manifest! He is the founder of the Baha'i religion and His Book is the Mother of Books�"

Mona Mahmudnezhad


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vagheh bin, or should I say koor bin!!!

by Tahirih on

It is very interesting ,you are blaming the victim! this is the same mentality that has been forced on us for years,oh she was dressed so provocative and I was turned on!!!Or it is her fault she makes me mad , then I hit her!!!!

she was not kidnapped because of this essay, she happened to be home, they came for her father and I guess with those green eyes she looked cute!!!

while in prison , she was not intimidated by those thugs, and that made them mad. As a bahai when we reach age of 15 , we can chose to be a Bahai or not and she chose to be one.

She was not sent to streets to teach ,or to a strange land ? she was sitting at home studying for her English test, when they came and took her with her dad.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease get a better excuse to trash this nice essay!!!!



producing martyrs

by vagheh-bin (not verified) on

A young teenage girl in Iran should not be given the responsibility to be a bahai missionary!

Many other religions would go for it and send their youth to die for them, but bahai's are so proud of being "non-political" and "non-aggressive"... what happened??? was she not aware that what she says can have real harsh consequences? She was young and emotional, but grown ups around her should have had the foresight to explain it to her. Instead she was left to speak freely of the faith that so many of its adult followers prefer not to reveal in public.

I find it surreal that the followers of a faith that forbids them from meddling in politics, would encourage these kids to put themselves in danger at school.
Isn't high school tough enough when you are different? isn't IRI a known human rights violator? why would the grown-ups in her life allow her to put herself in danger like that? to have a martyr that some day some folks would quote on websites? was it all for the propaganda that it would produce? wasn't her life as precious as the rest of the Bahai's?

IRI is at fault for a lot of wrong doings, but in some cases it sure sounds like these victims are being sent to the dragon's lair and their demise exploited.


What are you talking about sanazi?

by Anonym (not verified) on

What lack of freedom in Islam? Freedom to do what? Maybe your definition of freedom is flawed?

"IF" some people think that they are a believer in God then they'd better make sure that they understand what they say, because they will be held responsible for their words when the day comes.

Mona 19

Re: Saeed K

by Mona 19 on

The term “Mother Book” is generally used to designate the central Book of a religious Dispensation.

In the Qur’án and Islamic Hadíth, the term is used to describe the Qur’án itself. In the Bábí Dispensation, the Bayán is the Mother Book, and the Kitáb-i-Aqdas is the Mother Book of the Dispensation of Bahá’u’lláh.







Re: Saeed K

by sanazi on

In her writing Mona was responding to the lack of freedom that Islam brings. That was her point.

I'm just curious to know what was her teacher's response to her writing? I am assuming that in her public school the majority were muslim (including the teacher).


To saeed K:

by Tahirih on

Sometimes we do not know ,sometimes we pretend  that we do not know!

In either case please refer to the link below;





by Saeed K. (not verified) on

The subject contains something about "Islam" and "liberty".
Then we have " Whose has tasted therefrom has benefited"!
What does this statement mean??

Then, there is no mention of Islam, anywhere.

Then it ends with "He is the founder of the Baha'i religion and His Book is the Mother of Books�"
What the hell is "Mother of books?"

And it has a question mark at the end of it. Is it a question , or comment?

Who is Mona?
Was it written in Farsi or English?
If Farsi, who did the translation?

Is there a message here somewhere?
Who is trying to say what to whom??

I am confused!!