Dilbert speaking about Iranian.com

by Troneg

It is not directly about Iranian.com but it is very near :-)




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Loser Moron is it THAT

by Anonymous3434444 (not verified) on

Loser Moron is it THAT bad???? Most of us have a life along side the obscure articles...I suggest you move your eyes to the right and start surfing the iranian personals that are always advertised here :)

Azarin Sadegh

I think Iranian.com is like addiction!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Actually I have many friends, a busy job with few incoming deadlines, two demanding boys (hyper ones), one big personal project-in-making,...still I really like surfing Iranian.com and to comment on everything I like or dislike! Sometimes I have this simple dream of being able to stretch the time to be able to fit in a few extra hours of sleeping too! Is it a kind of addiction? It sounds so!  

In my workplace, in the kitchen of the company, there are tons of Dilbert cartoons displayed and I think in this new world (shrunken in size by internet) we live in, we are all turning into Dilberts, working in the cubes, stressed out by deadlines and other personal issues, dealing with people who do not understand what we meant to say, etc, etc... and so we end up having only two options:

 One is to take it all and not to complain at all like Dilbert. The other option is to act up and try to do something about it.   

Iranian.com for Iranians (registered ones of course!!) is like a place where we can act up and complain, or pretend to exist under a better light (at least in the cyberspace)...

So I think your comparison do not apply, unless maybe for a few of us! 



I identify with Dilbert

by Loser Moron (not verified) on

I can definitely identify with Dilbert. It is Friday night, I am all by myself, I don't have any friends, no prosperity for a date any time soon, so my hobby IS to read obscure articles and blogs on iranian.com and pretend that I have friends who are interested in the same things. What a loser! Excuse me while I shoot myself.

Jahanshah Javid

I do!

by Jahanshah Javid on

I have LOTS of friends! I couldn't live without them :o)