L'Affaire Jeanne d'Arc - the Joan of Arc Affair


by Troneg

As last week French president went to london to start a new era of brotherhood between France and England, it reminds me why English and French mistrust each other since centuries.

Everything started in 1337 when English king asking his French Grand Father's throne invade France and started "The Hundred Years' War" //www.bnf.fr/enluminures/texte/atx2_02.htm

France was lost and the legitimity of his king at stack. Everything had been saved by Joan of Arc a virgin pesant teenager who inspired by voices from heaven, leaded troops to put the king on his throne. She was judged by a French judge (leaded by English) and be burned as a Witch!

This year a book written by Marcel Gay give a new version of theses events : //www.amazon.fr/Laffaire-Jeanne-dArc-Marcel-Gay/dp/2916546049

Gays says that at this time the French King needed a legitimacy coming from the God. So it is why they needed a young virgin girl who could be able hearing God's voices. He says she was a royal princess trained for warfare, taught languages and well-educated for her mission. After her trial for heresy in 1431, she escaped, and an unknown woman was burned in her place. She later married a French knight, Robert des Armoises. 

 So she worked under cover ! A kind of Jack Bauer without mobile and GPS ;-) and people for centuries thought she was a "Saint". After all they think still Saint Mary had Jesus from God ! 

I don't know what do you think about it but I prefer his version than some messages coming from the God. She might not be a Saint but She was a patriot for sur.




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Thank you Troneg for this

by n.zanincanadai on

Thank you Troneg for this introduction. I love Jeanne D'Arc and it was my nickname in high school :) I am forever fascinated by her and cannot wait to purchase the book. I think this theory is very plausible.


Thank you. Very Interesting .

by Feshangi on

I can not say whether this story is true or not, but I can say that France will probably have two new millionaires.