Luz Casal Piensa en mi


by Troneg

It is one of my most favorit song and movie :  De la película de Pedro Almodovar

I suggest a challenge to JJ for translating it from Spanish to English ;-)

Paroles Luz Casal Piensa en mi

Si tienes un hondo penar, piensa en mí

Si tienes ganas de llorar, piensa en mí

Ya ves que venero tu imagen divina

Tu párvula boca, que siendo tan niña

Me enseñó a pecar

Piensa en mí cuando sufras,

Cuando llores, también piensa en mí,

Cuando quieras quitarme la vida

No la quiero, para nada

Para nada me sirve sin ti

piensa en mí cuando sufras

cuando llores, también piensa en mí,

cuando quieras quitarme la vida

No la quiero, para nada,

para nada me sirve sin ti.

piensa en mi cuando sufras

cuando llores, tambien piensa en mi,

cuando quieras quitarme la vida

para nada,

para nada me sirve sin ti.


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Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Muchisimas gracias

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

Por conpartir con nosotros. Muy excelente.......

Que refrescante.....


 Vino Rojo,

Entonces quizas lo puedan traducir al Farsi. :o)



by I (not verified) on

If you have a deep grief, think about me

If you want to cry, think about me

Since you see, I venerate your divine image

Your child's mouth, that being so young taught me to sin

Thinks about me when you suffer,

When you cry, also think about me,

When you want to take life away from me

I do not I want it,

for nothing does me any good without you

think about me when you suffer

when you cry, also think about me,

when want you to take my life

It do not want it,
For nothing does me any good without you.

Think about my when you suffer

when you cry, also think about my,

when you want to take my life

it does me no good,

For nothing does me any good without you.


Well if you're interested

by Parham on

this is the other hit by Luz Casal from the same movie. This one has English subtitles too, but it's not the original video for the song. I actually prefer this one for the orchestral arrangements and lyrics.


you are welcome Yana

by Troneg on

If Almodovar's world intrest you, I also recommend you "talk to her" and "all about my mother".


Thanks a lot

by Yana on

Send me more please.  I am hungry for good stuff.



to Yana

by Troneg on



It is an old movie : High Heels (1991)

The family melodrama High Heels (Tacones Lejanos) is built around the fractured relationship between a self-involved mother, a famous torch song singer, and the grown daughter she abandoned as a child, who works as TV newscaster. The daughter has married her mother's ex-lover and has befriended a female impersonator of her mother. Popular songs, always a key element in Almodóvar’s work, are never more present than in this film full of boleros. High Heels also contains an unexpected prison yard dance sequence.

The film has the feel of other mother-daughter melodramas like Stella Dallas, Mildred Pierce, Imitation of Life and particularly Autumn Sonata, which is quoted directly in the film. High Heels was an interpretative tour de force for two essential actresses of the "Almodovarian universe": Marisa Paredes and Victoria Abril.

You should be able to find the DVD.


Thanks Troneg aziz!

by Souri on

I'd seen that movie, sad and deeply moving!

I've got a translation by "Google" which gave me an idea of what she is talking about. Very nice. Thanks a lot.



by Yana on

Hi, I loved the song.  I love Latin music and also foreign movies. Can you please tell me where I can find it.  (translation would be helpfull 2:)




by Parham on

There is a subtitled version of that on YouTube.. :)

Or at least, the last time I looked, there was one.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Y por que al ingles ?!... Yo creo que quien quiera entenderla,la entendera ! es una cancion bella y magnifica ...

Una de las mejores peliculas de Pedro .

Aprende un poco Señor HW :D .