Marjane Satrapi: We are like You

by Troneg


I found out this Marjan Satrapi Interview, Just view it. She is great, I hope she will win today.



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Thank you Marjan Satrapi

by Anonymous 1 (not verified) on

Shame on both of you Vatan Parast (not verified) and Bahram the Iranian. With people like you no wonder Iran suffers as it has in the past 30 years or so. Let me tell you something, I think Marjan Satrapi is a good Iranian. She is courageous for speaking up. I think her movie and her book are great accomplishments as is her life. Unfortunately, some Iranians don’t have the courage to acknowledge that women have the right to express themselves and try to sabotage women’s rights with stupid means. Some Iranians don’t even have the courage to sit down and listen to a different point of view.

Are you jealous because her movie was successful and she made money? Well, she deserves it.


To Vatan Parast

by Troneg on

I'm well informed  ,more than you think about Qajars, Pahlavids and Persian Empire. I don't undrestand your point to connect her to Qajars! she never claimed be a Qajars or be proud of Quajars. If her grand parents had been some where Qajars , so what ? She is what she is.

I've some points for you:

- Learn from the past and act for the future. all past dynasities are finished and we should work for the future and dont redo the same mistakes. Reza Shah was good but he did the mistake to chose dynastie versus republic. 

- Nothing is completly Balck and White. Persian Empire was greate but it seemed as an evil to Greeks. As today Americans are considered as evil by people how oppressed by them. Do you want attak Greece today ?

- You shouldn't answer an insult by the same one. 300 was a commercial and sterotype movie. An intelligent movie like Persepolis is the good answer.

I invite you to read her books. You will be more proud from your country that has some artists.


To Bahram

by Troneg on

You could don't like the movie, it is your right.

If you think there were a "much much greater cause in revelution 1979 which has driven us (revelution generation)up". Why you don't live in Iran and why Iran is like that today.

I didn't see 300 and please don't mixe up Perspolis with that.

I recommend you to continue watching "funny commercial made by iranian tv" and save your money and my time. Sangine tar khahi mande.


To Troneg

by vatan parast (not verified) on

First of all, I love Reza shah Pahlavi and did not offend Pahlavi dynasty. You should open your eyes and read it carefully. Second, we Iranian are a nation with very proud history of civilization and greatness. We do not want to be like American and we do not need any approval from them for our image. Now, answer me a question. Why she did not make a movie about the glory of the Persian Empire before the Islam, just as an answer to the Movie 300. I'm sure for such a movie no American would pay any attention to her and her movie. Because it would show the real Iran and her glory. You should inform yourself about Qajars and see what I said about them is right and match to character of Marjan Satrapi. Shame on you for mixing up Pahlavis with Qajars.

Bahram the Iranian

worse than "the 300"

by Bahram the Iranian on

I grew up in tehran around the same time and went through al the pains and difficultes for youth, I recieved lashes for hanging out with my girlfirend, my hair was shaved and lots of verbal abuses.of course I got mad,sad and frustrated at the time but there has been a much much greater cause in revelution 1979 which has driven us (revelution generation)up, big deal if she was harrased by who!!!big deal if she has made a animation(one should watch commercial made by iranian tv, funny with points)now her piece being shown in Iran as well and nobody gave a damn, I went to see 300 but I believe it would be  my worst spending of time and money to go and see her movie,


Vatan Parast (not verified)

by Troneg on

Vatan Parast (not verified) . Not verified is very accurate because I dont know how a Vatan Parast could tell such a stupid things.

You didn't look at the interview where she explain she did the movie to let americain people know people in Iran are like them to avoid the war.

She is making a better image for Iran and she is a VATAN PARAST VERIFIED. What did you do for your "Vatan".

Shame on you for telling what you told and stop to fed up us with old story about Qajar, Pahlavi and so. Today we should manage how to get ride off our country from Mollah. But with people like you it would be a tough job !



Shame on you Marjan Satrapi

by Vatan Parast (not verified) on

Oh yeah, of course, when the Americans make the movie 300 to insult Iranian nation, then Marjan Satrapie, the Qajar girl has to do the same thing. We still remember the Qajar dynasty and their attitude towards Iran and Iranian nation. They were a bunch of traitors like her. She did make this movie just to get famous and get some money from her American and French bosses!!!!!. Our country and its people are everyday under verbal attack by western media and some of Iranian(vatan forosh) like her siding with them and helping the US goverment to manipulate the American people and get them ready for military confrontation with the Iran. I'm fully aware of the bad situation in Iran but it is not the right time weakening our country in any aspect. Shame on you Mrajan Satrapi.


She is great and I loved the movie

by Daryush on

I love her very much. She is a good representative of Iraninan women. I loved the book and the movie.