Saudi Arabia gets first woman pilot

by Troneg

No comment ! Story by himself is enough strange!

Saudi Arabia, will soon see its first woman pilot taking over the skies as part of the sweeping reforms across the kingdom.

Capt Hanadi Zakariya Hindi will begin her flying stint with one of the jets belonging to Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed ibn Talal, founder and chairman of Kingdom Holding Company, later this year.

It will be done as soon as she completes her advance pilot proficiency training programme.

Though this is a path-breaking achievement for the 26-year-old first accredited female Saudi pilot, she will still need to be driven by a male chauffeur to the airport, the Arab News said.

Women are still not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.

"I am busy building my flying hours and will be attending a short-term course to equip myself with more intimate knowledge of the jet owned by Prince Alwaleed," Hindi said.

Being proud to be the first Saudi woman to fly professionally she claimed the aviation industry is no longer a male bastion.

"I recently met Aisha Al-Hamli, the first Emirati woman pilot, in Dubai," Hindi remarked.



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Nobaresho Avordan

by mahmoudg on

it is about time the Suadis attempt to step into the 19th century from their 7th century mentality.


Good for them, but important to remember...

by Fair (not verified) on

...that the first Iranian women pilots were in... 1939!


also, Iran got its first woman general after 1400 years in 1933- Dr. Marzieh Arfaee, and also the first woman entered the Iranian air force in 1935:


I respect everybody's religion and beliefs. But I ask all Iranians, how possible would any of this been if we had an Islamic government?

How many Iranian woman generals and pilots do we have today?

Let's be fair to ourselves, and remember our history.