What we can learn from Tunisia events

What we can learn from Tunisia events
by Troneg

France and westerns countries have supported BenAli for 23 years because they thought he is the guy who could stop Islamists. It was Khomeini's ambition to export IRI. Why did they and the Tunisian army stop supporting him this time? All commentators agree that Tunisian people are no more seduced by an Islamic regime. It is the same in Algeria; there are several political issues but nobody is looking for an Islamic answer. This shows worldwide Islamic Ideology's failure. Of course there are still some terrorists in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Mali who are funded through rape and drug traffic but they have no more a popular support. Even the Lebanese Hezbollah who accepts IRI money for political reasons, doesn’t apply Islamic laws!

This situation is similar to the communist state in the late seventies, when Carlos, Bader and others committed acts of terrorism and all Easterners tried to leave communism. We can say IRI killed the Islamist ideology in the world.


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hamsade ghadimi

what tunisians can learn from iran's case, that's the question

by hamsade ghadimi on

troneg, while i may agree with you, i don't think that you can make a blanket statement that khomeini's actions "shows the worldwide Islamic Ideology's failure."  some still believe it's the way to go or at least necessary to oppose the "imperialist/capitalist/western" forces.  now, the question is what the tunisians can learn from the aftermath of iran's revolution?

it's yet to be seen the hand tunisians will be dealt.  i would not consider their action a success given the disaster that has happened in iran in the past 32 years. are the deomcratic forces stronger in tunisia than the corrupt rich families or the islamists?

Anahid Hojjati

dear Troneg, thanks for your blog.

by Anahid Hojjati on

I agree where you write:" We can say IRI killed the Islamist ideology in the world. "

Orang Gholikhani

Sargord: Others have waited and seen

by Orang Gholikhani on

In 65 Comunists would make the same answer. In 1910,How many people could had beleved Lenine arriving to power one day ! In 65 Comunists was promising that everywhere would become comuniste, wait and see !

These days, they have already no more people support. Of course it took several years before their power crash down but the process was in his way.

You are right in, even in 75, nobody bet on Islamic government and nobody could imagine what it could be. Since people know what is it about

It is easy to say wait and see but it is better to open our eyes and see what's happenning. Except Afghan people, how many people are queeing IRI embassy for migrating to Iran ? If Islamics laws are so good why Lebanease don't move to Iran massively. They go there seeking money and come back to home for expending it.

When middle east people cannot afford democracy, they prefere a secular dictator rather than an Islamic dictator. All ideology which force people live, breath and eat following a dogm, will die one day or another. History showed it at several opportunities



by J.S. on

I think one can state Islamic idiology is not even popular in IRI.


It's way early yet, Troneg

by SargordPirouz on

How many Iranian revolutionaries thought Islam would be the answer back in 1965? 1970? 1975? There were many that didn't. But building a country from the ground up isn't easy. Culture will play a part. And an essential element of that culture is Islam.

So stay tuned.