Coping With Bad Economic Condition


by varjavand


 With the exception of great recession, the US economy has not experienced a severe recession in its recorded economic history like the one that is still lingering. We have felt the painful squeezes of this economic calamity and I don’t believe the worse is behind us yet.  The US economy has grown at a rate of about 2% for the third quarter and outlook is not any rosier. You can always, however, look at the bright side of even the most worrisome events. One of the promising consequences of this economic hardship, I believe, is that it has enticed business people to hone their creative promotional strategies. They have successfully lured customers using inventive but odd tactics some of which are listed below.

It is my hope that you not only enjoy reading them, they may also help you overcome the fury of this awful recession. Obviously, such list is by no means exhaustive. Make sure to read and earnestly consider adding as many other items as deemed relevant.Remember, life would be so uneventful unless you are bold enough to do silly things. As a wise man once said, you can laugh when things are good but you have to laugh when they are bad.

1.      In the likely event of a water landing, the airline companies let you use the fat lady sitting next to you as a floatation device

2.      Commercial banks let you rub the bank instead of giving you a loan.

3.      Even fancy restaurants allow you sneeze on their salad bar.

4.      For a small fee, the US government let you throw shoes at a former president of your choice. For little bit extra, it lets you take Dick Chaney to a hunting trip.

5.      The grocery stores actually let you squeeze the Charmin bathroom tissues

6.      After cleaning your teeth, some dentists let you take two items out of the Treasure box, instead of the usual one item

7.      The health clubs let you fake a seizure at ladies’ aerobic classes.

8.      Department stores let you enter from the exit and exit from entrance.   

9.      Professors at major universities let you take multiple-choice exams without using a #2 pencil

10.  Many university professors let you participate in “grope” projects instead of usual “group” projects

11.  The popular TV show “how it is made” offers a full special episode in which they show you how babies are made!

12.  The major airports in the US offer you free chest X-rays with your luggage

13.  The Purina dog food company now lets you treat your puppy like a dog

14.  The cab drivers in major cities let you touch their turban at no extra charge


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by varjavand on

You think Obama has been so bad to deserve that? The poor man is trying to fix whatever was broken or cracked by previous administration. He may be, however, in a limbo with the resurgence of conservative ideology.
Also, he is not eligible any way, if you read item #4, it says “a former president”
I believe it is a good idea to have such a list for Iranian businesses as well.
Cheers, Reza

Ari Siletz

How much for that shoe?

by Ari Siletz on

I'm ready to buy a go at Obama.

Couple of promotion ideas for Iranian businesses in America: 

1.Add noon e khosk to the menu.

2. No copyright Tuesday: bring your own blank CD and pirate what you want.


Cathartic humor from economy land: here's a good cartoon .



by yolanda on

Thank you for the funny list! LOL!

Sargord Pirouz

My American mom and

by Sargord Pirouz on

My American mom and grandfather (still living) both experienced the Great Depression first-hand, in the American midwest. I still have my grandfather's WPA first-aid box in my collection of family mementos. 

It's really unfortunate that some of my working-class motorcycle buddies are really struggling through this recession. A real bummer.