The Prospect of An Islamic Government in Egypt is Scary


by varjavand

I believe the worst case scenario for Egypt would be that it becomes another theocracy like Iran with an autocratic Islamic government. The Iranian revolution was started by university students and intellectuals, it succeeded but was quickly hijacked by Mullahs who fooled the people into believing that it was God who helped them to succeed and, therefore, they have to affirm and support an Islamic government. After the Mullahs solidified their power, they brutally silenced opposition voices and one by one established themselves as undisputed rulers and so-called representatives of God on earth. In first 24 days of the New Year, the Islamic Republic of Iran executed 64 people including a few political prisoners. The prospect of an Islamic government coming to power in Egypt is really frightening. Thank God the army has taken over. I have no doubt that a hasty election would have led to the rising to power of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Whether or not the Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate or extremist Islamic organization, I believe mixing religion with politics is a perilous business. I am a firm believer in secularism. If the Muslim Brotherhood, which is openly supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran, is allowed to gain power, the outcome will be calamitous for the Egyptian people. I don’t believe that any kind of Islamic government would alleviate any of the problems for which young Egyptians poured into Tahrir square, and for which they have and continue to risk their lives. As the experience of Iran and other countries with a theocratic regime demonstrate, an Islamic theocracy will exacerbate their miseries. The uprising is economic in nature; it is about rampant inflation, high unemployment, massive poverty, and corruption. It is not about Islam or the establishment of an Islamic government as some would like us to believe. Ayaan Hirsi Ali cautioned, “Unlike the Iranians in 1979, the Egyptians have before them the example of a people who opted for Sharia—the Iranians of 1979—and who have lived to regret it.”
I understand that some moderate Muslims who live in the United States, many by default, try to smooth things over and paint a more pacifist picture of Islam; but unfortunately the Islamic hooligans in the streets of the major cities of Iran, with an Islamic government, do not take their cues from modern Muslims. Those thugs are the foot soldiers of unbending Ayatollahs who have anointed themselves to be the sole guardians of true Islam, the protectors of the faith, and the indisputable representatives of God on earth. And yes, many of us know that they dig into the mishmash of ancient scriptures to muster justification for their heinous acts against innocent people. “The Muslim Brotherhood will insist that a vote for them is a vote for Allah's law. But the positions of power in government will not be filled by God and his angels. These positions will be filled by men so arrogant that they put themselves in the position of Allah. And as the Iranians of 2009 have learned at great cost, it is harder to vote such men out of office than to vote them in.” Says Hirsi Ali
When people of Iran said yes to the Islamic Government 32 years ago, they had no idea that they were voting for Installation of Sharia laws that sanctions executing people for phony crimes, censorship, mandatory veiling, misogyny, public flogging, stoning, cutting of hands, wife beating, polygamy, and etc. And who can blame those who are frightened by the prospect of an Islamic government in Egypt. As we say in Farsi, if you are beaten by a snake, you will be afraid of a black and white rope.

In the article below, Ms. Hirsi Ali offers a practical guide on how Egyptian secular opposition organizations can defeat the Muslim Brotherhood at the ballot box and very insightful information about the danger awaiting Egyptians if a Sharia-based government comes into power. I hope the people of Egypt do not allow themselves to be manipulated away from their goal of true democracy and do not fall for the empty promises and false hopes held out to them by the Islamists as did the people of Iran 32 years ago.


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