How does the Islamic Republic survive

by yasmine

33 years after it came to power how can we explain the longevity of the Islamic regime in Iran

Explaining the longevity of the Iranian theocracy from Communist Party of Great Britain on Vimeo.


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Reply to Tiger Lily

by yasmine on

Yassamine Mather

Many thanks for your kind comments 


How does the Islamic Republic survive

by Abarmard on

بقول یه بچه همسایه: دوستان بد و دشمنان عاقل، البته ذغال خوب هم بی تاثیر نبوده


How? Same way it came to power. Murder and manipulation.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

USA/France/UK all helped bring IRI to power & love Islam in power because it serves a vital economic and political function for them.  The goal for them is to Africanize the middle east and North Africa, including Iran, by using the neo-colonialist policy known as "a clash of civiliizations," which they are manufacturing using agent provocateurs.  The wests economic reason is so they can have access to more resources, by having Iranians consume less of them, in order to do that you need less education, a stagnant economy and only a group of religious fundamentalists who care nothing for Iran are unpatriotic enough to do the job.  In Summary: You have a King that fought day and night, most of his life especially for the last 30 years of it to deliver peace, progress and human rights for Iranians and they showed their appreciation in 1979 by betraying him.  The AN-tellectuals were manipulated because they did not know the definition of Dictator and they mis-represented the shah as one which he was not.  Some of The Antellectuals now know what a dictator is due to 1979 and yet some of them still cling on to the lies of the past, because some still haven't figured out those were just lies created by enemies of Iran, not iran's genuine democrats, in order to suppress Iranians social, economic & political development.  These are the tough facts far too many today have a hard time swallowing. 

Tiger Lily

Very well worth watching every minute of this video

by Tiger Lily on

Thank you very much indeed, Yasmine, for many an insight and the hope it inspires and setting the bar at a proper standard. I'm going to watch it again.

Wishing you more good





The answer is...(IMHO)

by AMIR1973 on

That the stinky mullahs outsmarted, outwitted, outmaneuvered, and outfought the so-called AN-tellectuals.


The Question to ask is?

by darius on

How is that possible that a group of  Mullah  defeat a large group of society  that  claimed to be antgellectual ?



ایا میشود گفت که ملت ایران وطن پرست هستند؟ و یا فقط شعار می دهیم


تا زمانی که ملت ایران مسئولیت را در خود بیدار نکند این دژخیمان درقدرت خواهند بود. کسی در ایران احساس مسئولیت نمی کند که ایران و منافع ملی در خطر است و تا زمانی که ملت احساس ملی خود را نیابد هیج چیزی تغیر نخواهد یافت.
دلیل باقی ماندن این رژیم و زنده ماندن ان ، اختلافات بچه گانه و وطن فروشهایی چون روشنفکرانی که مدعی ازادی بوده اند وهستند که دنبال دیکتاتوری خودشان هستند ، نه اینکه ایران فراتر از حزب و یا عقیده و یا پول هست، ایا تعداد کسانی که نگران ویرانی کشورهستند بیشتر از کسانی است که دنبال منافع شخصی هستند؟
ایا میشود گفت که ملت ایران وطن پرست هستند؟ و یا فقط شعار می دهیم ؟


It is notable that none of the oil-rich Mideast states have seen

by AMIR1973 on

large protests during the so-called "Arab Spring", with the exception of Libya, where Qaddafi's opponents received significant outside help. As long as these states have access to tens of billions of dollars each year in oil income, they can buy sufficient loyalty, as well as repression, to maintain power.