Iran and Imperialism

by yasmine

A talk I gave to communist students at Sheffield University. I will also be speaking at the week long Communist University event in London in August 9 - 16. For more details click here. Also see


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Jahanshah Rashidian


by Jahanshah Rashidian on

The left is not limited to communism; it is a vast spectrum and has existed before Marxism. It was scientifically but radically promoted by Marx. Yet, from Marxism many human and secular ideas can be used--see all Social Democrats or Socialist parties in western Europe.

What from this large spectrum outdated and remains the base of Jasmin's thoughts and her likes is a series of incompatible premises like Class Struggles, Dictator of the Proletariat, Contradiction of Capital and Labour, Economic Planification system, idea of Soviet State, Class Democracy... which do not match our today's realities.

Comminsm is now in an international crisis. It failed to be an alternative to the injustice, corruption, despotism and could not stand for a better social order to the current capitalist system.

The left, however under democratic and humanitarian aspects can inspire from Marxist analyses while should distance itself itself from undemocratic form of "left" represented especially as Marxist-Leninst orthodoxy.

An adaptive left advoates unconditional democracy for all socity and remains a growing alternativ and hope against many ills due to the current capitalist sytem.



My comments will be censored so some on

by samsam1111 on

can make a comment on my behalf in defence of Logic..if this is not censored as well

Ali P.

That dawg won't hunt no more...!

by Ali P. on


 Let's say, after the disappearance of the IRI, we witness a group advocating a true "Islamic Republic of Iran". They claim Khomeini's version of Islamic ideas was false, and  an authentic "Islamic Republic" would be awesome, and we should give it another shot!

Give me a break!

 I grew up, listening to Communists, telling us capitalism is doomed to fail, that life under  communism it beautiful, and what we hear about life in the Soviet block is nothing but American propaganda,  and sooner or later, the world will embrace 'communism", by choice, or by force. 


Many, many of us believed them, and many paid with their life for this belief.




Well it didn't happen!

The exact opposite happened. The communist countries dropped the ideology one after another, and from twentysome, we are left with, what, two??

 Now you come and give us an analysis of how YOU see things and tell us what we need to do?!

(It reminds me of Dr. Ebrahim Yazdi giving a speech a few years ago, on what Iranians need to do, opposing the IRI! You could tell what everyone in the audience wanted to say to him: 

J U S T  G O  A W A Y !)


 Same with this lady. YASMINE, is it?

Well, YASMINE, ...whoever you are:

Spare us.

 Will you?


It is not just soft in the head..let's be honest..

by Parthian on

It is just plain dumb to believe, and speak "passionately" in this philosophy. By the way, there is a huge difference in socialism, and communism, so let's not mix them up. The philosophy has failed repeatedly in various countries, and its failure is only second to Islamism. Both Islamism, and communism have very similar "nature", both are completely outdated.



by Abarmard on

There has never been a social State and the mistake of one doesn't slide over another. Some of the socialists that I have spoken to have been passionately involved with the human Rights and workers Rights and so forth. So you certainly don't need to follow them but it's always a good thing to have many ideologies to challenge any system.

I am not a socialist but like to hear them. They in theory show a very humanistic ideology that I find it promising. Although we are not there yet. So let them be.

I don't think it's fair to blame this group for the existance of IR or MEK etc. You also must know that within the socialist and communist parties are differences in opinion.

Darius Kadivar

Chee Meeghi?

by Darius Kadivar on

Incredible how much Communists are so moralistic and try to pass themselves as modern and objective. What have you got to say for the crimes and all the setbacks in the Soviet Union and nearly all the communist revolutions and regimes throughout the 20th century ?

You guys were responsible for the rise of what you call Political Islam. The MKO is the product of your own combination of Marxism and Islam.

What Stubborness of vocabularies and melting pot of contradictions and ideas !