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An “About Me” page could be whittled down to these three questions. Visitors want to know briefly who you are, why you decided to create a web site, and how they can reach you if they need to hear much more.

Who am I? A great deal of successful “About Me” pages begin off with “Hi, my name is…” Having a personal introduction is a fantastic method to begin off. Your “About Me” ought to come across as if you were talking face to face with your visitor. Even though I personally prefer a initial person narrative (“I am, We are…”), for corporate or more expert web sites, it might be better to go with the third person voice (“Jimbo Designs is…”)!

Do not overwhelm the reader with as well a lot information. Of course they need to understand more about you, but it’s safe to leave out details like the title of one's high school gym teacher, or the color of one's first automobile. Your “About Me” web page ought to expand on the purpose of one's website. If your website is about the fantastic world of Photoshop, your “About Me” web page should include how you got started on Photoshop, and briefly skim via your accomplishments.

What can I do for you, the visitor? Put your self within the visitor’s shoes. The reason they’re clicking your “About Me” page is to relate to you. They need compare notes to see if you and they share the same awesome traits. Let’s encounter it, if a visitor’s searching for the “About Me” page, that means that you've piqued their curiosity and in some way inspired them to care about who you're. Don’t let them down!

Occasionally visitors will click in your “About Me” page simply because they need to understand about the way you can assist them. You should always answer this question. To do this, first consider your customer pool. If potential clients, explain your services. If fellow enthusiasts, share the way you first fell in love together with your subject matter. If learners, tell them why you’re qualified to create such a website.

About Me PagesHow can I be contacted? Some web sites have separate “Contact” pages, which is recommended, but you ought to also include your contact details in your “About Me” page to save the customer from clicking too several pages. A good idea is to add social media buttons on your “About Me” page. Everybody loves Twitter, and in addition to that, consist of your Facebook, LinkedIn, Delicious, and Flickr pages. Be careful, though, if you’re including a Facebook identity. We all know how carefree a Facebook identity could be, but if you are promoting a expert brand, your Facebook profile picture shouldn’t be a questionable image from Spring Break.

In certain web sites, it is a good idea to have a separate “About Me” for you as an individual and one for the website. This particularly pertains to websites that aim to help people or sell services.
2. The Photo

About Me PagesAfter you’ve tackled the words, it is time to select an image that encapsulates your personality. A photograph on your “About Me” page isn't optional. It gives the visitor another way to relate to you. And, in the event you do not include a photograph of your self, your “About Me” page will seem incomplete.


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