by Jahanshah Javid
updated 09-Aug-2012

A unique fusion of classical Persian poetry with contemporary jazz and blues. Iranian artist Rana Farhan sings in a cool bluesy style that transcends time and erases all borders, wowing listeners worldwide. Now with the release of “Moon And Stone” her forth full length CD she continues to expand the boundaries and break new ground, combining jazz and blues with Classic Persian poetry, pushing it through to soul and even a hint of R&B >>>

Rumi's Prayer (Live BBC)
Mast e Eshgh
Merry Christmas
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Shekar Khosha
Ode to Life
Heart of Fire
Kar e Man
I Return
Drunk With Love
Better Drowned In Wine
God Bless The Child ("The Blues Are Brewin" album)
Come Rain Or Come Shine ("The Blues Are Brewin" album)
Stormy Weather ("The Blues Are Brewin" album)
Loverman (Oh Where Can You Be) ("The Blues Are Brewin" album)
But Beautiful ("The Blues Are Brewin" album)
The Blues Are Brewin ("The Blues Are Brewin" album)