Updates on Iran’s Disputed Election
New York Times, The Lede / An Iranian-American reader of The Lede
25-Jun-2009 (7 comments)

These kids are not Che Guevaras, and this is not foco revolution where hit and run is a viable tactic. I am not Kapuscinski and thus I am not as good at being romantic about all of this. All we can do as responsible individuals is parse between the extreme hearsay and rumors on all sides. None of that takes away the accomplishments of the Iranian demonstrations over the past weeks, which have made a major shift in Iranian history akin to 1906, 1953, and 1979, nor does it take away from the tragedy of lost life.


"this is not foco revolution"

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Excerpt from a reader of the NY Times' The Lede, which has been chronically the events in Iran minute by minute. Scroll down to "Update | 3:12 p.m."



the ceremonial king & cellular biology

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the comparison to Goebbels was to you, not RP, as a master propagandist and follower of his Führer, and i certainly am not making any comparison to Hitler (although, in one respect, one can argue RP is beeorzeh, just as Hitler was -- but it was Hitler's fear-mongering, racist radicalism, and his masterful rhetoric (see The Führer as a Speaker) that made him what he was, all of which RP thankfully lacks).

RP as king because of his shortcomings! now that's a new angle i hadn't thought of before. and why not, it might actually work. use his shortcomings to his advantage. Pure genius Kadivar! (i mean that as a compliment)

You are right i haven't given much thought to a ceremonial king, not while iran is in the throes of extremist ideology, religious fanaticism, half lies and half truths, oppression & injustice, a popular revolution usurped and gone wrong.

you are talking about an ornament to place at the head of this body that is iran, and i'm thinking what it will take to remedy our collective, long-term malaise at the molecular level. i'm afraid taking a couple of royal aspirins just won't cut it.

Darius Kadivar

I accept the Possibility But I'm NOT Goebbels I'd Rather ...

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be compared to Jacques Louis DAVID, or Sergei Eisenstein  ... Even Leni Rifenstahl (albeit without Their great Talent) ... BUT Goebbels ?!? I would even have Prefered you to compare me to Hitler "the failed Painter" instead ... LOL

As for the rest ... Well Only Time can say who is write or wrong. If indeed there is a difference between our views which personally I don't think there is that much.

You IRANICANS aka Iranians in America don't Seem to Travel Much. Come to Europe and your views on the Monarchy as an Institution would evolve. I am surprised how much Iranians are ignorant of their own History and that of the ideas of the Constitutional Monarchy. Its seems they think that the US Constitution is a Universal Political Model as if Spain, Great Britain, the Netherlands or North European Countries were obsolete Retrograde countries with no democratic practice. Thats Really Strange that You have never given it even a serious thought ...

As for RP II, I don't think he is an able politician, but that is not why I support him. I think with all his shortcomings he would be an ideal Constitutional King. Have the Crown on his Head and Shut Up ! After all that is what the Constitutional Revolution of 1906 was all about. Now we have a would be King who is willing to behave. His entrance in the Political Arena was inevitable given the circumstances. I would have prefered to see someone else speak in his name rather than see him take a political role with the risks of contradiction it implies.

But you cannot always get what you want. But if you think that he could become a Hitler or Goebbels you are the one who is dillusional ...

I could hardly see any member of this family become a dictator and even less the children, Noor, Iman or Farah ...

But then again I am a monarchist (Constitutional) and Have ABSOLUTELY NO SHAME of claiming it out loud. But I DO RESPECT YOUR CHOICE !

Cheers BOND !


Jacques Louis DAVID: Napoleon's Coronation

Or Kevin Brownlow:


Leni Rifenstahl ( who later in life became an Anthropologist photographer and rejected Nazism)



Darius, i wish i knew what

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Darius, i wish i knew what to say or how to communicate with you. Yes we have different ideologies and rationality. But there can be no fair exchange of ideas when we speak in absolutist terms.

I saw the demonstrators up close (not the ones in LA), and from my vantage, it was the royalists who very shoving the flag in the face of the other demonstrators, and with such a vengeance that would put MKO-fanatics to shame.

Respect should go both ways, shouldn't it.

If you feel you're being insulted it's not because of "simply expressing my loyalty to my candidate", as you put it, but by inundating this site ad nauseum with posts and re-posts about every little move your candidate makes -- in short a propaganda tour de force (hence the reference to Goebbels, who BTW loved film also). You're not just expressing your personal views, you've become an instrument of a character few (on this site) find worthy of their time. you have to expect to take some flack for that.

And can you truly be so naive as to think 'if only they read his manifesto'... well, i did, and i found it a joke. Yes the words and ideas are nice, but it's a joke coming from his mouth... he hasn't earned what valor you ascribe to him. Not in my eyes.

I don't know what is right or wrong either. But i will try to keep an open mind about things. I don't support your 'candidate' (king!), nor theirs (nor did i vote or support mousavi -- i supported the peaceful demonstrations for a re vote-- which was their aspiration, not mine!).

I hope the road we take is a peaceful one. Only then will i have some confidence as to the authenticity of the destination.

(don't take this the wrong way, but yes, you are wrong in some points -- now do you want to fight it, or accept the possibility?!)

Darius Kadivar

THAT is Exactly What I meant ...But NEDA DID NOT vote !

by Darius Kadivar on

But I know also that the so called Political THINKERS of the Islamic Republic are trying to find a way to Save the legitimacy of THEIR REVOLUTION !

I am not against You or others who VOTED GREEN, But what I do not like is those who Try to INSTRUMENTALIZE this VOTE on grounds that this participation was an endorsement of the regime or of the Revolution that has been responsible for all this misery that has endured 30 years.

I can understand an Iranian back home who votes for the one of the candidates in an attempt to choose best between BAD and WORST !

I even understand that the demonstrators Shout out ALLAH O AKBAR so as not to become easy targets for the regime that could accuse them of being anti regime or manipulated by the west.

What I understand and forgive LESS is when I see Iranians in the DIaspora Insult the TRUE Iranian FlAG and blame the Monarchists of being Intolerant when They should be the ones to make excuses for their own ignorance and vulgarity in insulting elder people who have been driven out of their country and who have been in their own right opposing the IRI often to their own self sacrifice.

Now their Kids living in LA or San Francisco want to Spit on the Iranian Flag on Grounds that people got killed in these Riots:

Please watch this clip


Or insult the Former Crown Prince of Iran who for whatever he represents or does Not Represent is an IRANIAN and a Patriot who has no blood on his hands unlike the GREEN CANDIDATE you guys voted for and who is part of the System that drove most of us out of OUR Country.

And its NOT a Anonymous HATEIRI who was 5 years Old when the Revolution took place who can give me lessons on Patriotism or History.

You on the otherhand Although Anonymous seem to be of the same age as me ( or Older ? )  so even if I don't share your views I give you the credit that you knew what you were doing and expecting when or if you voted.

As an Iranian in the Diaspora I could not endorse a Revolution that I did not endorse back in 79 nor did my late Father.

We All made our final decision on participating or not to these elections based on our own conscience and I like to think Responsibly.

But to be insulted for simply expressing MY LOYALTY to MY CANDIDATE ( Reza Shah II) proves the level of Intolerance Rampant amongst a community that claims to be democratic and calls for democracy.

No wonder the French ironically Say:

La Monarchie "C'est Ferme Ta Gueule", La Democratie en revanche  C'est "Cause Toujours ..."


If the Monarchy means "Shut Up", Democracy often means "Keep on Talking Crap ..."

What I don't like is when most people criticize Reza Pahlavi for his Big Nose, Fat Belly or having been brought up with a Silver Spoon in his mouth but NONE of these self proclaimed intellectuals bothered even to read or listen to what he say's before criticizing him or slandering him.

After all if people have better ideas why don't they run for Office themselves ?

Even if they want to convince People that RP is Irrelevant or that the Restoration of the Monarchy is not the solution to Iran's Problems then Why don't they say WHAT was INEXACT or IMMORAL or EVEN WRONG in Reza Pahlavi's Statement or Book ?

This is the Bazari Mentality that has crippled us Iranians as a Nation at large.

We Even Followed Khomeiny Without Reading his Tozyhol Massael.


Farrokhzad Summed it Best:


Neda (WHO DID NOT VOTE) Like Farrokhzad May have Died in Vain After All ...

I Sincerely and with All my Heart and Mind Hope I'm Wrong ! ...









revolution = blood

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a revolution comes when we least expect it (like last time). this was an indigenous, grassroots, organic uprising, which was squelched in the nick of time by last friday's sermon. on saturday, the vast majority of previous week's demonstrators stayed home (and i don't blame them... hanooz az jooneshoon sir nashodan).

it's too bad it turned rowdy and violent -- gave the oppressors the excuse to clamp down hard. here's where an MLK-like figure could have diverted the dissident energy into a peaceful movement, and perhaps brought about real signification change -- not overnight, but gradual and significant.

it's not an oxymoron to 'demand change peacefully' (certainly not as moronic as 'demanding support' as some character we both know and one of us loves recently said!)

revolution = blood (like Neda's and others -- why should they alone bear the burden for the changes i want?!)... and the funny thing is, you don't know what you'll get after it, by the very nature of its chaos and violence.

Darius Kadivar

Ou Comment Tuer Dans L'oeuf Une Revolution ...

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Yeah, Sure the type of argument IRI apologists like HAMID DABASHI Relishe on ...


No People Are Actually Not against the Islamic Republic: THEY LOVE IT:


King Louis XVI: Qu'est ce donc ? Une Revolte ?

The Prime Minister: "Non Sire Ce N'est Pas Une Revolt, C'est Une Revolution !"