Doors, Gates & Windows

Photo essay

by Parviz Forghani

These are photos from my visit to Shiraz for the first time in close to 30 years. I tried to view things from a different angle. I call these "Doors, Gates & Windows" ...

دراوایل دی ماه امسال بعد ازنزدیک به سی سال سفری به شیراز داشتم. عکس های پیوست را که نامش را "درها، دروازه ها وپنجره ها" می گذارم، با نگاهی دیگر به شیراز گرفته ام. منحنی ها، آجرها، کاشی های آبی وقوس ها تمام نشان ناب نوستالژی اند.


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by shahireh (not verified) on

Made my day!


Dear Arezu, With all due

by Flora (not verified) on

Dear Arezu,

With all due respect to your comments and those of the head of the School of Architecture in Florence, with whom I fully agree, I cannot but help explain the origins of the word Paradiso (or paradise in English.) It comes from Pardis, which the Arabs took from us and called it Ferdows, as they do not have the letter "P" in their language. And we all know that Ferdows and Pardis they both mean "garden" in Persian.

All the best,

Nazy Kaviani

Thank you!

by Nazy Kaviani on

I loved the pictures and the heart beating for Shiraz behind the lens. Ba ejazeh, I am borrowing these photos and of course giving you due credit. The white strip describing the subject was very useful, but visually annoying, disrupting the picture flow. Thanks again.


Karet dorose

by Anonymous123456 (not verified) on

Jigaret beram Forghoon joon, doee kheili hal dadi.



by amin t (not verified) on

Thanks... took me be back to yesteryears and for me you've captured the essence of a bygone era.


Absolutely beautiful!

by PS (not verified) on

Very beautiful, breathtaking photographs... such detail, and the colors of the stain glass just remarkable.

Thank you for sharing your Shiraz... Mamnooooon :)


God Bless You

by Mona19 (not verified) on

Dear Mr.Parviz Forghani

Beatiful Pictues,Thank you so much for sharing them with us.



Simply magnificent, Thank you so much

by Arezu (not verified) on

Dear Parviz:

Your photographs of Shiraz are breath taking, and just magnificent. It makes one want to continue clicking searching for more photos. What a beautiful city, such detail and refined architecture, such a mystery full of wonders. No wonder the Europeans question what we are doing spending our time vacationing in Europe when we have a country which is so beautiful and full of culture.

I typically spend my summers in Italy, and during a trip met the head of school of Architecture in Florence. He told me, that every year he takes his students to Iran to show them the beautiful architecture in the cities of Iran. He said, that the entire concept of gardens, in Italy and France has been copied from Persia as well as so much of the architecture in Italy. The word Paradiso comes from Persia.

Thank you for your excellent photography. If I were you I would organize a photo exhibit. I would definitely love to buy your photos and I know of so many others who would like to do the same. Furthermore, it is the splendor of cities such as Shiraz, Isfahan and so many others which needs to be shown here in the U.S. so that the American people can get to know Iran, our culture, and people. You should seriously think about it.