Iran 1970

A time of prosperity and glory

Here's a sample of old clips of Iran in the 1970's. A time of prosperity and glory. A time when being Iranian was an honour and a title. Until some students started a revolution...



Wake up!!!!!!!!!!

by KavehP (not verified) on

Any regime is judged by what was before it and what came after it.

go and read your history books and see what Iran was before the Pahlavis. Look at what Iran has become after them.

The Arabs today are flaunting their sovereign wealth funds. Iran had a sovereign wealth fund 40 years ago. It invested in Krupps(German steel), Eurodif (uranium enrichment), North sea oil, Indian refineries. These investments are still earning money for Iran. And look at what IRI aghazadehs have invested in: Dubai.

Wake up people its your money that has turned Dubai into what it is. and look around your self and look at how we have turned Iran into the shit hole that it has become.

Iran wasn't paradise pre 1979. yes there was human right abuses. yes there was corruption. yes there were mistakes. but it was the best governed country in the middle east by a mile. It was also one of the best governed countries in the developing world. we were making progress.

Wake up PLEASE

Kaveh Nouraee

Someone is on a power trip

by Kaveh Nouraee on

There is someone who is deleting my response to "John Carpenter". It must be said that it contains absolutely no language that can possibly be considered vulgar, offensive or threatening.

My post contained the fact that in January 1979, the population in Iran was not 70 million, as "John Carpenter" asserts. It was closer to 45 million, perhaps 50 million. I also suggested that this person read a book. That way he would have the facts. If I can do it, so can he, whoever he really is.

I also suggested that he is no position to call anyone a loser, as it is very obvious that this person uses multiple false screen names, such as "John Carpenter", "James Smith", "Jamshid Niavarani" and "Jacob Cohen", among others. The writing style under all of these screen names are not similar, they are identical. It is obvious even to the blind and the illiterate that these noms de plume are actually one and the same person. The posts are all the same repetitive mantra. I stated that someone who resorts to such methods cannot have that much going for them in their own right.

So, I would like to know, what aspects of my response to "John Carpenter" are objectionable and grounds for deletion?

Calling him Mr. Multiple Personality or Mr. Multiple Screen Names? I use one screen name, while he uses many. It's simple math. The site administrators can track the IP addresses of just the 4 screen names I mentioned, and I will bet you that I am 100% correct. But if I call this person out on that fact, I get deleted? Sheer nonsense.

Calling his responses over the past several months recycled tripe? Saying that if he were speaking rather than typing he would sound like a parrot with hiccups?

All anyone has to do is take a minute (or even less), and type in the names I have mentioned. Under the name of Jacob Cohen he can call Marvin Kharrazi a funny big nosed Iranian Jew. As John Carpenter, he has called people homosexual. Under the other names used less often, he defends the words of "John Carpenter". But somehow, my post, which contained none of that, was deemed unworthy for publication and was deleted.

JJ can establish and modify terms of service at will. But where is the consistency? If there are to be rules, then they must apply to everyone equally. This has nothing to do with the "Nothing is Sacred" motto. Obviously, there are things that are sacred, while for others, anything goes.

Cartoons depicting erections and sodomy are acceptable content, but calling someone out for an error in fact and correcting it, or questioning their overall character is not acceptable? Strange.

I put my real name out here, and I have made my views very clear, in matters of politics and religion. On top of that, I have backed up what I say, unlike many others who run away when questioned. I have been labelled every dirty word in the book, and have seen several posts containing both veiled and overt threats that have made it on to the site, by anonymous cowards who in reality are actually scared of their own shadows. But do I get defended? No. Am I asking to be? Again, no.

Let's see if this doesn't get deleted. "Nothing Is Sacred" might need to be changed to "Nothing is Surprising".


It is very true that what is

by Yek Irooni (not verified) on

It is very true that what is in these clips is out of context of everything else that was happening and very biased. But please acknowledge that the current situation cannot be compared to what life was like before the revolution. It's like comparing night and day. I dare say that no other regime in history has betrayed and suppressed its own people more than the current regime in Iran. At the same time, I see the Islamic regime as invaders and thieves of everything we have and don't really expect anything else from them.



by Anonymous* (not verified) on

clips from movies and tv shows!!! was that really the real iran, the whole iran, and nothing but iran?

why don't we just show clips from Three's Company and say that was So. Calif. or the Love Boat and claim that's love!?

Seriously, some folks (we know who) are so wallowing in their pity nostalgia and fantasy they should apply for a job at Disneyland.


The Pahlavi dynasty was a joke

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

With all due respect,
The Pahlavi dynasty was a joke.

Reza Khan (Pahlavi/Mirpanj) was dethroned and thrown out of the country of Iran.

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi fled the country of Iran to save himself from being executed by 70 million Iranians.

In the end, history has shown that the Pahlavis, father and son were losers.


Javid Shah

by SarbazIran on

Javid Shah.




Are we watching the same clip????????

by Reza411 (not verified) on

Are you sure about that because I think skirts have everything to do with it. If you would have paid more attention to the clip instead of worrying about gdp's and gni's and per capita income and all that good stuff, you would have noticed that at the beginning of the clip when all is well and dandy the skirts are extremely short and then at the end of the clip when things sour, the skirts suddenly get very very long. Need I say more.

Besides if you do your research properly you will find that there are numerous studies out there, mostly coming out of eastern europe and south east asia with overwhelming evidence showing that a country's gdp is directly affected by the lenght of it's citizens skirts. I mean the facts are out there buddy, so it will be very difficult for you to prove that I am wrong on this one.

Now this being said, my as you put it "perverted and corrupt mind" also saw that back in those days if you would go out for an afternoon drive there was a very good chance you would run into such famous celebrities as Googoosh and Behrooz Vosooghi as they were enjoying a romantic ride a deux on there lovely motorcycle. Ahhhhhhhhh those were the days.



by jamshid on

Your perverted and corrupt mind can only see short skirts and nothing else in this video. That tells a lot about you.

Contrary to your opinion, skirts has nothing to do with it. All of Iran's economic indicators such as growth in GDP, GNI, per capita income, industrial growth and other ones were the record highest among developing countries in those years. Only Iran could break its own records, and it did, year after year.

And that's what imbecile perverts like you and your fathers took away from Iran.


Everything will be OK, just put on a skirt.

by Reza411 (not verified) on

It is a well known fact that you can mesure a countries prosperity by the shortness of it's womens skirts. The more prosperous the country is the shorter the skirts and the less prosperous the country is the longer the skirts. So to all you vatan loving Iranian women out there, please please put on your shortest skirt immediately and do not take it off until all of Iran's economical and political woes have been resolved once and for all. Your country needs you and your sexy legs ladies.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Holy shit, Johnny Carpenter...Does Iran have running water too?

You better pack your bags and book a plane ticket back to Tehran before everybody else finds out about it. It will be fucking anarchy. Next thing you know, they'll open up a Starbucks with.......shhh, say it very

You know what else? We Iranians have opposable thumbs too, and we can even eat with utensils.


I believe that there are a lot of people with inferiority complexes.

Unfortunately, there are also people like you who don't realize you are just plain inferior. (who the fuck are you kidding... you're not just inferior, you are a goddamn factory defect).

Look outside the box. How can you look outside the box when your head is lodged so far up your ass your tonsils tickle your scalp?

Who cares what others think. Don't try to be a conformist. American history books have called the Pahlavi dynasty a dictatorship. Those are the facts.

You obviously care about the content of American history books, don't you? You're taking it as fact, aren't you?

Most freedom loving Iranians want Iran to be a democratic republic.

Well, the right to vote in Iran is conditional, thanks to your IRI masters, who don't give a rat's ass what most freedom loving Iranians want, anyway.

A 3rd world nation cannot afford a monarch. Thanks to your IRI masters, Iran isn't even 3rd world.

So, Mr. Multiple Personality Disorder Boy, based on your assertion that monarchies are for simpletons, we can assume the following nations are all 3rd world and inhabited by simpletons:

Andorra, Antigua, Aruba, Australia (Voted against becoming a republic and chose to remain a monarchy in 1999), Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Barbuda, Belgium, Belize, Bhutan, Cambodia, Canada, Denmark, Grenada, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lesotho, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand, Norway, Papua New Guinea, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Solomon Islands, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Tonga, Tuvalu, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

Ahh, ignorance is bliss, isn't it Johnny Boy? In your case, you must be having multiple orgasms.


P.S.  Thanks for your generosity, Setiz.


Sir John the III

by Setiz (not verified) on

Sir John said: Iran has internet service.

So does Bangladesh!

Sir John said: American history books have called the Pahlavi dynasty a dictatorship. ... I believe that there are a lot of people with inferiority complexes. Who cares what others think.

Are you talking to yourself here?

Sir John said: Only a simpleton would want a monarchy.

Are you talking about brits or dutch or swedes or ... here?

I leave the rest for Kaveh N. to respond to!


What a shame!!!!

by ali48 (not verified) on

you can call pahlavi what u want....but the fact is the mullahs are the lowest life form and evil on earth!
there is a multitude of evidence that the british have been trying to install akhoonds in iran since the 50s to suck away our oil for free. How do u think BP has spent billions buying up Arco, and others????? They surely didn't find more oil in england!!
shah had his issues, of course, but his biggest mistake was that he didn't unleash hell on the mullahs and khomeini-
for those who boast about "internet" and a "subway system"- I say wuppydooo! After 30 years of giving away irans wealth to the chinese, brits, and russians, anyone running the country would have these improvements.
those who call the shah a dictator appease the mullahs who are the most bloodthirsty buncha of traitors to plague our homeland
wake up people!


Being Iranian is O.K.

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

Who says being Iranian today is a crime?

The issues in the news and the view that certain governments have against Iran is a political thing.

No one should look back to prior to the revolution to look for glory days.

Today tehran has a subway system. Iran has internet service.

If one is wealthy in Iran he or she is better off than if they lived in Europe, the Americas or Austrailia.

I believe that there are a lot of people with inferiority complexes.

Who cares what others think. Don't try to be a conformist.

Look outside the box. And to all the facts.

American history books have called the Pahlavi dynasty a dictatorship. Those are the facts.

Most freedom loving Iranians want Iran to be a democratic republic.

the monarchy is gone for good. Only a simpleton would want a monarchy. A 3rd world nation can't afford a monarch.


Even wearing short skirts...

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

were positive. It was a sign that, contrary to today, government had respect and trust in people, girls and their parents, decide what to wear and how to run their personal life. Today, iranians are considered stupid with mental atrophy, for whom a mulla, vali-e-faghih, should decide all the details of life, even what to wear. And the standards of vali-e-faghih is based on what was common 1400 years ago in arabia.

Islamists don't seem to be complaining about girls wearing short skirts in the west where they voluntarily chose to live, but want to deny people of inside iran the same level of self-decision.

Kaveh Nouraee

Irani 777

by Kaveh Nouraee on

irani777: Absorbing the western culture and wearing short skirts was definitely not prosperity and glory.

Typical narrow-minded thinking. No one has ever suggested that western culture and short skirts have anything to do with proseperity or glory.

Why don't you just face the facts that as a nation and as a people, on February 11, 1979, we blew it.

You know why girls wore short skirts and we adopted western culture? Because we are IRANIAN. We are Indo-EUROPEAN. What has happened in Iran is as ugly if not uglier than seeing white people who act ghetto black, with the hip hop gangster look and attitude. They wear their pants below their ass...we have hejab.




to Abaramad,

by pilot (not verified) on

I guess you put it exactly right. who we were and who we are now,as I remember , flying with Iran Air to NYC,one day I took taxi ,which I found out did not have smaller dollar bill to pay ,and the driver gladly took my Iraninan me that means a lot back then and guys who denying the fact ,you are all brain washed.



by Setiz (not verified) on

... they were all made from other countries because Iranians could not make a building bigger than four stories.

This is absolutely false. I know that for fact. All buildings on keshavarz blvd were designed and developed by iranians. Iranian engineers designed tall buildings, like saman building, and often used computing resources in IBM building on villa street to do their structural analysis.

The rest of your claims are probably as true as the above.

Complaining and criticizing shah's regime even when it has any validity is like complaining that someone threw a pebble, 2 millimeters in size, at you while being run over by a car 2 meters long.

No regime is perfect, and neither was shah's, but his regime was infinitely better than the disaster that we have now; and things were improving faster than people could absorb.

Khomeini lied, half a million died.


Mullah and Democracy

by Azdi (not verified) on

This will teach the Iranians that a mullah can never bring democracy despite his many, many empty promises. This will be in history books for generations to come and will be a lesson to all of us that we will NEVER forget.


I have to respond to some

by Abarmard on

When Shah was there I was young. I can't speak about all the problems but we were not rich and had almost everything. Not that, the fact that we knew we would have it is another thing.

Most of the projects that are being completed today had been planned then, airport, dams, subways, nuclear energy plants, refineries, car manufacturing, etc. Not to mention the path of service economy that Shah had been putting in place, where today UAE is doing. Bandar Abbas was designed to be UAE today, The hub of goods and trading spot from Asia to Europe through Iran, and the world would have poured their wealth into an already wealthy Iran. be fair.

Yet we must be realistic. Now what? We can be a strong nation and have a goal. Force our leaders to bend their head for us to reach it. Those who think it's not possible are not the ones who could contribute. Any strong nation would rise from dead. Europeans that are great today is because they have passed the test, we must too. Nothing is free and we should not sit and accept handouts. We will deal with this ourselves.


Absorbing the western

by irani777 (not verified) on

Absorbing the western culture and wearing short skirts was definitely not prosperity and glory.



by Abarmard on

yaadesh bekhair


Re: Xerxers

by jamshid on

Good to see you back.

You shouldn't worry about the issues you discussed in your comment right now. I recommend you don't "waste" your time in this site. Instead you should increase the frequency of your visits to the "ATM" machine, aka the IRI, and gorge yourself with as much of the stolen monies as you can.

Already there are heavy activities in Iran's banking sectors. Loads of money are being sent to Europe and Canada by Iran's ruling elite.

Don't fall too much behind your fellow friends; you may end up regretting it. So, keep gorging yourself while you can.


Anonymous Iranian...

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

and that was tehran. You should have seen other cities which had nothing, zilch, in the 60's; and within a decade and a half, we ended up having piped drinking water, sewage system, telephone, television, 2 universities, paved roads, electricity network, first girl high school majoring in math, television assembly plant which hired and trained many unskilled workers and brought many poor families out of poverty, ... I was there and saw that as a child, every year there was something new and exciting popping up.

And those revolutionaries were only worried that they were not in charge to oppress and steal sooner as they did once they got the chance in 1979.



by Anonymouss (not verified) on

Jamshid: Thanks for the correction.

NPR was reporting that in 1979 there were some 35 iranian students studying nuclear engineering in MIT only as a result of a special arrangement between iranian nuclear energy commission and MIT. The report was saying that all, except for a couple, remained in america after revolution and are now contributing to the american nuclear industry.

Those who still scream of injustice during shah's reign: Yes we were not Sweden in 1979, but were better than where we came from and where we ended up by a hundred years, maybe more. Only an insane would get rid of the only shirt that he has in the middle of winter simply becuase it does not look good enough, only to end up naked with pneumonia.



Monarchy: //
Islamic Republic: //


Scroll down to a page before bottom of page: //

Also: //

Where would we be today economically had the revolution not happened? Would we still be so far behind even the arab states of persian gulf with 4 million capable iranians living outside iran?


This is all from some films

by XerXes (not verified) on

So what? What's progress here. All the pics are showing some girls without hejab, that's it. Other than that we have million things more in Iran today than those days. We lived in Bandar Abbas. You should've shown that city too. out of 10 children 7 would die. We had no water, electricity, school or money. Life was hell.
Well I guess if you lived in norther Tehran, then you could. Now also if you live norther tehran you still can.
Those building at the beginning was from "Elizabeth" blvd. Now Keshavarz, they were all made from other countries because Iranians could not make a building bigger than four stories.
get your facts straight dude. We had hopes? No, we had hopes if US wanted us to have hope. They didn't and still don't want. So dear friend, what have you done for Iran lately?


Short sightedness

by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

i have to say you people are so shortsighted and clueless. in my mother's lifetime (she's 52), in tehran (1950s) people did not have running water in their homes. all that changed within a decade with the white revolution. you ignorant fools are of the belief iran was switzerland before the pahlavis came along, and they ruined it. i have news for you. it WORSE than afghanistan and they dug it up!


Re: Zari

by jamshid on

Save your 70s nonsense for yourself.

"children dying of hunger"??? What a stupid bullshit. Have you forgotten "taghzieh raayegaan" which was extended to the most remote villages of Iran? What happened to all that free food?

"the tortured bodies..." What a line of crap! Right out of Islamist/Leftist false propaganda against the previous regime. Why don't you talk about the 600,000 (six hundred thousands) whom knomeini claimed in his tapes were killed by the Shah? Yeah right, FIVE percent of Iranian adult population were killed and nobody knew about it. Same goes with other claims including the "torture" bullshit.

"glorious only to the small group of rulling class and a few wealthy"?? Why don't you go to the remotest villages in Iran today, and those old enough to remember the past will tell you that they long for the prosperous days of the previous regime.

What a laugh to see some people still using the "famous" lines of the 70s. They only sound comic today.


Re: Anonymouss

by jamshid on

Correction: There were 55,000 students in the US and another 25,000 in the Europe.

90% of them did not return to Iran after the revolution, or went back to Iran only to get out again.



by Shahrokh A (not verified) on

This sample old clip should have also shown a few scenes from the miserable lives of those living in the ghettos south of Tehran or the poor population in villages all over Iran back then. What is shown here is not the total reality or representative of the true lives of the majority. If things were this rosy, why people kicked the shah out?

A few weeks ago, someone posted a similar clip made by the IRI on this site showing seemingly happy people mostly in northern Tehran today. Does it mean anything?


How easily the shanty houses

by Zari (not verified) on

How easily the shanty houses are forgotten! The children dying of hunger are ignored. the tortured bodies are pushed into dark so that a past which was a no glory can be glorified. Why do we need to create a false image of the past, only because it was glorious only to the small group of rulling class and a few wealthy. That what we have today is unjust and ugly does not and cannot turn the injustice of yesterday to a shiny memory. Those mothers and fatehrs who suffered behind prisons walls, those children who went to bed while starving will remember even if some of us don't! My body will never forget!