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March 2004

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* Loser of the year

Reza Pahlavi has lived in the United States over 25 years. He did his military service training in Texas before the Iranian Revolution. He has said in an interview with Jeraldo Rivera that he is a (U.S.) resident [ie. Green Card holder]. Green Card holders must abide by US law and are not 100% Iranian. Only 100% Iranians in Iran should be candidates.

He should never be put on a list of Iranian of the year candidates. In 25 years he has done nothing for Iranians. His parents stole millions of dollars and stored that money in banks overseas before they fled Iran. He is not an Iranian. He is a Loser. Anyone who votes for him is a loser. As an ethnic Iranian I dub him "Loser of the Year". His mother should be proud.

I as an American of Iranian ethnicity believe that Iranians everywhere spoke when they voted Shirin Ebadi the Iranian of the Year [Lady justice]. Shirin Ebadi is a Real Iranian. She remained in Iran and served her nation and people even after the Revolution in her country Iran.

That loser Iranian "wanna be" Reza Pahlavi was shown once again to be a loer. Iranians everywhere voted him in as a loser, big time. God bless.

New York City


* For better or worse

My vote for Iranian of the Year goes to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei for having the greatest impact (for better or worse, depending on one's point of view) on the lot of ordinary Iranians living in Iran.

Guive Mirfendereski


* Surprisingly bothered

I went to see Tissa Hami's [A different image] act this past summer with my American husband and Iranian girlfriend, and we all pretty much had the same reaction to her show. We went specifically to see her, and I had high hopes because let's face it, Iranian people do lots of silly things that we can be made fun of for. Her standup routine was moderately funny, and was a lot better than some of the other acts at the Women of Color show, but I found myself surprisingly bothered by her use of hejab in her act.

I think I am a pretty open minded and liberal person in general, and I have spent almost all of my 26 years here in the states. That being said, I felt that Tissa's wearing of hejab for the sole purpose of cracking jokes about it crossed the line into distasteful for me. Wearing or not wearing hejab is an intensely personal choice.

As strongly as I feel that I would never wear it, I feel that those that believe it is the right choice for themselves should be free to do so unmolested, and also not be used as the butt of jokes. Really, there were so many other things to be commented on about our culture, why did she have to resort to such a cheap and easy gimmick?

Yasi Amini


* Forgot to mention Shadi Sadr

Peyvand Khorsandi forgot to mention Shadi Sadr, a journalist in Iran, who won the Ida B. Wells Award just a few weeks ago. [It's reigning women]

Fatima Farideh Nejat


* Made up stats

Aghaye Sajjadi,

Your whole argument in "Samad & Eynollah!" is based on the assumption that the statistics and numbers produced by the IRI Interior Ministry on the results of that sham election is correct and not made up to show more participation!

Now, excuse me while I step out for a good hard laugh! I hope I won't bust a major artery...

You people fascinate me!

Farhad Radmehrian


* Too premature

Dear Elaine [Sciolino, writer],

I think you agree that your article on October 29 in the New York Times (A Change of Heart in Tehran? Is It Time to Talk?) was way too premature, especially in light of recent deceptions and foot-dragging by the ayatollahs on the nuke issue.

Your coverage of Iran is symptomatic of a much larger problem that Fereydoun Hoveyda brilliantly addresses in this article [Only vegetables have roots]. I think you and your colleagues at NYT would greatly benefit.

Hooman Bakhtiar


* Read with enthusiasm

Dear Mr. Hoveyda,

I am a reader of and various online publishing magazines. I read with enthusiasm and sincerely enjoy your articles on Iranian affairs. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, enlightening and educating young Iranians like myself.

I will not take anymore of your precious time.

Oslo, Norway


* Enjoyable

Dear Mr. Hoveyda,

Just wanted to let you know how enjoyable reading your articles is; especially the latest one "Only vegetables have roots". Looking forward to your next one.

Kourosh A


* Thank you!

This letter is not a great erudite, researched, academic, scholarly, pedantic article (life is too short for that ! ! ) because I'm not a "professor emeritus" of anthropology and sociology at Harvard and Yale and I have not done field research among the African and Australian aborigines and I have not published ten books and fifty articles !

And so this letter does not need any editing or shortening or lengthening ; it will not need any praises or vicious comments from monarchists, fundamentalists, Islamists, atheists, or mojahedin-e khalq sympathizers; it will not start a mud fight between the defenders and attackers of the Islamic Republic; it will not start a debate between the ultra-nationalists who deny the Islamic identity of Iran and the ultra-Islamists who deny the Persian identity of Iran; it will not end up in a dispute between those who bash the west while wearing jeans and using a computer and a cell phone and those who bow to anything and everything western; it will not start a squabble between liberal democrats and conservative autocrats; it will not end up in a wrestling match between a bikini and a chador; it will not propose any solution for "world peace" and how to bring democracy to the Middle East; it will not delve into the reasons for the Islamic Revolution and the failure of the reform movement; and it does not predict anything for the future of Iran!

This letter is simply to thank Mr. Jahanshah Javid for all his efforts in putting together a wonderful site and opening a window to so many facts and interesting information about our beloved country IRAN. I was in a bad mood today and when I opened the site and read all the funny stuff and laughed and my mood changed, I spontaneously thought of writing this "Thank you note" to Mr. Javid.

God Bless you and I wish you continued success in your efforts.

Nahid Shafiei


* Observation

Courage hangs by a thread.

Abol Danesh


* Truly amazing

Thank you for your wonderful pictures from Pars province [Postcards from afar]. Your pictures are truly amazing.

elham gheytanchi


* I know of some cases

In reply to "Goodbye Iran":

Please note that the Iranian law accepts children whose fathers are Iranians. I know of some cases where the mothers are Iranians but the fathers were of other origins when the children were not acknowledged as Iranians by the Iranian Government.



* I'd like to help

I read your article about the 8 year old bride in Afghanistan [Do something]. It is horrifying, and it just broke my heart. What can we do to help her. Please contact me. I'd like to help this little girl.

Roshanak Mozafar


* Bee-hadaf

In response to Manoochehr Javid and Tahmasb Fooladi's "Amazing history":

Magar nevisandeh mast boodeh? Ba enn hameh zowgh va saleegheh, een hameh estedaad dar amizesheh zaban Farsi be vaajeh-hayeh Engeleesi, ba een hameh danesh dar mored tareekheh Amrika, aan vaght dastani neveshteh ke aaghebat nadareh, aslan maaloom neest keh hadaf che boodeh, kenedy dar een vasat chekareh boodeh the nevisandeh ketab ro beh oon daadeh?

Please explain further...



* Hadn't read something this cool since...

In response to Manoochehr Javid and Tahmasb Fooladi's "Amazing history":

Simply outstanding. A marvelous product of collaboration between two obvious intellectuals who both possessed a good command of language and history (English/Farsi, US/Iran) as well as great sense of humor.

In Jahanshah Javid's [Manoochehr's son] case, the apple did not fall too far from the tree for he himself can write and have a good wit. Kholaaseh, hadn't read something this cool since khodaa-biyaamorz Abolghaasem Haalat passed away.

Kamran Seyed Moussavi


* Too much charand

In response to Manoochehr Javid and Tahmasb Fooladi's "Amazing history":

Hey, now I understand whenever you tried to read it, you couldn't do more few pages it is too much charand!   I couldn't read more than 20 pages either.

K. Jahangir

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