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March 2004

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* You get the point

In response to quiz question "Khepidemic: Official names with 'Kh' ":

Ayatollah Khameneiyeh Khar
... Khansariyeh Kheng
... Khalafiyeh Khak bar sar
Hojatoleslameh van moslemeen Khatamiyeh Kharkoseh
... Khalkhaliyeh Khair nadideh
... Khoeinihayeh Kheshtak pareh
... Khorambadiyeh Khol
... Khiabaniyeh Khahar jendeh
... Khoshneviseh Khafeh shodeh ...

You get the point!!

mohsen baradar


* Islamic Republic's Haft-Seen

In response to quiz question "Haft-Seen+1":

These are what Islamic Republic would love to see added to the sofreh, all in Persian letter "Seen" e.g. Seeb:

-- Sysaasateh Ingilis
-- Sefaarateh Ingilis
-- Sed-Ali-Khamenehee
-- Sookhteh Tariaak
-- Siraab Shirdoon
-- Seekh Kabaab
-- Seh-Taa-Salavaat

Farrokh A. Ashtiani


* New Seen: Sirish

In response to quiz question "Haft-Seen+1":

I would like to add "SIRISH" (Iranian made glue) to symbolize cohesiveness and unity between the people of our nation. We need it more than any other time.

Naghi Rahmani

ps. unfortunately it is not eatable, but that is fine


* 8th Seen: Condom

In response to quiz question "Haft-Seen+1":

I suggest the additional "Seen" represent Sex. Perhaps our compatriots can place a used condom at their haft-seen to symbolize the 8th sin.
Dash Vahid  (an occasional recurring character and a classy guy, sometimes...)


* Rubbing shoulders with Jamalzadeh

Dear Behrouz,

Thank you very much for your correct & thoughtful article.
I just loved it. To my opinion you can easily rub shoulders with our late famous writer, JAMALZADEH. [Release your inner donkey]

We do need to release our inner selves from DONKEY.

H. Hakimi,


* Mr. "Fitile Peech"

Please publish some article or pictures of our Great Wrestler Champion The Late Shamsideene Sayed Abbasi who passed away yesterday in Tehran Iran. This well known and extremely gentle human being will be missed for ever for many Iranian who became to know this young wrestler when he defeated the unbeatable Alief of Russia in 1966 and went to become the World Champion in later years. He was given two well deserved titles:  Mr. "Fitile Peech" and "Sheere Shemiran" for his exciting style and his braveness aginst giant of his weigh division. 

May God Bless His Soul.

Hamid Borazjani


* Looking for revolutionary song

i was looking in the music section under the revolutionary songs and i am looking for one song in particular that i did not see there. the problem is, i do not have the name or author of the song. the only information i have is that it was SUPPOSEDLY adopted as the new national anthem as soon as Ayatullah Khomeini took power from about (1980-1989) and then it was changed. this information could be wrong however. the song goes like this... it only has a drum beat in teh background and there are men singing the words... "Allah Allah, La Illaha Illallah...Allah Allah...Allah O Akbar Allah O Akbar...Allah Allah..."

if you could please identify this song for me i woudl really appreciate it. also let me know where i would be able to find it.

Hina Razvi


* Afghan singer

Hello to you! I write to you from Germany. I visit your wonderful site every day and listen to the beautiful music of iranian singers.

Last week I recognised a title which was called ''Afghan singer in Tehran''. Two days ago I searched for this title about two hours on your site but at least I was not successful at all. [Here it is. See Ben bagheri's "Simple pleasures" movie clips]

Thanks a lot and Khoda Hafez!

homayun alam


* Listened every afternoon

Dear Azam,

I can't thank you enough for this gift. I just discovered te collection of Golhaa on the web, and I have been looking for them since I left Iran in 1976. I used to listen to it every afternoon, after lunch and when my
parents took their naps... Yadash be kheir!

Again thanks for reviving old memories and keeping the legend alive...



* Moved with Yahaghi

Dear Azam Nemati,

Where can I get this wonderful music? I specially was moved with Yahaghi.

Thanks for sharing this.



* You are my favorite







* Missing Zoya

You have a very nice list of Iranian singers in your site. I just wanted to menmtion one name that is not included in your list is Zoya Sabet. Please see if you can add her name with as many songs as it is possible for you.

Thank you and good luck.

Kiumars Parvin


* Zar, zoor, tazvir

Religion was probably first formed to help man tolerate natural disasters. Later those in search of power and ruling, used others who were strong at deceiving the simple minded and the week, and completed the triangle: Zar-zoor-tazvir (wealth-suppression-deception). Even today in this most advanced society this group forms 20% of the population who votes for incompetent leaders.

The triangle has tried to take Iran 1400 years back but fortunately the internet and the transfer of information prevents that. I don't need to be highly intelligent to see that religion calls for turning off our mental capacity and following the mentally troubled abusive leaders.

Mohamad Navab
Los Angeles


* "Bar paa khiz" is Chilean

Mamnoon az website jazaab va amozandeh.

Dar morede ahange BAR PAA KHIZ, dar ghesmet REVOLUTION, in ahang dar asl saakhte va ejraa shode tavasote gorohe chiliyaee ye inti elimani hast,marboot be doraane enghelaab chilie va ejraaye farsie aan tavasote confedrasione daneshjoyan va mohaseline irani kharej az keshvar ast,ke dar dorane ghable enghelaabe 1357,bar zede regime ari az mehre shaah faaliat mikardand.

ba tashakore dobaare az web site por matlab.

Omid 19 sale.


* Only one race -- human race

This is a reply to Bita R's. "Four Seasons": Persian does not necessary mean Aryan race. The Persians (Iranians) of today or a mix of many races. We have been mixed with Greek when they conqured Persian empire. Then again Persians were mixed by Arabs when they conqured Iran and many Iranian either by free will or by force had to marry with Arabs. That is why we have so many Sayyeds. These Sayyed are not Aryan race anyway. Later Monguls and other armies attacked our country and we have all sort of become a very mixed race.

Anyway we should never be proud of what race a nation is. There is only one race and that is called human race. Islam started less that 1400 years ago not 1700 as you stated. The majority of Iranian were Sunni Muslims until the time of Shah Ismail Safavi when he declared Shiia as the main religion of Iran and many had to be converted to Shiia Islam by force. Again the comparisons made between western countries and Iran are totally wrong and that is due to misinformation or maybe Iranian mass-media propaganda against west and in particular against US.

Unfortunately Ms. Bita does not know much about history or acquring the right information. We also know about the attack by American navy to an Iranian jetliner flying to Dubai. Did you not know that it happened over Persian Gulf and not Caspian Sea? I don't understand how one can compare Cyrus the Great with Nader Shah. Nader Shah was a savage and not a just king as Cyrus was. And today there is no justice in this country of ours called Iran. There is no human rights for its peoples.

Firouz I.


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