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March 2004

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* Fascinating and disheartening

Interesting analysis of Mrs. Ameris run for congress. [Aunt Ameri] Unfortunately, similar to most new comers to the political scene in seems that your views are skewed towards the neo-liberal perspective of US and world politics.

Fascinating and disheartening that the things Iranians claim they support freedom, democracy, human rights, secularism in Iran is the very things they're working exceptionally hard to destroy by siding with US Democrats.

So you claim Mrs. Ameri is anti-Iranian for supporting President Bush? President Bush has consistently and unabitedly sent support and messages of backing to our students who're fighting one of the most brutal and hated regimes this century, how is supporting him by any means "anti-Iranian", if anything it's anti-Iranian to support his opponent Mr. Kerry who's denounced any kind of support for pro-Democracy students and called for out-right negotiations and cutting of "deals" with Iran's dictatorship.

Also, Mr. Kerry's support for homosexual rights, abortion, push against religion and family values are all things that Iranians are strongly against.

Furthermore, Mr. John Kerry sent a letter to Tehran Times where he denounced President Bush tough stance on Iran's dictatorship and called for negotations whereby Iran would denounce acts of Terror in exchange for assurances of the US will distance themselves with pro-Democracy demonstrations and side with the Islamic Republic.

I wish the younger generation would logically analyze and reason politics instead of relying on emotions and "feel-good" policies for choosing candidates and political parties.

Slater Bakhtavar


* To Ameri's opponent

Open Letter to David Wu, Goli Ameri's opponent in the upcoming race for the first congressional district in Oregon: [See: Aunt Ameri]

Dear Mr. Wu,

I am writing as a concerned Iranian-American in regards to the re-election campaign for Oregon's First Congressional District. It is my understanding that your opponent for the congressional seat may be another Iranian-American named Goli Ameri.

Well, up till now Mrs. Ameri has been counting on financial and moral support from the Iranian community, based solely on the fact that she's Iranian. In fact, she's raised a good bit of money from wealthy Iranian-American donors.

However, now that the race is heating up, Ameri and her record-previously known only to residents of the Pacific Northwest-are now becoming known to Iranian-Americans throughout the United States. As a result, there is a growing movement among Iranian-Americans to oppose her candidacy. As this movement grows, this opposition will become stronger and more vociferous.

An article highly critical of Ameri was published recently in, a San Francisco-based publication... [Aunt Ameri] The reasons are simple. Ameri is a staunch neo-conservative; her platform matches that of George W. and his ilk almost exactly. She strongly supports the Patriot Act, as well as limits on immigration to this country. In short, she is the Iranian Uncle Tom.

Her staunchly anti-immigrant views not only are not in keeping with her own background as an immigrant, but are also an anathema to the VAST majority of Iranian-Americans in this country. In light of this, there is a strong and growing interest within our community to see to it that she is not elected.

I and others are willing to organize strong backing for your candidacy should you so desire. We are at your disposal. The Iranian-American community, although up till now politically quiet, is a force to be reckoned with. We have a substantial community in the Portland area and we number 1.2 million throughout the entire United States.

Nariman Namazi


* More redneck than those in Alabama

Dear Sepand (AKA Bacheh Kommonist/Bacheh Akhoond/Nocheh'e Rafsanjani): Khar Khodetee!!! [Aunt Ameri]

As usual, a half-ass bacheh akhoond (Sepand) who can hardly wipe the spit off his face has the audacity to speak on the behalf of a diverse group of Iranians as to what they should or shouldn't believe in or whom they should or shouldn't vote for!?! This Jackass (Sepand) who lives in Canada is telling us who Live in America NOT to vote for Goli Ameri!?

Fortunately, Mrs. Goli Ameri is NOT alone in her supporting the current US administration in its being tough on CommiMullahs / terrorists / their admirers such as you! There are many Iranian Americans who are fed up with the hypocrite leftists who live in and enjoy America and constantly criticize it for what it stands for.

Yes, I am more redneck than many of those who were born in Alabama. Why not? Twenty five years ago, there were many of you who were more communists than the members of the Soviet's communist party!!! In fact I have more respect for Ahmed Chalabi than wannabe independent-thinker fluffs like you.

For your information, my President Mr. Bush has declared a war on the terrorists, their supporters, and their cheerleaders such as yourself. It is absolutely imperative on the part of US and the rest of the civilized world to stop this disease you have been contaminated with, that is Moftkhoree, Moftgooee, and advocating AdamKoshee!!

You are an epitome of what we call an ideologically bankrupt Iranian. I hate to say this but your heroes (e.g., Rafsanjani, Khamenei, Dr. Mosadeq, Dr. Shareeati, AyaDollah Khomeini, GoorbehCHOF, Lenin, Stalin, Sadam Hossain, Dollah Omar, Ben Laden, Phidel, etc. etc.) were and are a bunch of losers.

Babba, Capitalism won and Communism was miserably defeated!! Bacheh Akhoond go back to your Mosque or go play with Faezeh Rafsanjani's you know that!!!!!!  

Born Again Shahi,
Javeed Shah

xerxes daruis

PS: Just for that, I am going to make a sizable donation to Mrs. Ameri's campaign.


* I do not have to be supportive of every Iranian

I loved Mr. Rezaii's article because the issues he has addressed have been on my mind to write about [Aunt Ameri]. I am glad he took the time to address my sentiments. I too have argued for years that we need representation in political arena. I cannot tell you how many times I have been told I should run for office but although flattered that is not in my immediate plan.

I was asked to support Ms. Ameri who was attending a Republican fundraising in a town a few hours away. Everyone's wanted me to go and said, Azam jaan as an Iranian woman you should be supporting her. In many situations I will support an Iranian woman but my integrity would not allow me to betray my principals.

I could not justify attending the Republican fundraising and keep my mouth shut and pretend I was having a good time. I hate the Republican Party and since George took office I have never listened to him for even a second. I despise him and Chaney for lying to us, for killing so many innocent civilians as well as having so many solders killed for taking out one man.

I have nightmares almost every night that I can be out of job and having to start all over. I can not find any thing that is good about him and his gang or supporters. I was appalled to find out an Iranian family had contributed $200K to the Republican Party because I will bet that these same family would not donate a dime to Iranian causes. I am sure everyone knows a few Iranians who are like that.

Recently, I had a small exhibit of my Persian belongings at a local museum. Among them was a rare book about Iran written in 1804 and autographed. It so happened that the photographer whose pictures from 100 years ago were on exhibit had been mentioned in this book on display.

The museum had a gala, which a few Iranians were attending as well. I know one of the assholes that is a doctor (bald, short and ugly) who dresses in pink clothes like golfers and refuses to speak Farsi. His crew of a few Iranian spoke to each other in English. I was introduced to the crowd and made sure to ad that I was very proud of my heritage and loved to speak about Iran and its history.

The Iranian group were not really happy that I was the center of attention because everyone had a question about my Persian stuff on display. So the ugly doctor came up and trying so hard to pretend his Farsi was not that good, he asked (in English) how much would I sell the book for?

I raised my voice so everyone could hear and said, let's put it this way: the book will never be sold but if I were to sell it and had an offer of $5.00 from an ordinary person and $50,000 from you, without a second of hesitation and delightfully I will sell it for $5.00 because you are not worthy of having this book. His baldhead turned red and I heard burst of laughers.

I know for a fact that he gives thousands of dollars to American institutions but has never contributed a dime to any Iranian cause and I should know because I am always involved. My point is that I do not have to be nice and supportive of every Iranian when they just want to be Iranians when it is to their benefit. Screw them. I amaze me that people can be so ignorant to so many facts and think Bush is good for the country because he has morals!

By whose standards? I have agreed to join a few Iranians in my area who are working on behalf of Democratic Party. I was asked by the chairman of the chapter in my town to join as well. I am not crazy about John Kerry either but I will take anyone over Bush and Chaney. Yes Iranians need to be present in the political scene and try to have a voice bit should never compromise their principals.

Why would anyone would want to vote to a president who is going to treat us like criminals because ewe are of Middle eastern national origin? Does the fact that we have American passports and citizenship makes us really safe? Of course not. Let's support those who join a party because in their heart they believe it would be good for the nation not because that party is popular. Finally let's get out and vote. That is how we can make a difference also.

Azam Nemati


* Tell him to mind his own business

In response to an open letter to Nelson Mandela [Remind them] on the eve of his trip to Iran, which was later cancelled:

Well it's wishful thinking on your part that Winston Mandela should talk the prison doors open in Iran. Firstly why is he visiting? Would he visit Chile, say, if Chile were run by General Pinochet? Would he be kindly asked to put in a good word with the General for the political prisoners there? He would not even think of going, so why is he going to Iran: because they're on the same side of the political fence, Left.

It's alright it seems for left-wing, "revolutionary" regimes to beat and maim and kill, because it's all in a good cause, the progress of the masses. Frankly you should be writing a message asking him to mind his own business and go visit another friend of his, that thieving little shit Mugabe, and ask him to moderate himself, or better still, get lost.. "It is a great honor to write to you etc.." Is it? What rubbish.

And allow me to suggest the idea that Nelson Mandela came out of prison to a world thankfully rid of the Soviet Union, which made mischief making for glorious revolutionaries like Mandela more difficult, and compromise more convenient and inevitable.

Alidad Vassigh


* Esfehooni Boroumands

IranianDotCom is riddled with 'wise guys'. Some are nice, some nasty. This one is neither [Hamid's blog]. I can see why Hamid Boroumand finds it amusing to write about himself, his family, and their political/religious likes and dislikes. Egocentric behaviour seems to be a family trend among Esfehooni Boroumands (more later). But as to why he thinks that others must find it amusing too, is beyond me. So, I thought to add a little spice to his otherwise bland 'wise-crackers'.

A cursory read of his e-mail collection, reveals a newly gained pro-Islamic bias in our Molla Hamid (quoting from an English Quran or signing off with a very Akhundi ending, "Va salam").

I must admit that even by the standards of the self-proclaimed 'khans' this is an original trait. And on the same topic of 'khans' to which HB affiliates himself, as if we haven't had enough of the Qajari 'mirzas' and their claims to nobility, we now have to suffer the pretensions of these recent entries into the crowded Bazaar of the Iranian 'aristocracy.'

And Bazaar IS where the Esfehooni Boroumands originated from, hence Molla Hamid's attraction to Akhundi soundbites' given the mollas and Bazaaris being age old bedfellows. If HB who is aspiring to fame and familial pedigree had collected his data from the history books instead of eavesdropping on the 'manghal-vafoor' chats of their elders, he would have learned that there has never been even a semblance of aristocracy, in Iran. Those who make such claims know nothing of the meaning of the word aristocracy in the first place.

What is amusing about Esfehooni Boroumands is their rush and insistence on being known as khans. I know of one such characters who added the title of 'khan' as his passport's middle name and even enrolled, in his late forties, in a riding school to learn horse riding as this was supposed to be a khan-like skill.

Moreover, the inconsistencies of Molla Hamid's spiritual and political beliefs are quite noteworthy. While he has no hesitation to refer himself and an unheard of family as khans, our Molla Hamid drops the official title of the Shah from Reza Shah's name (he was indeed a Khan before becoming the Shah) and describes his confiscation of lands from the landowners as "qasb,(ghasb)"!

Perhaps one should remind our Molla Hamid (with all his democracy pretensions) that his fore fathers' ownership of the same lands was not by divine decree but by oppression and exploitation of the same peasants who were freed from the yoke of fuedality by the land reforms and redistribution of land deeds by the Pahlavi kings. The same Shahs allowed Esfehooni Boroumands to keep their share of their treasured Shahinshahr (despite protests from such legitimate workers as Essna-Ashari and many more), play host to visiting dignitaries and indeed get elected to the Majles.

None of these privileges were accorded to them under the Islamic Republic. So when HB demands the return of their 'family lands', he should remember that these lands were ghasbi too but their ghaasebs were knwon as Boroumands.




I am not sure how you choose and publish some of the articles on your site but you haven't even published one article I send to you. Now you may say that my article wasn't interesting enough or any other reason, either way it is not worse than some of your writers like Hamid Boroumand blog or blogshit.

Sorry the language but I just don't get it. So I hope you good luck with your world famous writers and I may considering to open a site and call it and have some of your writers write for it.

Have a nice day



* You filthy bullies!

Dear President Bush and UN's Kofi Anan:

Iran is not looking to get their hand on a nuclear weapon. I am an American and know why Iran is eager to get nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. You people in the U.N. and the U.S. government are just plain stupid.

I invite you to visit Tehran. Tehran is a dirty place with a lot of pollution. We are soon going to change Tehran's name to "Smog-ran". We have too much smog there.

As an American I am outraged at your accusations. Our muslim priests known to you as mullahs are peaceful people who pray 5 times a day to their God, "Allah". President Bush and Mr. Kofi Anan you should be ashamed of yourself.

I think you people are bullies. Why don't you go fight China? I know why, because China has over a billion people. The Chinese will beat you senseless. You go after Iran because after 8 years of war with that filthy Saddam insane you think Iranians are weak. You are wrong we will kick you in your heads. You filthy bullies!

Kofi Annan you forget you are from Africa and you are no better than an Iranian. You are a 3rd world man yourself. As for President Bush, he's from Texas and everyone knows people in Texas sleep with their sisters. Those filthy Cowboys. I damn them to filthy hell. Hey, you "Howdy" man Bush: "you are a bully cowboy".

Why don't you make peace with Iran. All you want to do is war and kill people's mothers. What have you done for Afghanistan and Iraq. Those places are in total anarchy. President Bush you should be ashamed of yourself. The only nice person in Texas I know of is Sarah Shahi and she is the grandchild of an Iranian. So you backwards cowboy bullies should behave yourself. Shame on you President Bush. Shame on you!

New York City 


* Life without a country

I loved this story despite the fact that main character was a Crown Cannibal's supporter [The golden years]. This story evokes so much compassion and sorrow reminding the reader of the desperate life some of these people lead without a country.

This thought has always frightened me but at the same time has always reinforced my decision that I want to live where I belong and do not want to grow old speaking another language, and looking at buildings that do not make me feel any emotional attachment.

I can truly understand the fear of some of the people related to the old regime but so many older people live here and are being wasted away because they have to take so many pills for various illnesses which no doubt in my mind stems from being heart broken. They do have a choice. This story should have been more detailed.

I liked the reminiscing part which all of us can relate to but there should have been more tales of the character's involvement with the previous regime and why at the ripe age old of 60 , one could not work up the courage to take the risk and go back to where he wants to be and where he belongs no matter how short of a period.

Mr. Parsa you should write more stories capturing the sorrows of homelessness and the sense of loss. No amount of money or material possession can ease the pain for a true Iranian.

Azam Nemati


* New imperialism by our own founding fathers

Dear Dr. Sadri,

This morning, I read your article with great interest [Surviving our own follies]. I just wanted to reconcile the different accounts of history in the short references between your article and mine in Persian [Farzaanegi]:

The following paragraph is taken from "A short history of the world" by H.G. Wells:

"The Persian Empire of Darius I, the first of the new Aryan empires in the seat of the old civilizations, was the greatest empire the world had hitherto seen. It included all Asia Minor and Syria, all the old Assyrian and Babylonian empires, Egypt, the Caucasus and Caspian regions, Media, Persia, and it extended into India as far as the Indus. Such an empire was possible because the horse and rider and the chariot and the made-road had now been brought into the world. Hitherto the ass and ox and the camel for desert use had afforded the swiftest method of transport. Great arterial roads were made by the Persian rulers to hold their new empire, and post horses were always in waiting for the imperial messenger or the traveler with an official permit. Moreover the world was now beginning to use coined money, which greatly facilitated trade and intercourse. But the capital of this vast empire was no longer Babylon. In the long run the priesthood of Bel Marduk gained nothing by their treason. Babylon though still important was now a declining city, and the great cities of the new empire were Persepolis and Susa and Ecbatana. The capital was Susa. Nineveh was already abandoned and sinking into ruins."

Like you noted, Persian Empire was not the first empire of the world, and I did not mean it was. But it was the First Great Empire of the world. That is what I wanted to emphasize. The key note is the foundation of a new imperialism by our own founding fathers (Persian Rulers) that its infrastructure remained to be, and still is, the building block of almost every empire afterwards.

I also wrote an article in relation to terrorism, but apparently Mr. Javid has shelved it for future use!  Maybe I should send him a note because it is quite possible it was trashed during khaneh takani!

Mohamad Purqurian


* Help me understand fascination with Palestinian thugs

Dear Dr. Afrasiabi, [More prudence]

An educational article; you have made a case for Iran to be viewed more as a partner in peace (not with Israel) and less as a terror menace. Thank you for the job well done.

A couple of points and a well deserved observation (not often made).

* Who is threatening Iran?
* Why is Iran feeling insecure?

You did not expand on either of these two cases nor offered any solution (Islamic Bomb perhaps?) leaving the reader(s) hungering for more solid information.

As for the right of Palestinians being trampled-a not too settle a jab at Israel and the US: That sounds, suspiciously, like an anti-Semitic excise. By that I mean there's nothing I know about Palestinian terrorists and Saddam/PLO axis during Iran/Iraq war, that is hidden from you, yet "you" lament the injustice of Palestinian plight and ignore the injustice of Israelis suffering Palestinian terror.

Following that logic and listening to the rhetoric, I have resigned myself to believing Iranians like you consider soldiers killed at the hands of Palestinians thugs were and are expendable.

Only thing remaining is this: Help me, Dr. Afrasiabi, understand the fascination with Palestinian thugs and goons shown by Iranians. A solid majority of Iranians is so blessed. Why am I, a Muslim Iranian, not so blessed? like you , like Karrubi, and like Rafsanjani et. al. who "get it"?

Do you suggest that I first suspend my I.Q. then join the ranks of enlightened? But I agree with the rest of your comments; rapprochement is good. Hope Colin Powell reads and favors your article.

Happy Now Ruz; Happy Thoughts.

Parviz Rastgaran


* Piled high & deep

The article is the biggest bunch of rubbish I have ever read. The next thing Dr. Afrasiabi will contend is that the Islamic Republic is the champion of human rights! 

Dr. Afrasiabi, you leave me no alternative other than to believe that your 'Ph.D' stands for 'Piled High & Deep'. 

Babak Kalhor


* Your letter is a shame

Dear Mr. PHD Afrasiabi, [More prudence]

I dare to say that after Gen. Hossein Fardoust (Do you know who he was?) & another PHD, Dr. Ebrahim Yazdi, (The permanent CIA agent in Iran) you are another traitor to our beloved home land.

I abhor the people, who are educated in the American, CIRCUS, Universities & got a degree of PHD, therefore they think that the rest of us who got our proper education & degrees from other Universities, some where else, are just no good, nobody, or do not stand up to your PHD's!? If you think that by adding a PHD after your signature, you can either impress or fool others, then you really deserve your PHD.

I assume that due to that PHD, you have closed your eyes & ears to the reality. It seems that you do not hear the constant, desperate cries of our people, coming out of our beloved land, every single day.

They do not want any thing of, either ISLAMIC, or even REPUBLIC. They oppose so-called REFORMISTS, or MELI MAZHABY (Contradiction in Terms). They oppose every thing that has taken place in our country after the disastrous Foreign Instigated, Events of 1979.

Put aside your PHD, open your eyes & ears, listen to what our oppressed people want, (if, at all you still consider yourself, one of them).

Read the article right under your own by Mr. Bahmani, & release your self from you inner DONKEY. [Release your inner donkey]

Your letter to Mr. Powell, the American Secretary of State, is a shame & betray to all our sisters, brothers, fathers & mothers, who are trapped in our beloved land, who yearn to get rid of your ISLAMIC REPUBLIC, one way or the other.

At the same time, Happy NOROUZ to you, if you feel that you are an Iranian.

H. Hakimi,


* Rubbing shoulders with Jamalzadeh

Dear Behrouz,

Thank you very much for your correct & thoughtful article. [Release your inner donkey] I just loved it. To my opinion you can easily rub shoulders with our late famous writer, JAMALZADEH.

We do need to release our inner selves from DONKEY.

H. Hakimi,


* Still smiling

I absolutely loved and enjoyed the funny article "Release your inner donkey" by Behrouz Bahmani. I am still smiling remembering it.

Thanks Behrouz :)

Arman Nosrati


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