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March 2004

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* Gut feelings

The 1979 Khomeini revolution which should be considered "SECOND ARAB INVASION" of Iran did not happen overnight [Hindsight]. The western powers had very strong desire to prevent expansion of communism to the warm waters of Persial Gulf. and since Shah's regime was build like an upside-down pyramid that could topple anytime what better barrier than ISLAM .

Do you remember that several weeks before Shah's departure a high ranking American General came to Iran to tell Iranian general that US will not back a military coup d'etat. I have a gut feeling that Khomeini's exile in NAJAF was supervised and protected by Western powers for possible use in the future. and Khomeini double-crossed them as did Osama bin Laden sincerely

S. Rafi 


* I still agree

Remember your editorial "Shah bee Shah" about 2 years
ago? It was great.

I still agree with that one.

Shirin Vazin


* We have to undo all the damage

Dear Mr. Ghafari,

Thank you very much for your very much needed article remembering that very distinguished Iranian Personality, Nassrolah Entezam. [Entezam's story] It is a high time that the new Iranian generation is fed with facts about their glorious past.

We have to undo all the damages the communists & ultra left, pseudo INTELLECTUALS had done to our country & have tarnished the reputation of the Iranian personalities.

I wished you would have included, the sad end of Nassrollah Entezam, who was arrested by the Mullahs goons & put to clean the WC of the Prison that HE was inmate for no reason?!

This is an eternal shame for the Iranian Nation as a whole.

H. Hakimi,


* See the big picture

In response to "Entezam's story":

Well, it's nice to see yet another self-hater jabber on, stating mis-statements such as "It should be of no surprise that Iran 'The pariah' would never be able to duplicate its glorious past." Personally, I hope Mr. Ghaffari is not among the future generation who will get to run the country.

The Qajars, the Pahlavis, or the mullahs: it doesn't matter, it's not them who make the heros of Iran. If memory slips Mr. Ghaffari, maybe I can rejuggle it for him to remind him about the Takhti incident?? Did he forget the Mossadeq conspiracy?? Stop bashing and start to see the big picture.

S. Hesam H.


* Adopting a child from Iran?

I would like to get some information, if you have any, on adopting a child from Iran. I am an Iranian with dual citizenship for U.S. My husband and I would love to adopt a child from Iran but don't have a clue where to start. Any information/help would be greatly appreciated.

Shideh Izadi-Haddad


* Kerry's priority: Iranians

Dear Senator Kerry,

We the Students For Democracy in Iran strongly urge you to return the hefty contributions by the agents of Iran's repressive regime. We have read in Washington Times, March 1, 2004, your poor excuse and total disregard of the evidence that Susan Akbarpour has worked for the Islamic Republic of Iran until 1998 and is actively lobbying for this terrorist government. Your priority should be with the freedom loving people of Iran not the enemies of freedom in Iran and their paid agents.

Ali Zahedi


* Pride kept Iranians from collapse

In reply reaction to "Nothing more":

Is Ben your Iranian or Persian given name?

I have to say that your statement is complete rubbish. I actually want those minutes back that it took to read your statement. Is your story is based upon one conclusion, or a constant experience with characters that you have surrounded yourself with?

One thing that is expected from you as an Iranian or Persian or Ben you call yourself is self-pride. Pride is not an object that is given to you. It's an understanding of who you are and what you stand for. You develop that over time. If you are uncomfortable with who you are then you should call yourself Ben and take what little Iranian or Persians have left. It's your duty to defend and educate your surroundings on Iranians and Persian. We have accomplished far too much to fade into history.

Pride so far has kept Iranian or the Persian people from total collapse. One thing Iranians are guilty of is passion, but you got to understand that it's more than ok to have passion and pride for where you came from. This world is too grand with so many people that all we have in common is the soil, which our fathers and mothers have fought, lived and died on for thousands of years.

Please understand that history does recognize the Greeks and they have been credited for their accomplishments. Question any non-Iranian, to name a few of the greatest civilization of all time. The Persians will not be named more that half the time. It‚s your duty to educate the masses that have misunderstood and that we have made tremendous contributions to the society in which we live in today, through out the world.



* Not the center of universe

Dear Mr. Madadai, [Nothing more]

I'm totally agreed with what you said in your article! Many other brilliant civilizations have existed and even in the past, the Iranians were not the center of universe. I'm also agreed that claiming orally our superiority is even worse than thinking it! 

Now I was asking myself if the Chinese civilization - which is more ancient than our's -  was or was not more advanced than our's? Do you have any idea about this subject? Because, as you said, not much remained from the Mesopotamian civilizations but the Chinese one is still alive.

It would be interesting to know what our ancestors thought about the Chinese civilization and wether they admitted that the Chinese had an advanced civilization ...

Azadeh Alavi


* The only problem we have

I have a two comments for the article "Nothing more" that is written by Mr. Ben Mahdadi. The author in this article has claimed that he is Iranian: "...I, as an Iranian, have a few arguments that should go against any such thought of superiority...."

First of all, I cannot remember anyone with a first name "BEN", I've ever met in Iran. For a guy with a foreign name, claiming to be an Iranian sounds weird.

Second, Iranians have no problem with Greeks and other nations. the only problem we have is Arabs. Regardless of events, we have in our history, comparing a daily life between these two nations makes everyone to admit that Arabs are not familiar with a truly human culture.

Sohraab Soltani


* Gave me a what I should expect

Salam Mahyar,

Very nice writing, I enjoyed a lot reading your notes (Both parts) regarding your trip to Iran. I am planning to go to Iran after 25 years. Your notes gave me a good picture of what should I expect to see. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

Happy New Year

Mahmoud Barati


* I speak Al-Arabiyah?

Congratulation for your rich, culturally balanced site. If you don't mind, I have a comment. In Iranian Personals, the word "Farsi" is mentioned instead of "Persian".

I am sure you know Farsi is Arabic word of Parsi in our native language, and the correct English equivalent of it, is Persian (means related to Persia). Farsi does not have any meaning in English, and grammatically wrong to use it, although some are using. Isn't funny if an Arab says" I speak Al-Arabiyah?

Maziar Sakhai, MD


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