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March 2004

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* Clerical nazis

In reply to "Suspicious silence" (Yassin's assasination)

I will break the silence and state, loud and clear, that it is a massive shame that Sheikh Yassin could only be killed once. Far from being a pious old man in a wheel chair, he was yet another of those monster's biding for the prize of being Satan's agent on earth.

Sheikh Yassin, like his brethren Khomeini, Bin Laden and other blinkered fanatics, was guilty of soiling the good name of Islam. Up until 25 years ago Islam could boast 12 centuries of magnificent contributions to art, mathematics, philosophy, poetry, civilization, and most of all, tolerance. Thanks to these clerical nazis, Islam's fine teachings have been dragged through the mud, spreading fear, hatred and mistrust where before there was harmony.

Sheikh Yassin, like his afore named bed fellows above, was guilty of abusing his position as spiritual leader to drag his people down an alleyway of violence with no way out. Every suicide bombing was yet another nail in the coffin of a future Palestinian state. He offered his people hope by pitching them into the depth of hopelessness.

And Sheikh Yassin was a leading terrorist of the worst sort. Israel takes action against terror groups and they avoid deliberately slaughtering civilian bystanders, the latter being the tactic favoured by the cowardly leadership of Hamas and ultimately Yassin himself.

And if the reader still thinks that Israel is a terrorist state then imagine what would happen were Israel headed by a Jewish equivalent of Sheikh Yassin; the Palestinian issue would be solved in ONE DAY by nuclear bombardment of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Thank God that these Islamic nazi's don't (yet) have access to the red button, for they would push it with relish and turn us all, and their own followers, into radioactive ash.

Much as I sympathise with the long suffering and ill lead Palestinian people, and grieve over the sorrowful state of the Islamic world today, I feel that Israel and Sharon should be thanked for being brave and dispatching Yassin to his overdue grave. Far from being a blow against Islam, Yassin's removal is another step towards Islam's eventual return to "bismilaheh rahmaneh rahim" (in the name of God, the most MERCIFUL and COMPASSIONATE).

And finally, why is there grieving for Yassin's death? Did Sharon not make him a martyr? Is Martyr Yassin not in Paradise, enjoying 50 fresh virgins a day, resting his tired soul, and satisfying all his needs and more? An old cripple, troubled by what he saw in life, is now free of his earthly bonds and in Paradise! A cause for celebration I say. So why so much grief?

I guess that deep down they suspect that Yassin was a "pedar soukhteh" and is rotting in hell! It certainly troubles me that the great Prophet Mohamed should share Paradise with filth like Yassin and his ilk.

Siroos Khoshhal


* Clear message to terrorists

Assassination of Yassin is good for everybody [Decoy duck]. It sends a clear message to the terrorists across the Muslim world (including the ones in Iran) that it is the beginning of their end. What Sharon did to Yassin. although 25 years late, should have started in Iran just prior to the departure of the late Shah when it was requested by General Khosrowdad.

Sharon must continue on this road till all of the terrorists are annihilated for good. To eliminate the terrorist in Iran (akhoonds, bacheh akhoonds, and nocheh akhoonds), US must resort to force. Yes, massive bombardments of the following sites and people:

1) Mashahd
2) Qom
3) All the Mosques
4) All Emamzadehs
5) The Ghoombolazeem (Somewhere between Qom and
6) The Majles
7) All those whose first name or last name include Muhammd, Ali, Hassan, Hossian, and the rest of the Koskesh 12 Emams,
8) 80% of the population.

Abbas Aghamohammadi


* Free Javid Naghani!

I just read the news about Mr. Javid Naghani. He was convicted to 33 months in prison for being drunk and smoking on an American plane.

Mr. Naghani, according to the article, is an Iranian from Los Angeles who was traveling to Toronto. The flight attendants verbally abused him, even called him a "filthy sand nigger". This is racism.

Then he was convicted for unruly conduct in an airplane and put in prison for 33 months. What is this? What are they going to do next? Are they going to put us, sons of Iranian immigrants in ovens? Where is justice?

Free Mr. Javid Naghani! This is a violation of his civil rights. Where is NIAC? Where are the Iranians? Where are the sons and grandsons of Iranian immigrants to protect him? A threat to an Iranian anywhere is a threat to Iranians everywhere! Free Mr. Javid Naghani. At most just fine him and let him go home. This is totally unfair.

New York City


* He's not stupid. He's a guy

Jesus Christ Mitra!! What is your point? [Guys are stupid] Iranian guys are bad and Indians are better due to your vast and pains-taking research of ONE OF EACH? Give me a break. I'm sorry to be harsh on you, since I guess you're quite young, but pull your head out of your ass.

You went out with one Iranian guy, for four weeks, slept with him, listened to his "bad jokes", and then decided he was stupid? It took you, a non-stupid, PERRRRRRSIAN PRINCES, four fucking weeks to figure out this guy was "STUPID"? Do you see where I'm getting at? Who do you think is smarter between you two?

To clear one specific point for you who does not know your own heritage: Indians, are just as much as an Arian race as you and I are! News flash girl, I know! We are descendent of the same group of people who migrated to India then to today's Iran.

You are one frustrated, pissed off, moronic, typical Iranian girl, who's got her head filled with myths and fairy tails about tall, dark, and handsome, coming along with a white horse to sweep you off of your feet. Keep waiting!

Just because a guy wants to stick his dick in you and run, doesn't make him stupid. It makes him a guy. You women need to wake up and realize (not realise, smart girl) that's how most men are.

I'm sure your Indian gentleman wants to see you naked just as much as the guy next door or Majid. Talk to some older girl-friends to get a clue about guys. Maybe next time, they don't get you sizzling so much!!

You mention about thinking that you could change him! Oh my God, you're dumb. What the hell makes you think you can change a guy? What gives you permission to change another human being for your benefit? And after you've changed him, if you had, what makes you think you would like a changed man?

My last news flash, young one, you will never find the "RIGHT" one. You don't even know what a right one looks like. With the attitude you're carrying and lack of knowledge about life, which is not uncommon in youth, you have to wait a long time for the "right" one. I don't know what makes you think that the "right" one is going to pick you. He's going after someone a lot smarter, prettier, and lot less bitchy than you!

hamid bakhsheshi


* Not all so "bisharm"

Very recently I read Mitra's article yes the "Guys are stupid" and I must admit it was a big mistake to read it in the morning because it managed to ruin my entire day. I just can't believe that a person, specially a Persian girl who seems so proud of her roots, can be so rude and so selfish and so -- simply put -- stupid! She did not like this dude but yet she did sleep with him!

I was also shocked to see that you even bothered to put that insulting article on the website! I was very much dissapointed, beacuse of all the different Persian web-sites on the Internet, I considered to have its own "class"; I am a very proud Iranian girl, and I was very ashamed and embarrassed when my father read that article, because she wrote as if she was a representative of Iranian women!

Now after a few days, once again I was amazed to see her second article; you would think she had learned her lesson after getting so many enraged replies from the Iranian community world wide [Use your brain]! But no she is even worst now! I mean how dare she, a girl who seems to have hit the puberty hormones a bit too late, give herself the right such outrageous articles, ridiculing not only Iranian men, but also Iranian women, and most importantly Iranian values? And then she says "I am not a Bad girl".

Well here's what I think, putting it into her own words "you are way past the bad girl, you are past the horny teenager limit, it seems that you have achieved the state of a whore, a good damn moda fuckin one too."

It's just a shame to know that many non-Iranians have and will be reading this article. I just hope they won't think that all Iranian women are so "bisharm".

Anna. M.

P.S. I do apologize for the part with the nasty Mitra-like language.


* Aussie education

Let the article "Guys are stupid" be a warning to any parent thinking of sending their children to be educated in Australia.

"My English is not very good": you said it, dear. if you were to spend on reading the time you must surely devote to squeezing into tight jeans and dying your hair green every Saturday night, you would surely become one of the century's prominent women of letters.

Alidad Vassigh


* Sexy garbage

I do respect the freedom of speech, however I believe that "quality" should also be considered in order to publish an article . The two recent articles by "Mitra" called "Guys are stupid" and "Use your brain" are not worthy of being published in a website with so many viewers.

I have come to the conclusion that Mr Javid will publish any garbage written by women as long as some level of sexuality is expressed. I strongly suggest Mr Javid gets layed before choosing the articles to publish!!

I also wonder if the auditor of thinks that publishing  insults towards men shows a high level of "intellectuality"?  I am sure he would think twice about his image and that of his online magazine before pusblishing an article called "WOMEN are stupid" or "Use your brain" addressed to women.

Ali NR


* Deserved the dickhead

For the first time in my life I simply said "Mitra khanoum you absolutely deserved the dickhead" and that is coming from an Iranian who truly defines feminism (but I do not hate men and do not think they are to blame for all of our ills) and has been around for too long. [Guys are stupid]

You even have shitheads as friends otherwise, why would a friend knowingly introduce you to a man that considers his major accomplishments having screwed many women? I will be willing to bet that Mr. Majeed has had very few sexual encounters. How do I know? A true man never discusses his sexual past and never gives intimate details.

You are not a feminist or even a woman who has an ounce of respect for yourself otherwise; you would have walked out the minute he started talking about his imaginary conquests.

I hate to break this to you but we have an Iranian expression that says "khalayegh ancheh layegh" which means people get what they deserve.

Instead of lashing out at "Persian Men" because you lack wisdom, class, or much of personality (I am willing to bet $100 on that) and $1,000 bet that you are not much of a looker either, look in the mirror and do not insult the Iranian women's intelligence.

You must not be very intelligent either otherwise; you would never compare Iranian men to Indians. For God's sake these men who still smell like curry, and put coconut oils in their hair with their high tech jobs give the task of finding their mates to a Match Maker in some remote village in India. The majority of educated Iranian men look for an equally educated woman with other credentials.

How dare you call people from "south of Tehran" low class! I know many highly educated, cultured and wonderful Iranians from Payeene Shahr and I take those men and women over some of the boring, stupid, uncultured "balayeh Shahr" Iranis any time.Let's face it even the Indian guy who has to body build (in case you live in a cave, most men who body build have shortcomings elsewhere my dear!) who is all that, does not want you. Duh!!

Do us a favor; do not experiment with Iranian men because you attract what seems to be the worst (they must think you are their soul mates).

As for Brother Majeed, he may be a dickhead but he certainly knows his type so don't try to belittle him when you are the one worthy of the kind of treatment you got.

My dad will be very disappointed in my statements as a woman but then again I must speak the truth.

Azam Nemati


* This is what happens when you have a revolution

I really find it degrading for us Iranians to see low life people like Mitra (Massoumeh?) are allowed to publish trashy articles on your web site! [Guys are stupid] One wasn't enough, and now you publish more of this disgraceful woman! I was shocked when I read her article! You cannot call yourself Iranian, unless you behave like one! I feel pity for this confused woman!

This is what happens, when you have a revolution and you create a bunch confused youth who don't know anything about their own culture and try to be the worst of the western culture! In a western culture Mitra (disgracing this beautiful name) is a slot and she only might have been allowed to write for porn magazines, not on Iranian. Com!

Who is the editor?



* Grow up first

My dear Iranian female, [Guys are stupid]

I really think you need to take a look at your self (as evident by your thoughts, values and writing) before start judging others. There are just as many stupid Iranian men as there are stupid Iranian females (I am a female and I have seen a lot of us being/acting as dumb as we could be).

I wonder why you would even let a guy start a conversation with you about how he did with other girls. Take a look at your own actions. You called your self a feminist. I think that is sad that you and people like you are the ones trying to stand up for me. I am an Iranian woman, I think there are good and bad in every culture and race and you should be with the one whom you understand the most.

For me that would be an Iranian man, if you think your Indian friend suits you better, you should go for him. Just the fact you are sitting here judging all Iranian men with one date with one guy tells me how mature and subjective you are. Grow up first, and then try to represent other females as a feminist."

Another Iranian female


* It aint right

I am not writing a critique of the article called 'Guys are stupid' written by ... who cares. I would like to say that I have very often read very nice well-thought and intellectually challenging writings on but also some rather average ones, but I got shocked when I saw this article, containing phrases such as "When I was with Majeed he tried flushing a condom down the toilet. He comes back in the room and he goes: damn, the friggin condom aint going down!"

I understand that some articles may contain rather strong language but this is somewhat like something I would never read. The writer frankly acknowledges that she slept with whoever very quickly within whatever time frame. I am not condemning her doing so but I am honestly not interested in reading these things because there are other issues much more ardent and important around us, and much less pornographic.

I am not even against pornography as such but I don't think it is right to put such poor and worthless articles alongside some very good ones. In the long run this policy may draw out the well-thought articles and may become full of poor content, full of strong language and pornography!

This is what I think. This girl's writing is not worth criticising but's decision to publish such a worthless cntent is definitely worth criticising. I appreciate your works but I hope you see my point as a possible productive criticism rather than any bad intention.



* Complete opposite of Majid

Dear Mitra, [Guys are stupid]

Sorry to hear about your experience with Majid, but I must say not all Iranian guys are like that. I live in the US and I met my very Iranian boyfriend of two years when I was an undergrad.

You can take Pasha's name out of your article and insert my boyfriend's name in there (except that my bf is emotionaly available and open and does want a girl friend, me:)). I also have a lot of other guy friends who are Iranian and are the complete opposite of Majid.

I guess what I'm trying to say is don't dismiss all Iranian guys as being stupid, there are lots of good ones out there and believe me they don't have much respect for the likes of Majid, either.

N Azadeh


* Lots in common

First of all, there are so many GOOD Persian Boys and many BAD Persian Girls [Guys are stupid]. One is not the representative of a nation.

Second, you said so much about how bad this guy is and yet you spent 4 weeks with him and had sex with him.

What does that make you? Don't you think you have a lot in common with him?

Think about it...



* Acting dumb

Abjee raas meegee: "Guys are stupid". Khodaa-vakeelee please add "chicks are dumb."

First of all, be glad that an Iranian man (marde-eeroonee) even gave you the time of day.  Khodaa-vakeelee we have women hanging from us and frankly too busy to deal with losers like you...

The insecurity of a typical single woman is evident to everyone, after all "Why am I not taken yet?!" No wonder she can be played so easily, especially Iranian women in the West (where the 6 foot blond is society's model of "beautiful").

I know for a fact that a man's intelligence is equal to a woman's.  Sometimes I wonder why a woman's insecurity makes her act like an idiot. So why does she pretend like she can get the upper-hand?

This is why some act dumb.

Take a moment to brows through the personals. Take a look at the ladies. They appear like a bunch of morons. Some how we are supposed to be woo-ed by their crappy responses.

Don't worry.  Everything will be OK abjee...

Just go ahead with your "confidence" and wear that cute short skirt you bought last week when you went shopping with your best friend (Sakeeneh) last weekend.

Show some legs and marry the first rich guy that "notices" you.

Of course a month from now he will be one of the many "jerks" that you dated...

Let's not forget:
A man's intelligence is equal to a woman's.

With love,
Dash Vahid
(28 year old marde-Eeroonee looking for that special Batool)

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