September 2006
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September 11


Insults my intelligence

In response to Guive Mirfendereski's "No thank you":


I supported Khatami 8 to 10 years ago, when I thought he would reform Iran and Shia sect.,  Moreover, I was hoping that he would try to get rid of Velaiat-e-faghih. I fanaticized that he might be the Gorbechov of Islamic republic.

I believe not only that he preserved, but also he fooled everyone about what Islamic Republic moderates were all about.

How a man who travels with airplane can wear the head and gear of the days when people used to travel with donkeys, horses, and camels. I believe turbans, capes, beards and etc. were used to protect one from wind, sun and sand when traveling on donkeys. Unfortunately, today mullahs have made this type of clothing sacred. As if ones clothing and length of his beard determines how moral and righteous one is!

Mr. Khatami, the intellectual man of Islamic Republic, simply insults my intelligence. Today, this man has the audacity to go around the world to give speeches so that human kind learn from his lessons. It is funny to me that he could not even change the outfit of a mullah, and make him dress like a CEO of 21 century so at least his cape doesn’t get in the way when searching for his sit on an airplane. Khatami is superficial. Even if he was a real intellectual he does not have the valor to make any significant changes to shia Islam to bring it forward to 21 century. All and all, he just makes cosmetic changes just like his version of cape, turbans and beards and mustache.



On a mission

In response to Guive Mirfendereski's "No thank you":

I am impressed. What a great way to express realities. Of course what we know is always half the truth. Mr. Khatami is responsible for the defeat of reforms and disillusion of millions of Iranians ultimately creating conditions for the most backward fanatic militants (formerly street gangs) to come to power. He is, of course, not here to visit friends or make a speech. He is most likely on a mission by his boss, Mr. Khamnei to negotiate a deal with the US and there comes the US government involvement and the special treatment. Mr. Khamnei must be getting cold feet these days by his serious rivals and is trying to cover himself.



Face of Islamic moderation

In response to Guive Mirfendereski's "No thank you":

Dear Guive,

I must say, I expected more of you. As important as it may be, showing "solidarity" with Iranian American immigrants is hardly the most pressing cause right now. The greatest threats to Iranians are not the hassles of finger printing, but the severe discomfort of being bombed to death by American planes in the near future. Khatami is an out-of-power symbol who doesn't "represent" much in Iran, perhaps he never did. But in America he's the "smiling" face of Islamic moderation. He's someone not afraid to say "we don't want to kill Jews" or "we accept a two state solution," things Americans never hear on Cable news.



Not any more brutal than the Shah's regime

In response to Guive Mirfendereski's "No thank you":

I agree with Mr. Mirfendereski about Khatami's ties with current regime. I also agree that recent treatment of Iranians coming to the US with valid visa was disgraceful. But the sad fact is that the current regime is not any more brutal than the Shah's regime. The regime that Mr. Mirfendereski likes to defend (referring to his recent writing about his fat cat cousin could not bring imperial flag to the soccer stadium in Europe and his immature and silly comments about Dr. Mossadegh). I am sure at the time of Iran's nationalization of oil Mr. Mirfendereski with silver spoon in his mouth was not paying any attention as to who was the real leader behind Iran's nationalization of oil . It was not Shah.

As for treating Mr. Khatami with courtesy, I like to remind Mr. Mirfenderski that they used to welcome Shah with 21 gun salutes. At the time that Iran and the US are in loggerhead over Iran's nuclear development, letting Mr. Khatami in and treating him with respect was in my opinion the first and only rational thing that GW administration has done in the past six years.



I am no more a fan of you, sir

In response to Guive Mirfendereski's "No thank you":

Mr Mirfenderski,

Until reading your short article on Mr Khatami, I used to adore your judgement on world politics and personalities....

May be I had not read enough of your articles...

I am no more a fan of you, sir, I appreciate no more your judgements....




I would not party with those people

In response to Guive Mirfendereski's "No thank you":

this reminded me of the time when i was living in London and the Islamic Republic of Iran Embassy was ultra religious and was anti Norooz etc. A few years later they started sending me invitations to their Norooz parties which was now excepted.!!!!! I ignored them - i would not party with people who a few years before had killed my comrades.



PR agent

In response to Samira Mohyeddin's "Uncle Hossein":

With all due respect for Derakhshan (and not-so-dear Hossein, I have very little respect to spare for coffee shop radicals and the apologists of despotism who prefer to live in liberal democracies), there is little to add to Samira Mohyeddin's apposite reply other than this: Derakhshan sounds like some kind of PR agent or publicist financed by the Gestapo police of the regime he defends (Oh so subtly!)?

Alidad Vassigh


Please stop this visit for Christ's sake

In response to Siavash Abghari's cartoon, "Deeply dismayed"

Dear Honorable Rev. Peterson,

I am sorry to hear that you and your church has invited a criminal murderer such as Khatami to New York. Christ would be ashamed of this invitation. It is not too late to inform Khatami of your change of mind because Christ has opened your eyes and your heart to see the truth behind Khatami's visit. I.R is going to show off that even Christ himself is behind us and this visit. This man and his group of Mullahs are bunch of criminals wearing the Cloth. Please stop this visit for Christ's sake.

God bless America  



Khatami did his best

In response to Siavash Abghari's cartoon, "Deeply dismayed"

Where were you when they brought the Shah in this country and we demanded him back to stand trial and if found guilty be executed for his crimes against humanity?

Your hatred of Khatami is based on your hatred of Islam, not any love you have for Justice.

No one in Iran wants another bloody revolution (for that is what revolutions are, they are bloody). They want to reform within the system. Khatami did the best he could to bring "ideas" of reform into that system (that have carried over to the populist president Ahmadinejad of today).

Reform is an evolutionary process, not a revolutionary one. President Khatami has always been on the side of those who want to fix problems through diplomacy and dialogue. If radical-right people like you silence him, obviously the only voices we will have are those who want to fix problems with missiles and nukes (and I'm talking about the US government in this case).

Again, it is your hatred of Islam that makes you hate everything Islamic. Khatami wasn't anti-women. Even all the "torture" and "murder" rates you claimed were done by a branch of the government not in control by Khatami. However, it was Khatami that for the first time brought these branches to a level of accountability by exposing their crimes to the people.

Regarding the money you claim Khatami received, we all know that any confessions anyone makes out of torture is not valid in a court of law, and the people doing the torturing were the ones that hated the reformists.

Now, you can either be against humanity yourself, or you can believe in freedom of speech for a guy that has ideas of tolerance and dialogue rather than people like Bush and Bin Laden who only have a message of Cowboys and Indians.

Dariush Abadi


I thought you were really serious (just for a second)

In response to Jacob Cohen's "What will happen to Iran":

Jacob you are a very funny man, for a second (just a second) I thought you were really serious but then I realized that you were just being sarcastic.

Keep up the good work.



Jokers like this Jacob-boy

In response to Jacob Cohen's "What will happen to Iran":

I am really proud that we have such a free forum on Iranian.com even offering jokers like this Jacob-boy a channel for his genius and democratic ideas :-)



You have no right to demonize any people

In response to Jacob Cohen's "What will happen to Iran":

Firt, your name sounds like you are a Jewish. This is not to say that I am anti-Jew. In fact, I have had close relationship with many Jews and found them no worse or better than the followers of other religions.

Second, if your writing was meant to be a joke, it is a distasteful one as it makes no sense. If it is serious you seem to be ignorant of a lot of basic facts that responding to them would be an exercise in futility.

Third, you have no right to demonize any people including Iranians. This will offend the Iranians and further deepens the conflict between nations and religions. True Jews, true Moslems and true Christians are unifiers and not dividers as you appear to be in your writing. Personally, I often separate the account of the people from that of their governments.

Fourth, your suggestion tha we conquer Iran and make it the fifty first state of the US makes the least sense and is ourtight stupid. Don't you even know your contemporary history that Isreal has practically been the fifty first state of the US for a long time and the annual share of each Israeli family from the US taxpayers is about $150,000? Invest a small portion of that in educating the Moslems and we will not have Moslem-Jewish conflicts any more.

Ali A. Parsa, Ph.D.


Jewish hashish

In response to Jacob Cohen's "What will happen to Iran":

What have you been smoking, Mr. Cohen? Jewish hashish ? ! ! !



A simpleton American's answer to a complex problem

In response to Jacob Cohen's "What will happen to Iran":

Dear Sir,

Here we go again! A simpleton American's answer to a complex problem -- let's take over Iran and make it the 51st state! Since Iraq has turned out to be such a brilliant success story, definitely Iran ought to be next, eh?  Even if -- It is not that easy, hajji -- There is a constitutional process that must be engaged, consents must be obtained here in the US and in Iran -- not to mention the overcoming of the pissy attitudes of my Puerto Rican friends who have vied forever for that coveted 51st position to no avail.

The flag will have to be modified, distorted from its present symmetry. Besides, would anyone in this country want 70 million Eye-ranians running around as ready-made US citizens, displacing the Jews, and other groups as the new uber-minority group? Would you let your princess date one and then "submit" to him? Would you have your little boy mess with one of them, with a few ghyrati brothers looking on? The better solution is for the US to declare itself a province of Iran, at least peasants like you would be in more familiar rural surrounding, where many more people speak English than you think.

Guive Mirfendereski


Legal and peaceful means

In response to Jacob Cohen's "What will happen to Iran":

In response to Jacob Cohen, what Iranians have to avoid is to play into the hands of Israeli 5th column in America. Israeli 5th columnists like you have sold America down the river to Israelis. You are trying to make the Israel’s war America’s and you have done an excellent job. And you are trying to inflame Iranians especially American-Iranians to believe that America is their enemy. I have been living in America for more than 20 years and have seen nothing but kindness and generosity from Americans.

Unfortunately American executive and legislative branches are tightly controlled by Israeli lobby. That is why American tax money and blood is being spent for the sake of Israel. We, as Americans, have to change that through legal and peaceful means. We Iranians have the educational power and wealth in America to influence the American foreign policy.

God bless America and the difference between you and me is that I mean it

An American Irani,

Hossein Moein


And why not?

In response to Jacob Cohen's "What will happen to Iran":

As U.S. officials draft sanctions against Iran, there are a lot of unanswered questions. For instance, what will happen? What is the objective? Is it to prevent Iran from becoming nuclear? Is it for making Iran democratic?

The US can follow the steps it has taken for Iraq and Afghanistan. That means to get in and generate a civil war, literally lose thousands of soldiers, borrow money from different countries around the world to finance their "freedom" mission and shoot themselves in the foot not knowing what to do next!

They should also repeat that Iran is an "Evil" nation. Basically the suggestion here is to ignite the sense of "nationalism" in all Iranians so everyone in Iran unite, pick up a gun and kick more Yankee ass as the "freedom" war progresses!

The American government should equate Iran with Nazi Germany. The leaders of Iran, the people of Iran should all be demonized. (Good suicidal move indeed. Please see previous sentences and identify with the words Yankee and ass accordingly!!).

The Arab League, and specifically Iran's neighbors: Iraq, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Afghanistan should support Iran all the way. The Arab league knows that if they don't, they are next on the list. They still remember the six-day war and this should be their chance to get back to those who humiliated them in 67!

The European Union will be anything but help to Americans as they have so much to lose economically. Besides, how could they forget the humiliating remarks by Yankees throughout the years? The word in Europe is: FUCK THEM!

By the time the "freedom" mission takes place, Iraq is at the height of their civil war and Iran would be kind enough to unleash the beast and strike the last chop up. The prediction is that the Yankees would leave with their tails between their legs in a month or two. Suggestion: have a good supply of body bags and American flags handy. You will need it for delivering the corps back to US!

Turkey would not do a diddley to help US. They have their own dilemma with Islamists and unless they are willing to deal with the Kurdish rebels who are going to have the full support of Iran, or they would stay away from this fearing a sever retaliation!

Pakistan would have the identical problem and President Musharraf will seal his mouth and his borders and will play dead until this thing is over. That is "if" by that time Al Qaeda does not force Pakistanis to topple him from power!

Afghanistan by this time should be the stronghold of Al Qaeda once more (thanks to great policies of Mr. Bush and co), and will be anything but help. Plus they should never forget their Persian brothers!

Yankees also should disregard the aid through Armenia, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. I suggest the author of the original article to do his homework and tell us why they would not lend a hand to Yankees in the "freedom" war! Hopefully he will find the answer soon!

That leaves only Israel and may be England (And that's if Tony Blair does not get circumcised by the time this comedy takes place), to help the Yanks!

Meanwhile this is the best chance for Russia and China to also stablish their authority in the world. It is now or never for these nations. So far, Iran 6 US 0! 

I say; it will take about a year or two before Arab nations realize that this is their only opportunity to kick some Zionist ass and help Iran to fully give it to them. Hopefully with this set-up, we should be serving some Persian Fries in Tel Aviv by the summer of 2010.
And that's when the world cup takes place in South Africa!

I look forward to another good ass kicking by Iranian national team, when they face US in another historical match up in front of billions of people.

And hopefully I'll be watching that game while dining on Tehran Street in Haifa!

And why not?



I have a better idea

In response to Jacob Cohen's "What will happen to Iran":

Jacob Cohen:

Your facetious article is no more unrealistic than some of the articles appearing in iranian.com that support the totaltarian theocracy presently in power in Iran. However, I have a better idea; that is, an ancient Zoroastrian prophecy should come true.

Fourteen centuries ago, the last Zoroastrian princess of Yazd in central Iran was fleeing from Moslem fanatics intent on tearing her limb from limb. She vanished into the Mountain of the Sacred Spring in the Yazd desert, leaving only her clothes behind. According to Zoroastrian legend, when she returns, either in spirit or thru reincarnation or whatever, the religion of Iran will once again be Zoroastrianism.

This legend became the basis of my novel, The Return of Scheherazade. Read more about it from my website, BeckoningStar.com.

Eric Jerpe


No human logic

In response to Jacob Cohen's "What will happen to Iran":

Mr. Cohen:

As much as your comments are crazy, uninformed and biased and not worthy of a reply , but I just thought it may be useful to you learn some history.

Iran, once the cradle of civilization and a country with a magnificent history will never become part of anything or anywhere. Please study some history and you will see that in spite of all dominations by foreign countries, direct or indirect Iran has survived through the centuries.

If you were really clever and had the good intentions for Israel, you should suggest that Israel become the 51st state of the United States. After all there are so many good reasons for this including the end to all this bloodshed and chaos in the Middle East for the past 50 years.

The beautiful Persian language will never be stopped by anyone. Even Arab conquest and their influence on Persian literature for centuries could not obviate the Persian tradition and language.

I suggest you improve your knowledge of history and your human logic rather than promoting hatred and bigotry.

Iranians have never been anti-Jewish. Again study our history when our king Cyrus the Great pardoned all the captured Jews and gave them all the rights equal to others.

We have always lived with Jews in Iran as minorities and we never learned to be anti- Jew. Your problem is mistaking the behavior of a few at the expense of honor, dignity and history of a country.

You also cannot face the reality of the real problems in the Middle East. Like many you are in denial of the truth and fairness. You and the US administrations think that the problems will go away by propaganda, labeling and intimidating people.

Should I educate you or feel sorry for you?



God bless air headed people

In response to Jacob Cohen's "What will happen to Iran":

I think, it is time for you to stop drinking because you may make MARS the state 52 of United States of America. But! this is an almost free country and while there is a little freedom left in this country, you may keep exercising your freedom. It may end soon.

God bless America AND god bless air headed people like you



Just wait until November elections

In response to Jacob Cohen's "What will happen to Iran":

I think your thinking is not far from what we have in the administration today. You don’t even know how to paddle out of the mess which they have created for us. It would have been easier just to increase price of oil/ gas without killing people.

Maybe you should show the world your true human nature. Why not? Any way it is a kind of democracy that your boss has been talking about for a quite some time.

Just wait for our November elections this year. We will get you out of the office by our vote. Your Neocon party will be remembered as a disgrace to United State of America for a long time.

Fred Emanie


I get enough racism

In response to Jacob Cohen's "What will happen to Iran":

I get enough racism that I do not need it any more, take this moronic article away.

Mike Salehi


Bullshit rhetoric

In response to Alon Ben-Meir's "The picture is bleak":

While I agree that talks should be held between the two countries, I seriously disagree that Israel has any right to once again blatantly attack a neighboring country or a group of people based on its judgment of possible threats. They have done enough damage for one lifetime, and save the bogus emails about them being attacked first.

It is no surprise that a Jew, my guess Israeli Jew, is on this site pumping his agenda, Israel. The fact that your garbage rhetoric is even allowed on Iranian.com says more about the openness of debate allowed on this Iranian site compared to the conservative, pro-Bush, pro-Israel, war against anything non-Jew or non-neo Christian papers like the Wall Street Journal or Investors Business Daily. But your bullshit rhetoric in the last few paragraphs sounds a lot like that moron Ken Pollack's, Research Director at the Saban Center at the Brookings Institution, former National Security Advisor to dumb-ass George Bush, and author of the disastrously inaccurate book, The Threatening Storm, which detailed Iraq's alleged WMD. We know how often people have slung hyperbole around about Iran and its President. We should however, look more closely at what is being said and what evidence allegedly supports it.

Regarding your comment about Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions, what evidence do you actually have to support this comment that they are pursuing anything other than nuclear power? The people writing such editorials think that if they say it often enough, it will be true or at least believed by enough people so as to support their policy. Bullshit! Where's your evidence asshole? Note that My Meir is not calling for Israel, which actually has nuclear weapons, has not signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, and has repeatedly committed acts of terrorism behind its mask of self-defense, to give up its nuclear weapons. Why does Israel have nuclear weapons, why does it not join the non-proliferation treaty and give up its nuclear weapons? Israel can't do what Iran is being forced to do? What hypocrisy.

Regarding, "Israeli intelligence circles" say Iran could achieve nuclear weapons within two years is another example of hyperbole without support. Where is your support? Who said it and frankly, why wouldn't Israeli intelligence spread the idea that Iran is close to achieving nuclear weapons? It's in their country's best interests to play these scare tactics. Mr. Meir refers to President Ahmaninejad's comments about seeing Israel wiped off the map as another example of Iran's threat. This is a distortion of the context in which this speech was made, directly after Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip.

The comment was said to mean they hope Israel pulls itself out of the Middle East entirely, not that Iran, or anyone else will forcibly do that with nuclear or any other type of weapon. President Ahmadinejad even addressed this in his interview with Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes, saying that since Germans were responsible for the death of millions of Jews during WWII, Israel should be carved out in Germany or Western Europe, not where Palestinians have lived for centuries. You want peace in the Middle East, split Israel fairly and equitably, not that bullshit Camp David offer where Israel retains the high ground defensive posts and most of the valuable ocean front territories. Do something sincerely and fairly, something I have never seen Israelis do, and you will have peace.



No Persian in pre Islamic Iran

In response to G. Rahmanian's "Pure Persian myth":

Reading article of G Rahmanian was interesting but there are some points that the writer has forgotten:

1 The Persian language did not exist in pre Islamic Iran.
2 The language spoken by Iranians before Islam is totally different from Farsi so that we can say that it is another language.
3 According to Ionesco Farsi is 33rd dialect of Arabic and appeard in the north of Iran in bokhara region with speakers like Roodaki & later Ferdowsi.
4 He mentions that Reza Shah wanted to purge forein words from Farsi and Arabic words were supposed to be replaced but in reality the turcic words were replaced.
5 Farsi was supported by pro Arab governements during 14 centuries.

Ali Ardjmand


Practical solution

To those promoting the idea of regime change in Iran among American anti-war groups:

Low blood-shed options that obtain desired outcomes are traditionally welcomed by anti-war groups. Most people who oppose future wars view the mullahs in Iran as a threat to world security.

Iranian regime change for most Americans may represent the silver bullet option: With relatively low resources, the Islamic Republic of Iran can be overthrown, resulting in a democratic government that would not pose a regional threat.

Anti-war groups are traditionally left-of-center. Groups that promote regime change in Iran are traditionally right-of-center.

Although it may sound counter-intuitive at first, preaching Iranian regime change to anti-war groups promotes a practical solution that will have more supporters that most may think at first. You will be pleasantly surprised...

We must inform non-Iranians that the Iranian public is dissatisfied with the current regime.

Iraj az Tehroon


Do you blame him?

In response to Andre Agassi, Iranian of the day:

This guy is great in his field, but I have never ever seen anywhere for him to even hint let alone admit that he has some Persian blood in his veins. Well, do you blame him?

Amirhosein Hazrati


Make your own

In response Iran plane crash that killed 29:

Good day iranians,

it was shocking seeing the plane crash. im clad it was not much as what the news first said. but sorry for those that died.the plane was russian built. self reliance of technolgy is important to any nation that can afford it. iran need to make their own aviation parts. you make your own aviation parts you will have your own aviation problem to solve. when iran test their war game america made it look like a threat. now america test and was sucessful with a long range dummy missle that america said was good. every thing america do for themselves its good to the world. the media make it look legal and great. but when north korea test their long range missle america made it look like a threat to them and the world.
Nigel Bather



Look in the mirror

In response to Leily's "Players & losers":

Thanks, you said it girl. I only want to add that this is not limited to the younger generation. It is even worse with the older generation Iranian guys. They have all those descriptions, plus they are not fit or handsome and old enough and yet they boast to the Iranian women of accomplishments, younger or the same age with much more credit than they are looking for younger women.

I only like to tell them look in the mirror and evaluate your life resume minus that you are a guy. They will be pisses off as hell if they know that you are dating men, Non- Iranian half their age or younger.

My apologies also to those Iranians who are not in this category. Hope we have them with our new generation.



You need to get laid. Seriously.

In response to Leily's "Players & losers":

Leili Jan,

Two things:

1. It takes a loser to know one.
2. You need to get laid. Seriously.



Degrading toward women and minorities

In response to Hossein Hajiagha's cartoon, "When Iranian women move to Canada"

Dear Mr. Javid,

The revolting and sexist cartoons of Mr. Hajiagha was brought to my attention by some of my female Iranian-American students. Do you have an editorial policy against publishing images degrading toward women and minorities? Iranian publications must be ashemed of spreading and promoting such garbage.

Fariba Taghavi
Political Science Dept.
California State Univertsity, Long Beach


Mas'alato baa khodat hal kon

In response to Hossein Hajiagha's cartoons:

Mr. Hajiaga:

Draw as you like but as we used to say in my college days "Mas'alato baa khodat hal kon".

In short be clear and comfortable in your own skin. As I read your cartoons, I see confusion , depression and anger. It is not because Canadians are bad and Iranians are good or Americans are racist . It is you and you can not simply leave your self behind no matter how far you travel. Initially when I started reading your stuff, I tried to see your point of view , but you have none. You simply hate women, do not understand western point of view and think you are still Aga and should act and be treated like one.

My dear I have a news for you, in this side of the world they won't even beat you up for free. There is work and more work . Also there are choices, actually unlimited, it all depends on how you take advantage of it and in the process, save your dignity and soul. I have been up and I have been down, I know . I used cocaine to stay up most of the nights so I could pass my organic chemistry course during summer and worked full time for huge sum of $ 3.25 an hour. Courtesy of IRI my parents were unable to send me money because I had a green card at that time.

Guess what not only I am not a drug head , I am a very wealthy and success full doctor. That is what I mean by choices. Think positive , grass is never greener some where else. Also do not be so angry at women they are not summed up in one organ VAGINA, there is more to them then you think. Good luck I know you can do it if you try, take a deep breath and get rid of your anger, it is destroying you more then any one else.
Good luck from a woman who is done it all.



Neo-pimp in Diaspora

In response to Hossein Hajiagha's cartoons:

First we don’t call a woman as Haji, but we call her a Hajiyeh if she has performed the Haj. Second no body calls a would be pimp (Kos-Kesh in the polite language of Mr. Haj Aghah) as Haji Pimp, but only a dumb idiot whose mental health is in serious need of prolonged rehabilitative processes, as it seems to be the case of Mr. Haji Agha whose cheap, vulgar and defamatory conduct on Iranian.com gives but this impression.

Mr. Haj-Agha is under the illusion that all that American and Canadian men and women are doing is illicit sex, drugs, and a host of other things that this gentleman-NOT is attributing to them on a regular basis in his poorly constructed, cheap and vulgar cartoons. He is also under the illusion that the majority Iranians living and working in the USA, or in Canada are nothing more than a bunch of corrupt individuals who are following their American and/or Canadian compatriot’s life style, a life which is inundated with illicit sex, porno, drugs, AIDS and all kinds of moral turpitude.

I don’t understand this hatred. But the thing that most bothers me is this underhanded and pernicious message that life under the present regime in Iran is better than life in Canada or USA. Why Mr. Haj Agha does not ship his sorry behind, affixed to his troubled psyche, back to The Land of Every Thing is Good under the regime of the Velayat-e Motalaqeh-e Faqih is beyond me, but pimping one’s body and soul has many forms one of which is being portrayed by the very persona of Mr. Haj Agha on a routine basis.

This very confused nonetheless the portrayal of a Neo-pimp in Diaspora is telling us, every which way that he twists and turns his brain, that the present theatre of absurd in Iran is preferable to American and/or Canadian Democracy. Go figure why the INS does not issue a tourist visa to our Haj-Agha!!

Hamid R. Kusha, Ph.D.


Who is responsible for publishing these insulting cartoons?

In response to Hossein Hajiagha's cartoons:

I have read several  Mr. Hossein Hajiagha’s cartoons and couldn’t believe how he uses derogatory cartoons and terms to describe Iranian women in foreign  countries. My question is; who is responsible for publishing these insulting cartoons?? It is very obvious that Mr. Hajiagha has been cheated on or been divorced but that will not give him the right to insult Iranian women. Thanks

Farimah Taghavi


Ya Hossein!

In response to Leily's "Players & losers":

I suggest you get hold of Hossein Hajiagha. He is looking for a wife. See Here. You will live together happily ever after ;-)



Guy issues

In response to Leily's "Players & losers":

Interesting article dear Leily. But your last sentence sums up the truth: "... it is the nice guys that every women will look for in the end, because they are the true definition of MEN." The "in the end" is the key here. The majority of women, by nature or culture, are attracted to these losers and end up going with them. After they finish screwing dozens of them and end up very bitter and psychotic, then they wake up and realize what's good for them. Then the nice and decent guys have to deal with these women's "guy issues".

Think about that.

A. Limney


Not all Iranian men

In response to Leily's "Players & losers":

I have read several articles lately by Iranian ladies about Iranian men. I am disappointed to find out that these ladies have nothing but negative memories and experiences. I am not speaking for all men, just like to put in my two cents. 

On one hand, I have to agree about immaturity of some Iranian teenage and young men, especially the ones that are pampered by their mothers "mama's boy". Unfortunately, in our society (Iranian society, no matter in Iran or other countries) we tend to spoil our sons way too much. That is in part because of our culture (mostly past). Instead of teaching responsibility, manners, respect for women and other life values, we spoil them, treat them like they are the best thing since sliced bread and let them do what they want.

On the other hand, for many of us that were brought up in the average Iranian family, you will find many decent, respectful men. The ones that take care of their family respect their girlfriend, wife, mother and other members of their family. Many of us know how to treat the woman in our life and if you ask those women you will find out it is because we were brought up that way. So, please when you write an article about Iranian men, be kind and don't bunch us all together. Just as I would never agree that all Iranian women are selfish and are after money and nothing else.

Saeed Armani 


Qualifications for "Iranian Man"

In response to Leily's "Players & losers":

First of all, the Persian-speaking men you call Iranian-men are not Iranian-men, but they are farsi-speaking, American or European men with Iranian parents.

To qualify to be called an Iranian man, 1 should have become a "Man" in Iran, meaning he has lived the first 20-25 years of his life in FREE-Iran.
Also omit the men over 55 as far as relationship goes, because they were raised in our old, male-dominated society and by the time Iran got a little modern they were already grown passed initial, brain-programming! age.

Omit the boys who are grown up in "Jomhurie Eslami" chains.

So that leaves a very small group of Men who are approximately between the ages of 39 and 55, are here in America or in Europe, but have spent their first 20-25 years in Iran. Now they're the Irani men you can judge.

Now let's talk about Iranian girls. I don't mean the desperately lonely and rebeliously wild girls of inside Iran but the Iranian girls who spent most of their lives in America and Europe, just so they match the men you've judged.

Let's first start with those cosmetically beautiful blond haired, tiny nosed, point-up boobed, gurilla-hair waxed, eye-lash extended mentally shallow, intellectually deficient, arrogantly selfish, blankly talented, lazily independent, doctor-loving, BMW-worshiping, Mercedes-dreaming, najeeb-acting angels of ours. 

I met many, not one not two, not 3, many more, looking for the "Good one"! The first one turned out to be a psycopathic, lying, cheating slut in angels' clothes. Found out she has systematically stolen 20 plus mens' hearts, made them fall in love with her extreme kindness and great sex, used each for tons of fun and gifts, gave them promise of life together,  then left the poor guys suicidal and heartbroken and moved to the next guy.

Now she's married to her 3rd husband! The next Iranian angel called me every week asking me "Are you rich yet? Are you rich yet?" she finally disappeared and married her hidden boyfriend in Toronto. The next Iranian angel came from Austria to meet me and to plan our life together after marriage. When she went back she said: " I like to meet my other male friends, you're not here, man-ba -boodane-ba -oonha-erza misham, you're keeping me caged!!!"

I can go on for hours about our beautiful Iranian girls. I met 12-13 during a 5 year period, each and every one went to bed with me the first meeting, each and every one lied about everything and not one ever tried to start a nice, close family.

Check the Craigslist.com, you'll find an Iranian woman asking men for their sperm so she can use the liquid for her health and cosmetics! I know, it's disgusting, what can I say.

After meeting so many of our Iranian angels I finally totally stopped dating women 3 years ago, period.

Sometimes, when you call Iranian men "losers", think, that maybe there are no one decent left worth "winning" anymore. So they act like crap to win the crap.

Nikoo-yaare Irani peida nemisheh.

Ey khodaya ya faraamoosham bedeh, ya keh nikoo-yaar aghoosham bedeh.



Should Israel even have nuclear weapons?

The leader of Hezbollah has stated recently that he would have not okayed the taking of Israeli soldiers had he known that Israel would react with such severity. All that might be a bit of back-peddling by him, to blame the devastation of Lebanon on Israeli irrational overreaction. What should worry the Israeli chief of staff and indeed the Lebanese government is that caught unawares or offguard Hezbollah managed to duke it out for 37 days to a draw against the Israeli war machine. 

Here are two questions: (a) how much more potent Hezbollah would have been had they anticipated the Israeli reaction? And (b) how destructive Hezbollah would have been had it taken the initiative and attacked Israel outright without warning? The larger question for the rest of the region is: Given the irrational overreaction of Israel to a kidnapping, should this country even have nuclear weapons, much less have a rookie leadership in control of them?

Guive Mirfendereski


What is your alternative?

In response to Ardeshir Ommani's "Sanctions as a form of war":

Our points are well taken, but what is your alternative?

Just be a pacifist and while the mullahs in Iran bully the rest of the world and hand out $100 bill to Lebanese families; at the same time Iranian citizens are living in destitute? Why are we not flabbergasted by Iranian regime's denial of holocaust and anti semitic remarks, as well as supporting terrorist groups abroad.

Iranian passport no longer says tourism, it says: terrorism. How about the nuclear program, have you thought what are the consequences of a nuclear accident? May I remind you that the centrifuge parts were bought in the black market, Isfahan would be uninhabitable for many decades to come if there is a reactor melt down.

Has Iran mastered the art of making as hybrid automobile? No, Iran uses it cash reserve to import gasoline for daily consumption( $25 billion out of $45 billion of yearly income from oil).

Mullahs are manipulating the masses in Iran, so called educated Iranian abroad are falling victim to their slogans and rhetorics. They are worried about their summer visits to Iran, not to be seen in a demonstration, if there is any demonstration, they would show up in front of the White House or the Capitol Building, instead of across from the Iranian Interest section (unlike the Iranians in Europe).

Iranian regime has taken a page from the Nazi play book, let's find out who plays the role of Goebbels for Ahmadinejad (Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda minister, he played a large role in helping the Nazis achieve and retain power by creating propaganda to present the Nazi ideology to the German people).

Hitler reminded his audience about the greatness of German cultural, scientific, and military achievement, so does Ahmadinejad.
Sham on us for not calling their bluff! Let's start a petition, denounce Iran for supporting Hezbollah, support our own citizens instead!

Kamran Kamrani

p.s. It s very easy to get involved in name calling, disparaging remarks and innuendo, if you say "shah of Iran, a U.S. puppet," who is the puppeteer of Mullahs?



In response to Samineh Baghchehban's "Rooze Nojoom va Solh":

Mrs. Baghcheban's photo essay is heartwarming and descriptive of the resilience and energy which exists in Iran among the youth. We don't read enough about nor see the children's glitter of life and hope from this side of the globe. Thank you for sharing with us your joyful day in Park e Shafagh. I wish you many wonderful trips to Iran.


P.S. I wonder why that group of black covered teenagers had nothing to present relating to the occasion of that celebration. Perhaps their presence was a demonstration of the existing dichotomy between the forced limitations and natural tendencies among the young girls.


It gave me hope

In response to Arezou Raeisghasem's "Nine years ago":

I read your piece and I cried... Thank you for sharing... It gave me hope at a time when there seems to be no light in sight. It's all just rejection letters, disappointed parents and a broken girl who tried her best but has nothing to show for it... Thank you for sharing. I have no doubt that I'll be reading it more than once. I truly wish you the very best.



You've survived

In response to Arezou Raeisghasem's "Nine years ago":

You are amazing. Your writing abilities never cease to amaze me! it's a pretty cool thing to put in one page letter.. the past year and 9 months have been anything but easy for you yet you've survived.. amazing..



Kheyli bebakhshid... you call this art?

In response to Shahla Aghapour, paintings "Bent out of shape":

I have been resisting to write this e-mail for a long time. Every time I see some of the so called "art work" on the Iranian.com site the urge to write something awakens in me but then I say to myself "velesh kon baba, b-e man cheh k-e ezhar-e aghideh konam". But after viewing these so called sculptures, this time the urge was too strong and defeated my "b-e manche" passive mode.

I am by nature an old school traditionalist as far as art is concerned. I like the poetry of Hafez and Mowlana, the miniature paintings of Kamal-ol Molk and Farshchian, the music of Banan and Delkash, the architecture of Meydan-e Naghsh-e Jahan in Isfahan, and I like ghormeh sabzi ! ( I really think cooking is an art) 

Aristotle said "art imitates life" and I know art has to reflect the realities of life. I know art has to show war, hunger, disease, oppression and other uglinesses of life and I know some forms of art are "subjective". In fact this subjectivity is what distinguishes "modern" art from "traditional" art.

BUT... even if I accept the theory of "art for art's sake" I still think art should both "instruct" and "exalt". It should arouse emotions, be imaginative, powerful, beautiful, and dignified even if it is showing the dark side of human nature. It should purify the spirit, enlighten the mind, and purge the human soul of all ugliness and violence. An artist should not only have something new to say, but also say it and show it in a "beautiful" and original way. 

AND... this brings me to some of these paintings, poems, and sculptures displayed on the Iranian.com site as "art". "Kheyli bebakhshid" with all due respect, some of these poems are just words put one after another with no pattern, rhythm, or even meaning, some of these paintings are just a splash of paint on a canvas, and some of these sculptures are clay twisted into distorted shapes and ... well let's just say they don't arouse any feelings of beauty and spiritual ecstasy that good visual art should bring. 

I know I sound quite "opinionated" but now that I have this two cents worth of opinion off my chest I feel a lot better ! ! !

Have a nice day and three cheers for "honar-e vaghe'i".

Nahid Shafiei   


It symbolizes the stupidity of the Muslim world

In response to Holocaust cartoons diplayed in Iran:

The holocaust cartoons were meant to prove a point on western double standard. What is suceeded in proving was the sterotype that Muslims act more violent than other groups when offended is 100% true. The people who drew the Dannish cartoons are still in hiding, while the publishers of the holocaust cartoons have been openly photographed.

It also proved Muslims have clout no one else does. After all,  the holocaust cartoons have not been condemned by the UN or the Vatican, unlike the Mohammad cartoons. The prime minister of Denmark and the publishers had to apologize for offending muslims. When is the President of Iran and the publishers of the cartoons going to apologize for the offense they caused? We know they never will.

It symbolizes the stupidity of the Muslim world. If they didn't have a double standard why do they allow people to publish holocaust cartoons but sentence people to death for ones that offended Muslims? Most Muslim contries won't even allow people to speak about genocide by Muslims towards the Armenians, Kurds, etc. We should have a "Muslim ethnic cleaning" cartoon contest. Let's see them get published in the same papers that published the holocaust cartoons. I don't even think iranian.com would be willing to do so. Hypocrasy indeed-one that Muslims insist on.

Miss Magoo


Don't waste your time

In response to "Million signatures for women":

Even 10 million signatures won't do any good, when in practice, only 200 showed up on July 12. By the way, when less than 500 signatures appeared on "6,000,000 Referendum", it is not difficult to predict how many signatories will sign the petition.

Suri the Terrible


No one is against JEWS

In response to Reza Vessal Shirazi's "How did Jews do it?"

First of all, no one is against JEWS, even that dumb president Ahmadinejad. Jews have been well respected in Iran like all other ethnic population.
Everybody is against Zionists and their cruel violations.

Second, Zionists are occupying more land and killing more and more innocent Palestinians and now Lebanese everyday. If Arabs blow themselves up it's because they don't want to live in that shit-hole Israelis have built for them anymore.

Don't bring Jews into this.

Watch this film about Israel and Palestine.



Positive effect should not be completely denied

In response to Reza Vessal Shirazi's "How did Jews do it?"

Genetics could be the main difference, and the  foundation of the Judaism/Christianity as described in this article helps that to flourish. the Islamic fundamentalist ,both sects (Sunni and it rebellious branch- which recently is coming to power in Middle East) - not only hate Jews, but hate each other as well - (who killed Hosain- 19 years old -would be Khalif's) etc... etc... etc...

However, despite brutal invasion of Islam from Saudi peninsula toward Europe and killings of Innocent "infidels", the positive effect of Islamic scientific scholars in Middle East and Europe should not be completely denied.

Robert Ghatan


Even Einstein condemned Zionists

In response to Reza Vessal Shirazi's "How did Jews do it?"

It is very simple to take history out of context. The Zionists have occupied and colonized an innocent people, subjugated them to the harshest life, and you expect them not to fight to become free? The Zionist has committed massacres since 1922, yet you blame the victim?

While I condemn suicide bombings by the strongest terms, especially those bombings which kill civilians, one should still ask "in what context did this person come out to commit such an act?" The suicide bomber is not Muslim by faith (for we have had Christian suicide bombers in Palestine as well) but humans seeking liberty (as the American saying goes, "Give me Liberty or Give me Death")

You claim the Jews are hard working people, love their families, faith and hard work. No one is against such Jews. They are humans just like the rest of us.

We are against the Jews that commit massacres such as Sabra and Shatila (in which 100,000 human civilians were massacres at the direct orders of Ariel Sharon). This Ariel Sharon was found GUILTY of this crime by the Jewish High Court of Israel, yet he became a Prime Minister of the same land a few years later.

These are the criminals the people of the Middle East are angry at. Not the hard working Jew who loves his family, and hopefully loves his neighbor.

You might condemn the actions of Hezbollah when they snatched 2 Israeli soldiers. But in what context? They snatched them from Lebanese territory (from the Shabaa Farms that are still occupied by Israel since 1967). According to International Law such things are justified.

But the Israeli response is not justified by International Law. They had smart bombs yet they used them to specifically target civilian areas. The Israelis talked about "human shields" and "Hezbollah attacking Israel from civilian dense areas" yet all UN observers that went into the area found NO such thing. Look it up. Stop buying into their propaganda. The UN repeatedly reported that Hezbollah was not launching rockets from any of the areas that were flattened by tons of Israeli bombs in heavily populated areas.

The Palestinian lives in a prison. Their houses are routinely bulldozed down by Israeli tanks to pave new settlements for Jews coming in from Russia. You don't consider stealing property a high crime? Imagine if they came and bulldozed your home down to house immigrants from another country that didn't even pay for their new house. Would you not be upset?

Imagine if they shot your dad and mother, raped your daughter in front of you. Would you not be upset?

You talk about hijackings and hostage takings. Remember Munich? Remember taking the Olympic hostages? They weren't done by Muslim Palestinians. The majority of the hostage takers of the Munich crimes were Christian Palestinians. But is that ever reported in the media?

These people want freedom but people like you rationalize the behavior of the occupier rather than support the oppressed. The Palestinian too wants to live in peace. He would do anything for Peace. A Palestinian father and mother would love to send his children to school without fearing them being killed by Israeli tanks on their way. They would love to live without curfews. They would love to be independent.

But the Zionist you praise is occupying their land and refuses to give it up. They continuously build settlements against international law. Why do you not condemn that?

No one hates the Jew that contributes positively to mankind. Albert Einstein was of Jewish descent, and his studies are praised from Lebanon to Iran. The works of many Jewish philosophers and scientists are taught in Qom and praised for their contributions to humanity. President Khatami would quote many of those jewish intellectuals without receiving any condemnation for anyone. But yet even Khatami would show his extreme dislike toward the aggression and crimes of the Zionists.

And regarding the media? You claim Israel's side is not presented to the world? Wow. I recommend you watch this great documentary in the full:

I will end with a quote from Albert Einstein so you can see what the differences between Jews are. This is from Albert Einstein's editorial in the New York Times:

"A shocking example was their behavior in the Arab village of Deir Yassin. This village, off the main roads and surrounded by Jewish lands, had taken no part in the war, and had even fought off Arab bands who wanted to use the village as their base. On April 9 , terrorist bands attacked this peaceful village, which was not a military objective in the fighting, killed most of its inhabitants - 240 men, women, and children - and kept a few of them alive to parade as captives through the streets of Jerusalem. Most of the Jewish community was horrified at the deed, and the Jewish Agency sent a telegram of apology to King Abdullah of Trans-Jordan. But the terrorists, far from being ashamed of their act, were proud of this massacre, publicized it widely, and invited all the foreign correspondents present in the country to view the heaped corpses and the general havoc at Deir Yassin."

As you can see, even Einstein condemned these Zionists as terrorists bent on killing and committing genocides. Yet you support these people? Are you on the side of justice, or on the side of justifying crimes and oppression?

Dariush Abadi


Racist dumb muthefucker

In response to Reza Vessal Shirazi's "How did Jews do it?"

Without the fruitful innovations of the 13th and 14th centuries, the Islamic age, none of your Jewish Physicists, Medics, Chemists, and economists would have had a foundation to build up on. My intent was initially to introduce you to what is referred to as "historical context", but then I realized that your writing reeks of racism. That is one kind of "ism" I do not argue with. In short, you is a dumb muthefucker. Any one that has taken a 101 logic course at any community college will second me.

But for me to commit a fallacy of generalization and say since you is dumb muthefucker, all Jews are dumb muthefuckers, would make me a dumb muthfucker like your dumb muthefuckin ass. I got no problems with dumb muthefuckers, its dumb muthefuckers with a conviction, like Osama, Hitler, and your dumb muthefuckin ass, that bug me. In any case, I done spent too much time on you. 


P.S. Say, I was wondering if you could send me your address so I could mail this to you. 

Just kidding.   



In response to a joke, "Let's talk about nuclear power":

Substitudte Ahmadinejad as Iranian and Bush as American then it will be more funny.



To me that means...

In response to Guive Mirfendereski's "A semantic exercise":

Mr. Mirfendereski,

I enjoy your articles immensely. I have learned so much from you in the subject of Farsi language, and other issues as well.

In regards to the "Mutual Assured Destruction", MAD, I would like to add my take on the statement from Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani: "If a day comes when the world of Islam is duly equipped with the arms Israel has in its possession {i.e. atomic bombs}, the strategy of colonialism would face a stalemate... " To me that means MAD strategy; you have it, we have it, we'll both be scared to use it. But as it is usual with Farsi speaking people he gives a different twist to it: "... because application of an atomic bomb would not leave any thing in Israel but the same thing would just produce damages in the Muslim world". To me that means "the world of Islam" would attack Israel and everything in Israel is gone (including Jerusalem, I guess). Israel would attack "Muslim world" but it only causes damages. This second half of his long sentence completely nullifies the MAD strategy argument. To me it means in a nuclear confrontation with Israel "the world of Islam" has the upper hand, what is known as "Shaash & Awe Strategy".



Molavi & "separation depression"

In response to Shahireh Sharif's "Post Iran depression":

I think the feeling you talked about, dates back at least to Molavi's era, if you could remember his reknowned poem: Hear from Nei when it says his story of separation...

Incidentally or otherwise, your opinion resembles that of Molavi too much. May be both you can share the pride of invention of the so called "separation depression".

But as long as I am concerned as a  professional depressed with a  long brilliant history, what is mentioned in the article is not anything new at all.

I even dont think it is a disorder as doctors call it. It is part of humans  soul a revival process , kind of things you need to experience from time to time to remind you  the value of all those your boring repetitive normal mood days ...like the joy you go through when you take in  the fresh cool air into your lungs rushing out of a jam-packed hot bus. Something that highlights the luxury of humdrum we always groan about...



Grass-roots revival of Zoroastrianism

In response to Arash's "Freshen Up":

Thirteen centuries of intramarriage has transformed Zoroastrianism into an ethnic religion, something it was never meant to be, something not found in the Gathas, the Holy Book of the Zoroastrian (also called the "Masdean" or "Magian") faith. Indeed, in Yasna 30, Verse 3, of the Gathas, the believers in this new monotheism are told, "...Before the New Age is ushered in, Wake up, alert to spread Ahura's (God's) word."

It is important to distinquish between the "classical" Zoroastrians (whose exclusiveness might be due to the fact that they are descendents of Sassanian royalty), and the many Moslem-background Iranians who are drawing inspiration from the Masdean faith because they are so fed up with the Islamic theocracy. It is also important to distinquish between the spirituality of the Gathas and the decadent mythology of the Sassanian era. (Don't get me wrong. Not all mythology is decadent; sometimes it acts as a spice to spirituality. The Book of Kings by the Zoroastrian poet Ferdowsi is highly moralistic yet quite entertaining.)

I have met many Iranians of differing religious and secular backgrounds, yet I have never met an Iranian who was not familiar with Zoroaster (Zartosh). At the same time, the majority of Americans have never even heard of Zoroaster. I believe that a grass-roots revival of Zoroastrianism is taking place both inside and outside Iran, a spiritual renewal freed from the bonds of ethnicity.

Eric Jerpe


Zoroastrianism is not any different

In response to Arash's "Freshen Up":

Many religions emerged and disappeared in the course of history. None of them can prove to civilised man its provable divine mission.

Some of them like the existing conventional religions could survive because of worldly appropriate reasons. For exmaple, Islam could survive thanks to its jihad-fi-sabi-Allah.

Christianity was imposed on Rome then on Europe by Constantin the Great, a few hundred years after Christ died and could obviously join the mythical legends. Constantin was himself the "Imam" of the first "God's state" in Rome. Without his role the religion could have been disappeared or not as extended as today.

All religions are, above any social conditions, the products of human thoughts and can be simply replaced by other thghts or disappeared with the historical events in the same social conditions.

Zoroastrianism is not different from them. The religion has no provable backgrounds. We do not know when and where it exactly appeared. All we know, it was a religion of probably more than 3000 years old, adapted to the primitive needs of some ancient Persian tribes. It was promoted into the state religion under the last dynasty of Persian Empire, Sassanian, It became as harsh as the current political Islam today, under a similar "Velayat-e-Faghih" of despotic ruling class.

People became so disappointed with Zoroastrianism that they preferred to choose a submissive attitude facing Islamic invaders who were pretenting to be the carriers of justice.

Thanks to the barbaric politica Islam, Zoroastrianism, like other religions and sects, today gains sympathy among the disappointed Iranians, the same sympathy that ancient Iranians invested in vain for Islam, as a saviour, under Sassanian dynasty.

Jahanshah Rashidian


Worry about our own issues first

In response to Slater Bakhtavar's "The march of 'God's Army'":

Dear Slater... you're a good guy and I know you mean well ... but,

1. Your articles usually float in a baseless atmosphere without producing ground for a constructive argument. You are using astrology and writing horoscope columns about the future when scientists in NASA are too busy expanding on astronomy. It's the "right" thing right?

2. No argues about Iran's government being a horrible one. For sure, it's a looloo khor khoreh and a half. However your credibility is virtually nonexistent when you promote America and American policies. Trust me neither Ahmadinejad or Bush speak proper English. No reason to promote bad English at all! ClubDemo promoters with little flyers in hand tiptoeing around congress have undermined the hard working Iranians in Iran who bust their butt everyday to make, and have made a difference in Iran.

The real Iranians in Iran need to "stay the course" and those of us who fanatically promote "American Policies" in the mid-east should first take a hard look at our history/credibility/record and focus on most current issues such as the mess in Iraq and Afghanistan. So please... as young Iranian Americans, let's just worry about our own issues first. Considering Ayatollah Khamenie and his big, bad wolf has only gained power from American missteps... we should seriously take them Riddlin pills and take care of that ADD before hurting more lives.



Difficult words

In response to Esmail Nooriala's "Mazhab zodaaee va hokoomat":

Dear Mr. Nooriala,

Once again, I appreciate your instructive articles in Iranian.com. Meanwhile, I remind you a particular point: many Iranians living abroad read your articles. I am one of them but cannot understand some difficult Persian words. I am sure that many others have the same or similar problems. Perhaps you can add an english word or a Farsi synonym for the difficult words or expressions.

Jahanshah Rashidian


Correction & apology

Letter from a reader and Ben Bagheri's reply to "The lavaashak years":

Your columnist, Ben Bagheri, is a plagiarist, a thief who does not credit his literary sources. His piece from January 2003 appeared at least as early as Nov 2002. And even they had the courtesy to say it was not original but openly tell their readers: "Here is an item that has been making the rounds on the internet. -- Arun Aguiar

Ben Bagheri's reply:

Dear Aruna,

I thank you for taking the time to read and comment on the piece I wrote for Iranian.com. You are partially correct! I do remember reading a similar email several years ago that was making the rounds on the Net. I'm sure that piece inspired me to write about the memories of Iran and my boyhood.

The fact is that my piece was inspired by something I read and I used the format to tell a story that in fact happened to me personally! Every nostalgic event or tradition that was discussed in that piece had indeed happened to me personally. Furthermore, it was not written for profit and I did not feel that a source had to be listed.

In retrospect, I admit that I should have disclosed the source that inspired me. I am sorry if you were offended in any way.

Best regards,

Ben Bagheri


Of letters

On President Ahmadinejad's letters to foreign leaders:

This is a side note about the obvious preoccupation (fetish) that the President of the Islamic Republic, Mighty Mouse Ahmadinejad, has with writing letters to foreign heads of state.

When it comes to letters in song, I am partial to three tunes. First, there is the song called "Give Me a Ticket for an Aeroplane" by the band Jefferson Airplane. It seems that Mighty Mouse could have been serenading this tune at the Lufthansa ticket counter trying to get a ticket for the World Cup games in Germany, before he was told not to proceed.

The other "letter" song I like is by Moody Blues and it is called "Nights in White Satin," which contains the line "letters I've written, never meaning to send." Obviously, Mighty Mouse has not heard of this song, because he thinks that whatever he writes he should send!

A while back Mighty Mouse Ahmadinejad wrote a letter to Might Mouse Bush, but received no answer. So, Mighty Mouse sent a letter to Angela Merkel, the Mighty Mouse Fuhrer of Germany, in an attempt to woo her away from the American cowboy. The Fuhreress has refused to betray her masseur and has ignored the letter.

This brings me to my most favorite "letter" song of all time -- yes, you guessed it, Googoosh's immortal Naameh-haayam raa bedeh [link to Iranian.com Music section]. A few nights ago, Mighty Mouse Ahmadinejad was seen around Chenaran Street in Zargandeh/Elahieh singing the melancholy words -- "Give back my letters, dried out trace of my tears."

Ask yourself -- If the Balsamic (sorry, Islamic) Republic had not banned "taghooti" music maybe Mighty Mouse would have been spared humiliation.

But then -- I can recall Mr. Faris' constant urging gar khahi shavi khoshnevis, benevis o benevis o benevis (If you wanna develop penmanship, then write, write and write). Yes, Mr. Ahmadinejad, keep writing even if it falls on deaf ears!

Guive Mirfendereski


Zert o pert

On George Saunders "Proclamation" in the New Yorker:

Why do I have to keep reminding every Dick and Harry that Persian and Arabic are completely different languages? And as such, Iran's language is and was alien and unintelligeble to Mohammad, Islam's prophet, as well as to the rest of the Middle East.

Therefore George's musings on Iran's "linguistic Jihad" is nothing indeed but mere "Shouts and Murmurs", what we in Persian call "zert o pert", which translates into something like (throwing corn ears). Shouts and Murmurs to demonize and justify war on yet another country on the other side of the planet, simply for our viewing pleasure on our "glorious" media. (Those night bombs lighting up Baghdad did look awesome. Need more of those to improve network ratings). Oh, and lets keep the terror alert code at orange or even Red. Iran's linguistic Jihad is a threat to "our way of life". By Jove, Iran is a threat with or without the bomb! Their name even sounds like Iraq! You know,....come to think of it, the eye-ranians were even involved in 9-11! Sweet Jesus, save us!

And before you forget, neither is Ahmadinejad the first Iranian official to make such decisions to purify the Iranian language. In fact Iran's National Academy of Persian Language ( <//www.persianacademy.ir/>//www.persianacademy.ir/ ) has been doing this for decades: Purifying Persian language from all foreign words, INCLUDING ARABIC.

And btw, the term "elastic loaves" came into usage around the mid to late 90s, way before this supported rush of George and his kin to jump into yet another adventure to bomb another Middle Eatsern country. Oops...sorry, I mean....to protect our way of life from those beard weilding terrorists! Oh those evil muslims! Support Our Troops! Support our volunteer troops by keeping them in the Middle East for another 15 years in yet a new war! Hallelujeh!

Ignorance by itself is not a crime. But using it to vilify another country, culture, and nation is simply disgusting.

Nima Kasraie
University of Texas Health science Center


Hamid Atarodi Fardi

Hello, my name is Nassarine Carlos. My friend Elizabeth did me the favor of getting me your email address. I have for years tried to search for my birth-father however, have been unsuccessful. I don‚t have a whole lot of information about him but that he was stationed at Lackland Air-force Base in San Antonio, Texas. He also did some additional training at the Air force base in Pensacola, Florida back in 1976-1977. He must have been anywhere from 23-25 years of age. Again his name is Hamid Atarodi Fardi. If you are able to provide me with any type of information or direct me to someone who can further assist me, I would highly, highly appreciate it.
Thanks for your time.



Saadi Haeri

I am looking for an old friend of mine by the name of Saadi Haeri. He used to live in Bournemouth where I met him in 1973 and later he went to study Art in Cantebury. I presume he has been living in London. I wonder if he is part of the community or if anyone knows of him.

I came across in the google search with the following comment: 'Demystifying': Film editor Saadi Haeri, 46, from London, had brought his son Louis, 10, and said he felt the exhibition demystified the human body.

He might be that age or perhaps a little older (46/48).

I would be most grateful if someone could pass him this massage & my email.



Morteza Baltimori

I, too, am looking for a man who lived in Baltimore in the early 80's named Morteza. He would have been about twenty at that time. I'm not sure of his last name, but I think it may have been Tasevoli or Tasabari. Thank you!



No one believes these false allegations anymore

In response to Fariba Amini's " Is everyone a spy?":

Yes, according to the current Iranian regime- a good many people are spies for Uncle Sam. Apparently, my father is also among these notorious spies who are all undoubtedly threats to Iran's national security. What I don't agree with is that no one believes these false allegations anymore. On the contrary, a huge chunk of the iranian population (those who voted for Ahmadinejad) probably still swallow these lies whole. I cling desperately to the hope that every tyranny must end, to the hope that I will once again see my father free! I ask everyone to pray for his safe and swift release.



Excellent x 3

In response to Guive Mirfendereski's "Game over":

Excellent judgement , excellent knowledge and excellent prose!

If a quarter of politicians had 60% of your judgement on world affairs the world would have been much different, much better....



Very little room for civilized debate

In response to Qumars Bolourchian's "Words bad! Bombs good!":

Dear Mr. Bolourchian,

I usually don't get involved in email exchanges like this but for some reason I decided to write to you this time. Maybe because I feel offended by your moron labeling that most likely includes people who think like me, at least as far as Khatami's trip to the US is concerned. When an article calls people with different views morons, it actually leaves very little room for civilized debate. I think you should apologize. Unlike you, I try to keep it as civilized as possible here.

My comments to some of your other points:

"These groups don't care what Khatami says": that is right because what he says is nothing but lies as demonstrated by his years as the president of the Islamic Republic.

"The neocons have worked hard paint Iran as a Nazi hellhole where women are chained to the ground and Jews are killed on sight" Neocons didn't paint a picture of Iran (IRI) as a Nazi hellhole. As a matter of fact, the similarities between fascism (and Nazism)and the underlying ideology of IRI, dating back to its inception years up till now, goes far beyond superficial resemblances or anything made up by neocons. Moreover, was it neocons who said Israel should be wiped off the map or denied Holocaust?

"There could be a small chance this visit could start some kind of -I don't know, dialogue?" How about some kind of - I don't know dialogue in Iran?

"Smiling cleric" For some reason this reminded me of the smiling clown in Batman.

Payman Sadegh


Khatami's legacy

In response to Qumars Bolourchian's "Words bad! Bombs good!":

During Khatami's presidency the best of Iran were arrested, and murdered.

Sheema Kalbasi


Iranians in Dubai

A question from a traveler to Dubai:

I have read a few articles that have been written about the Iranian community in Dubai and how there culture and language has a big inlfuence in Dubai. I would consider myself an Iranophile and will be traveling over to Dubai in about a month for business. While I am there I would love to get some Iranian culture. Can you tell me in what neighborhood in Dubai would the most Iranians be residing? I have studied some Persian and would love to try and use some over there. Thank you.

Ben Stern


Shame on the people who have invited that crook

In response to Saied Bozorgui-Nesbat's "How to make enemies" and Khatami's U.S. visit:

They detained and deported the young, educated Iranian students; on the other hand, the same system clears and welcomes Khatami in his cloak and turban to give meaningless, deceiving, misleading and hollow speeches.

What message does that send to you?

Shame on the people who have invited and offered hospitality to that crook in America and shame on the system that let him in!!

I am just curious to know if either Khatami or Ahmadinejad were photographed and fingerprinted upon their arrival in the U.S.? Most probably not.

Thanks Jahanshah and enjoy your weekend.



I feel guilty

In response to video on 9 disappeared bahai members:

What bothered me most after watching the clip, was that i left Iran a few month before this insident, and never knew about it, i was so young at the time and trying to get in to school and didn't pay much attention about matters like this, now that i am about 27 years older and have not been back to my country since, i feel guilty that how could i not know as an indivisual, and feel ashamed, on top of that about 27 years gone, and only those left behind could claim what they felt after their loved ones were taken and never returned, not to forget to mention what those nine people whos only crime was to believe in what they chose and not a damn thing else, although i am somhow sure that i wouldn't see my country the way we all wish during my life time but i can still hope and believe in miracles.



True or false?

In response to "King Darius Last will and Testament":

Dear sirs,




Heard enough of Khatami

In response to Qumars Bolourchian's "Words bad! Bombs good!":

Havent we and the world heard enough of of what Khatami has SAID at his speeches in the past 10 years? He already has been to United Nations, Germany and many countries and SAID a lot of words. Is he going to SAY anything different ? Did he actually do any of those things that he SAID and promised? Millions of Iranian voters believed in what he SAID and did not follow.

At the end of day , whatever he SAID aor still SAYS does not matter. What really matters is what he continuesly has SAID to Khamenei and still does and that two words sentence is: "YES SIR!"

No thank you. The world including America has heard enough of what that puppet Mullah has SAID.

David Etebari


Happens all the time

In response to Tina Ehrami's "Stockholm syndrome":

This is probably a good depiction of what happens all the time. Spanish and Mexicans with their RC captors (others the same), Holy Rollers abused by their churches getting even more devout, Mormons, et all. Yes, it would be wonderful of the dear people of Iran would cast off their emotional chains from Islam, but it would be great if others could, too.



Hell, even I can do better

In response to Fathali Ghahremani Ghajar's "What remains":

What a bunch of rubbish pics,  very common, very unprofessional and regular pics of sites... please don't do this to your organization, I am sure you can do better.

Hell, even I can do better. Maybe I should send you some of pics I took from around e world.

I have some footage of lanat abad (part of beheshte zahra) places people would not dare to go or even take picstures. Let me know if you are interested.


vatan parast e asile Irani
mokhles Iranian Aziz

Jahan R


Mentality that fuels secession

In response to Riccardo Zipoli's Iran photos "Bare beauty":

Your photo essay is ambigus:1st your title indicates talk of Iran, Landscape, etc and then you solely focus on Persian culture, lanscape, people. It's plausible how a scholar at a credible university can sound chuavinist; Persians are in minority when comaped against other nationalities combined and what's with this Persian hegemony in the 21st century? It's your kind of mentality that fuels secession from "Iran" and promotes a blind patriotism for the benefit of the Persians in Iran. If Italians had your kind of mentality, you couldn't possibly teach "Persian" literature over there! So would you grow up and be more HUMAN and FAIR-MINDED?? Thank you.



No logical conclusion

In response to Iqbal Latif's "Mahdaviat":

Dear Sir:

We are living at the time of knowledge, science, research and technology. Writing an article without having complete information about the subject is not going to increase the value of the writer. Regarding the idea of MAHDAVIAT, which is practically influenced from the ideas of Jewdisim and Christianity, I have to confess that after years and years studying and reading books in different languages, I could not come to a logical conclusion.

It is obvious that this portion of the above ideologies has been always a tool for the rulers and leaders to have control to the people and rationalize all the misbehaviors. The Hojatieh group in Iran is one the fractions that wants to come to power by using this tool. They were even against the Islamic revolution on 1979. There are a lot of stories about them which I think one day people should know those.

Thank you for your patience. I will be more than happy to hear from you.

Mehdy Zarandy, MD


Hidden Imam must be armed with a modern army

In response to Iqbal Latif's "Mahdaviat":

The profound crises and backwardness in the Islamic world is a historical consequence of Islam; it is the only collective and general cause. Therefore, all Islamic countries, anywhere and anytime, have not adapted themselves to the process of modernity and democracy of the civilised world.

Of course, a sect of Islam, namely Shiism, because of its historical conditions of appearence is more restrict and violent, but as we know Taliban or Wahabi as a range of restrict Islamists are Sunnits. It would be a credit for all these abominable Sunnite Islamists if you only put in relief the devotees of Shiism.

If the cult of Hojatieh believe in catastrophes to hasten reappearence of the Hidden Imam, other Sunnite Islamists have other Islamic justifications to follow the same acts of violence.

However, the current atom policy of the IRI is not only because of the belief that the Hidden Imam must be armed with a modern army, but also according to Shiite belief, an atom arsenal might be apocalyptically used in the context of the following signs:

- Before the Imam’s reappearance, people will be punished for their acts of profaness and disobedience by huge explusions that will appear in their sky and a redness that will cover the sky.

- It will swallow up both Baghdad and Kufa. People’s blood will cover their destryed houses . Death will occur amid their people and a fear will come over the people of Iraq from which they will have no rest--a reason for the IRI’s nuclear programme to blow in jets of fire and plumes of smoke.

- There will be an insurgence by the Sufyani, a descendent of Abu Sufyan, who was one of the Muhammad’s enemy, along with his son, Muawiya and his Muawiya's son,Yazid, which starts from Palestine and jordan, and his reign of tyranny will span the Middle East from Iraq to egypt.

- A loud call from the sky should announce the Hidden Imam’s reappearance.

As we see, in such an apocalyptic world, since the main principle of the Mahdi is that he is absolutely guided by God, the IRI, as a part of the divine guidance, has nothing of a normal state; it is a God’s handpicked guidance for the mankind, and its acts are in complete accordance to God's will.

The IRI, which already established a God’s state, now at the best, prefers to have the Hidden Imam embodied by one of its members. Since the Mahdi is for Islam as well as for islamisation of the world, the amount of crimes can bloodily exceed many times than that of the old scores of the IRI; especial groups of elite jihadists can appear throughout the world to convert or massively kill non-believers.

Since the Shiites are more attached to the notion of revenge and violence, their Mehdi is more apocalyptic than that of Sunnites.

The one waiting to become the "appeared" Imam has still no name, but whatever his name will be, he must be an expert in finding out the interpretations and in adapting them to his apocalyptic ambitions.

Jahanshah Rashidian


I only offered you the truth

In a response to Parkhash's "'Bruce' poking fun at other Iranians":

Well my friend, Thank you for confirming my words. It seems I have touched on some nerves, and you were so disturbed by the truth that you decided to ignore it and as you said yourself avoided reading the main part of the article

With regard to the name on my email if you look closer you will see that I am using my work e-mail. As it is the traditions in any work environment in U.K they use nicknames for their FOREIGN colleagues.

I also used this name to protect my real identity as I did not want to be stopped at the airport by Mullahs secret services the next time I visit Iran.

The important thing is that I am pretty sure where my roots are, where do I Belong to and which country I love with my entire hearth. Perhaps more importantly I know well who are my friends and enemies, or what is real and what is not in the so-called Western Civilisation.

Furthermore you are not using your real name on your article anyway why should you expect others to do so when you do not practice what you preach.

Wanting to avoid the conflict and increase ones chances in a sometimes prejudice environment, sometimes is necessary and as I live in this country I cannot sometimes avoid it either. Although this is not something I wished for or I am particularly proud of or making an excuse for, but that is the price some of us have to pay the for living in another country. Furthermore and my scrutiny was not about the people who have to pay such price because of wanting to have a better life, good job or even getting that first interview.

But as I think most of us agree it is very different to wanting to become one of the locals by thinking and behaving just like them and forgetting ones traditions, identity and loyalty or closing ones eyes to the facts and crimes committed by the government of your host society, or being consumed by the environment around you and living in an MTV dream.

Actions, attitudes toward world events, a persons state of mind or loyalties and having a sense of the real world and knowing what is real and what is not in the environment around you are much more important than a sometimes unavoidable nickname.

As I said the fact that you did not fully read my article just like when you did not read my last article about "Idiots in denial", but did not hesitate to dismiss it, had noting to do with how my e-mail at work was setup, as I know very well who I am and where my identity and loyalties lay.

You simply did not want to participate in an adult discussion about the main issues that I raised. It was rather because deep down you knew that you are wrong and kidding yourself and hence instead, just as I predicted you resorted to patronising comments, personal insult and denial and avoided the main issue at all costs.

Furthermore I have never claimed to be perfect. I only offered you the truth.

I challenge you to point to one of the issues that I raised about the West, Israel or mullahs in my article, which you can say it is wrong and just write a few lines about it instead of cheap personal scrutiny. Then we can let the readers of this site to be the judge and see who needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

But at the end if you prefer to shoot the messenger instead of confronting the message then I guess we just have to agree to disagree

Time will tell who is right or wrong.

Bruce Roshanravan


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