June 2007

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June 26


Freudian slip or insensitivity

On Mohammad Reza Alidoosti's "Mahaal ast":

"Johood" is a racial / religious slur, equivalent to Yid in English. The proper word for a Jew in Farsi (Persian) is Kaleemi or at least Yahoodi, even though according to some even Yahoodi (people of Yahveh) is improper. It is ironic to say the least that a patriotic call to all to defend the mother land addresses one group by such an ugly name. Freudian slip or an indication of the majority's insensitivity to and lack of knowledge of the minorities?

Asghar Massombagi



On Azarin A. Sadegh's "I have lost a part of my humanity":

I don’t know what made me click the play button on this video. I expected something really gruesome, but what I saw went beyond the worst I could have ever imagined. Needless to say, I could not watch the whole thing. Are these people animals? Calling them animals is an insult to the beast. I don’t think I could ever comprehend what goes on inside their sick heads. There is NO crime -not even Hitler’s, whom I consider the lowest of the low - that could justify such a (am lost for an appropriate adjective) method of ‘punishment’.

So the question is really, WHAT HUMANITY?

Hedieh Wojgani


Only one way: armed struggle from WITHIN Iran

On Azarin A. Sadegh's "I have lost a part of my humanity":

I watched some of this video, but could not bear to watch it all. I felt every blow, every kick, and every punch. I cannot imagine how these people, these men and women who were involved in this atrocity, can sleep at night.

The saddest part is, I wished I was there with a machine gun and could kill them all! Acts like this, done by a minority of our people, not only prove to the rest of the world that there is no humanity within the Islamic Republic system, but also they chip away at our humanity and sense of civilization. The same thing goes for the hangings by crane, stoning women and the removal of body extremities because of petty crimes.

What amazes me is that how come our people didn’t see this coming? During the 1979 revolution, these same people did not hesitate to show their evil selves. I still remember seeing a soldier dragged into the crowd and being ripped apart. Then, after their victory, the mass executions and the showing of shot army officers and former politicians on TV and in the papers. The arrest of family members when they couldn’t find the person they were looking for. These things still go on, initiated by a minority with the majority just looking on. The minority has 3 things that the majority does not. 1. They are ruling, therefore they have access to wealth, weapons and the media. 2. They believe that they are doing God’s work, therefore all their actions are justified. 3. They are extremely ruthless.

There is only one way to deal with this system, armed struggle from WITHIN Iran. The people have to rise and get rid of this system once and for all. This will happen, when, I don’t know. What I do know is that many, many innocent people, Iranians, will die when this happens. Will our country and culture survive another bloody revolution? History indicates that it will, but I doubt if history has ever seen a ruthless group such as these fanatics.

God help us all.

Kaveh Niakan


Falsehood and lies

On gruesome murder video "Runaway girl":

You must make mention that the girl was killed for converting TO Islam from the Yezidi faith (combination of pre-Islamic and Zoroastrian elements, mostly found in the Kurdish north of Iraq).

It is unfortunate that you put the clip with Qur'an being recited in the background.. when in reality they killed her for CONVERTING TO ISLAM, therefore you are misguiding your viewers.

As always, Iranian.com serves to confuse and propagate a line, even if it is based on falsehood and lies.

If you are honest, you will publish this in the main section, rather than in the Letters section.

Dariush Abadi


Iran's independence is our number one goal

On Kaveh Nouraee's "Sober, not high":

Mr. Kaveh,

You cannot have it both ways, loving Iran, at the same time helping israel to invade iran, since you hate those bastard mollahs! Who would be the real beneficiary here, Israel/usuk, or former iranians like you? can you guarantee that life would get better for average iranians after the invasion? or is it getting better for a few opportunists like you? All israel/us/gb want is puppet government that you are ready to be part of!

Are there any israelis in iran who are going to be bombed, or is it our brothers and sisters? I bet you have no one close to you in iran who might be bombed, and you don't give a damn about the rest!

Why the hell doesn't israel leave Iran alone? You are doing what you can to help the gold diggers israelis achieve their goal of controlling iran; therfore controlling the whole middle east's economy! As they say "the enemy of my enemy is my friend!" Iran's independence is our number one goal, then iranians can change the regime on their own! Hell with hegemeny and imperialism in the middle east and else where!



Rumi is amazingly popular in the US

On Zohreh Ghahremani's "Humble fame":

I agree with Zohreh Ghahremani that there is a unique humility in Khaled Hosseini’s work. I found both of his novels quite engaging and refreshingly sincere.

With all respect, I have a question for Ms. Ghahremani regarding a remark she made in her review. She said, “While many Iranians may not realize that other Persian-speaking nations also read these books, most Americans don’t even know they exist.” Guess whose poetry is a top seller in the US? The answer is Rumi.

I would agree, many Americans don’t have the intimate details of the Moulana’s life and may not be deeply focused on his Muslim origins, but he is amazingly popular in the US. 



Full of old clichés

On Jeesh Daram's "Sir Ruhollah Khomeini":

What an idiotic piece! Never mind the brain-dead logic that sounds more like a drunken rant uttered to an equally drunken friend on the way from a nightclub on a Sunday night, full of old clichés and superstitions about the English conspiracy, blah, blah, blah; or the name calling and uneducated nonsense about Rushdi's book. This shit is so poorly written as if produced by a stuttering closed-captioned system or a poor online translator. There's way too much crap on the Internet, dude, read it over at least once before hitting that Send button.

Asghar Massombagi


Bless their soul

On Jian Khodadad's "10 women of Shiraz":

May God bless their soul and give strength to the families...

M. Shahpar


I shit on everything and anything fucking bahai

On Jian Khodadad's "10 women of Shiraz":

fuck them all. fuck all bahais and the fucking boat they came in. i shit on everything and anything fucking bahai. and fuck the akhoonds. and i am not a fucking opposition. i just hate the fucking bahais. and fuck the fucking iranian fucking dot fucking com.

las vegas


Imam was right

On Nader Iranpour's "Khomeini":

Imam said: "Iranpour kos o sher ziyaad migeh"
We thought he was wrong
Now we know
He was right and we were wrong


Omid Enezar


Vaah vaah vaah

On Nader Iranpour's "Khomeini":

Vaah vaah vaah, ajab kos ow shehraaye akhundii mizari tu site-t.

Sher Baraye Khomeini:

Ahay Akhund rishow pishe-h gholaabi.
Laayegh-e aab garm-e sefideh sobh man nisti.
Laayegh-e toffow sangow, hamoon moshtow lagad hasti
Keh baa khodet avardi.

nayumadeh rafti


I hope you're kidding

On Nader Iranpour's "Khomeini":

Is he kidding? I hope he is...

Rosa Canales


No pause

On Nader Iranpour's "Khomeini":

When imam said something we always thought he was right with no pause.



The author wouldn't criticize Jews who went against Pro-zionist thought

On Tinoush Moulaei's "Sir Zero":

The author of this over emotional piece seems to have thrown logic out the window. He claims that some Rabbi's in Israel are racist. How is this any worse that the many bigoted Imans that can be found all over the Muslim world? How Silly! He further gives respect to Malcolm X, who himself was an enormous bigot, along with fabricator of much of his life story. The author goes on to spew contempt at Muslims who refuse to go along with his the victim card.  The author wouldn't criticize Jews who went against Pro-zionist thought, why not give the same respect for Muslims who refuse to let their beliefs be dictated by close minded Islamic political and relgious leaders? Double standards indeed!

miss magoo


Rappers funded by U.S. to destroy Iranian values

On Bita Ria's "Swearing rappers":

Dear Bita,

Where do you think the $75M that US government has earmarked to "de-establize" Iran goes? Of course some of it goes to the so called  "academicians" and "researchers" who by the way are known to belong to the zionist club, and in the minds of "US officials" can do "revolution" in Iran.

But also a lot of that $75M goes for the non-sense Iranian TV programs created in Los Angeles and New York which are full of junk, Radio Farda (a news mill -- mostly news that do not exist!!), and of course the "rappers", "dancers", and the like with a plan to destroy Iranian values and culture, and to "demoralize young iranians".



Stick to your Haydeh and Shajarian

On Bita Ria's "Swearing rappers":

hi avalan most of your translation of the rap lyrics is off. you dont translate rap like it's a legal document. dovoman, get over it, rap is rap. sevoman start swearing in farsi once in a while, it's liberating. don't treat rap like it's a research project. anything you have to say has already been written about american rappers. ZEDBAZI rules, you should stick to your haydeh and shajarian.


Pooneh Doe


There are bad apples

On Faramarz Fateh's "Is dealing with Iranians good or bad?":

I think your wife is correct on her comment. I lived in United States for about thirty years and I have done more business with American, Mexican, Indian, etc. than Iranian and I am here to tell you these guys are no angels either. There are bad apples in every walks of life. I had my share of bad business experience with non Iranian and I do not blame it on their culture or nationality, but to their own individual how they are brought up. 

Unfortunately, some Iranian that are here are probably the same type who has no respect for anyone and since, they left Iran they  believe the world owe them and they try to make up for their loss or anger by cheating and scamming others, especially their own. God bless you my brother. 

Hamid Bakhsheshe


I don't sell my countrymen

On Faramarz Fateh's "Is dealing with Iranians good or bad?":

It is sad to hear these stories. Then I have been right all along we are group hypocrites. We pretend we love our country and our people but then we stab each other at the back. Your article shows the horrible realty of Iranians here in US, overseas and even inside Iran It is horrible and people like your friend and the the doctor should not be calling themselves Iranian. May be they should call themselves Mexican how about that. Iranians make as much mistake as any other culture but I don't go sell my countrymen and my own flesh and blood for a foreigner.

This type of mentality and talks are the reason that we don't stick together and our country has fallen so behind and is ran by a group of foreigners (Akhund and Akhundzadeh) who love their Arab neighbors and Arab culture more than Iran and Iranians. From your ignorant and traitor friend to that cheap doctor who is willing to sell his own country man to a foreigner because he/she didn't like what they had received.

Iranians (Azeri, Arab Fars, Baluchi, Turkmen, and Kurd) try to live together because that is what you have been doing for 1000 years. Now that you come to US or overseas you think you are better tan anyone else. Screw all the traitor and vatan forrosh. I consider the ones who betray and sell Iranians to the Mullahs and Mujahedin an all the other traitors; specially the ones who travel to the UAE and all the other Island countries around Iran.

For god's sake stick together, respect one another and be proud of your damn heritage and culture. It is so rich and wonderful that no one else can match it. The Chinese are so proud of their culture but when one compares their culture to our culture Iranian culture is as rich as theirs. I like Iran, Iranians and my culture. And damn right I am so proud of it that I will not anyone to even dare say anything about it. An example of it I just got my termination from my employer why because I was defending Iran and Iranians. I had never said I am Persian or trash talked or made fun of my people in order to fit in a group.

If you like Iran, then you must like its culture and its people. Do business with Iranian and always buy from Iranians (avoid Islamic Republic products).

Long live Iran, Iranian and Iranian.com for giving all of us homeless a voice,

Amir Nasiri


Depends on the person

On Faramarz Fateh's "Is dealing with Iranians good or bad?":

like with everyone it all depends on the person. i mean ive met plunty of every race that were jerks or real nice ppl, the lady that cuts my hair shes from iran. what a doll she is, like 32 or so, great body....

also ive met some others that were real nice, in fact i dont recall ever meeting an iranian that wasnt very pleasent, but i have never been to iran so i have no idea how it is there.



You must be a zionist ass licker

On Amil Imani's "Shame on those who glorify this terrorist":

Obviously you are racist individual who also does not value or for that matter understand the impact and prestige of  the greatest revolution of modern times. I am talking about the islamic revolution in iran. You want to push out of your dirty mouth any and all garbage and wish that people listen to you. Go to hell. That is where you belong Mrs. Amil Imani. You must be a zionist ass licker.



Speak less and read more

On Jalil Bahar's "Stabbing at Muslims":

I’m fed up from people speaking about Salman Rushdie  without having read his books. Many people bought Satanic Verses, few of them read it. Sure it is difficult to read and it is easier to write ten lines and feel important than read a deep book.

He is a great writer and we can compare it with Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Everybody talk about Satanic Verses and the part about Islam. It is only one quarter of  the history. The rest is about Pakistani immigrant in UK and their Identity problem, specially women rights .

I recommend everybody to read other books of salman Rushdie more accessible as “Haroun and the Sea of Stories”, “Midnight’s Children”, “Shame”, “The Moor's Last Sigh”.

Maybe it is hard for Iranians but PLEASE: Speak less and read more.

Orang Gholikhani


Tabiat raa naabud kardan yani BOOMING????

On Yashar Z. Sany's shomal photos "Booming":

Tabiat raa naabud kardan, jangalhaa raa az bein bordan nazde shomaa yani BOOMING????

monireh kazemi


Informative and timely

On Keyvan Tabari's "Swimming with doctor Matin Daftari":

Thank you thank you thank you...! What a very informative and timely piece. With all this talk about civil society and human rights (vs. civil rights), people – not the least myself! – need a good understanding of civil law and its history in Iran.

I am very interested in the history of child custody laws in Iran, and the clash of orfi and madani laws regarding that. Do you have any idea where I might learn more about this?



They have no soul

On gruesome murder video "Runaway girl":

It makes you wonder why they are what they are. They have no soul and no conscience. I am so furious and stunted and truly don't know who to blame. Faith or culture?

Amirhosein Hazrati


High on ignorance

On Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich & Nader Bagherzadeh's "High on hate?":

Dear Prof. Bagherzadeh,

One more time, Mrs. Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich (SSU) demonstrated to all of us that she is a sub-standard researcher and chronologist, a 5th class at best! This time to give validity to her mambo-jumbo writings and to cover up her ignorance, Mrs. SSU has co-authored her latest letter titled "High on hate?" with another shady character, Nader Bagherzadeh (NB), a Ph.D. in EE. The letter, "High on hate?" is full of historical errors, character assassination, and unsubstantiated accusations of some of the most patriotic Iranians. Let's analyze her mambo-jumbo:

1. Khobar Towers bombing did NOT occur in 1993 as stated in SSU's letter. In fact it occurred on June 25, 1996, please see here.

2. Reza Pahlavi, the son of the late Shah of Iran has no dangerous ambitions about Iran. His intentions towards Iran are totally sincere, see here.  Of course, we all know that SSU/NB and her treasonous ilk's would love to continue the status quo, i.e., let the mullahs continue to rape, plunder, terrorize, and take as hostage the whole world. This, the civilized world can NOT allow to happen.

3. SSU's & NB's claim of deaths of more than 655,000 in the war against terrorism. First, where is the source for this claim? Second, the Islamic Republic has directly and indirectly caused the death, destruction, and destitute of millions.

Now, here are the real facts. The Islamic Republic of Mullahs has directly participated in of caused the:

* Death, imprisonment, and purging of tens of thousands of military generals, officers, pilots, cabinet members, civilians during 1979-1980, simply for the sin of association,

* Death, imprisonment, and fleeing of tens of thousands of the political opponents, e.g., MEK's, the leftists, etc., who by the way helped the mullahs to take power,

* Death of over of 1,000,000 Iranians through the 8-year long war with Iraq which was instigated by Ayatollah Khomeini for his desire to export the Islamic Revolution to the neighboring countries.

* Taking of 52 American hostages for 444 days,

* Bombing of the US Embassies and Marines Building in 1979, 1980, 1983.

* Taking American university professors, journalists, and state department staff as hostage during the mid 80's

* Killing the Iranian oppositions all over Europe and across the world including PM Shahpour Bakhtiyar who happened to be an ally of the late Dr. Mosadeq.

* I leave the completion of this list to others....

I don't know the relationship between Prof. Bagherzadeh and Mrs. Sepahpour-Ulrich. I assume it is purely based on intellectual collaboration and not other human factors. But, I would suggest that Prof. Bagherzadeh spends more attention reviewing his student's work before they publish it. After all, isn't that a basic teaching in a graduate school. Don't be high on ignorance!

Manuchehr Mosadeq


Neo carzies are at it again

On Manuchehr Mosadeq's "High on ignorance":

You completely missed out the point; and I am not surprised. Because from the accusatory tone of your email you are very angry, and probably very good at making cock and bull stories about those who defend Iran: It is not going to work. It doesn't matter if Khobar Tower bombing happened on 1993, 1996, or 2006; or how many have exactly died in Iraq: 650K, 65K, or 65.

The point is that using lies to promote a warmongering policy by the neo carzies is illegal and immoral. It will weaken the position of US in the world and will be the source of turmoil in the Middle East. The neo carzies are at it again, and they want results before Jan 2009.

My advice to you is instead of wasting your time calling names; read these articles with a broader brush. You never know, but Cheney may deliver your sinister wish before he leaves office.

Nader Bagherzadeh


We'll support you all the way!

On Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich & Nader Bagherzadeh's "High on hate?":

Bravo Soraya!

You are a brave, intelligent, patriotic, and caring Iranian lady who puts a lot of Iranian guys who are on the Israel's side, to shame! More power to you! You make us proud! Keep on writing, and continue your war against the enemies of Iran including AIPAC! We'll support you all the way!



Secular fascists

On Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich & Nader Bagherzadeh's "High on hate?":

Excellent article, I think the authors are terribly right, as they unmasked the nasty side of some unsavory characters in Iranian opposition groups who have joined forces with the neo-con cabals who wrote the destruction scenario of Iraq.

The article shows that the Iranian people worst enemies grooming these so called opposition figures as they commonly known as “US jodadeh softkon” to carry out their treachery against the Iranian nation. It is a duty of every Iranian patriot to expose these traitors, there is no room for errors, the history of Iran is littered with the collaborators who have betrayed our nation.

It is interesting that Fakhravar was given a US visa in less than 4 hours after arriving in UAE, he was taken to US by the angle darkness Richard Perle one of the architects of Iraq war and staunch supporter of military attack against Iran, Fakhravar is a close friend of Michael Leaden an arch enemy of the Iranian people.

In an interview in Sunday Telegraph, 02-07-2006 Fakhravar has given its tacit approval to the plan of military action against Iran. When asked whether military action would be desirable, he replied: "Whatever the world does against the Iranian regime, the Iranian people will be supportive."

The secular fascist Iranian opposition groups are in convenience with a neo-Conservative to target Iran. Reza Pahlavi and the renegade monarchists’ agenda all to do with the lost power and positions they held before the Revolution in Iran. These opposition s groups also consists of some of newly released dissidents imprisoned by the regime after khorded uprising and revisionist leftist who have started their charm offensive to promote the neo-cons policy and helping Bush’s PR machine on Iran with misinformation and propaganda which they are hoping that would pave the way for the military action and sanction against Iran.

These opposition groups repeat the neo-cons accusation in the daily programs on TV, Iranian Channel one and as a frequent guests on VOA .The neo-cons remarks can be found in their writings which often appear in a rightwing pro neoconservative press. They emphasize these allegations vehemently and enthusiastically that the Iranian regime sponsors terrorism, threatens Israel existence, seeks to thwart the Middle East peace plan while terrorism of US and Israel is portrayed as fighting for democracy and freedom.

Their incredible stories which are virtually impossible to verify are merely for media consumptions and ordinary middle class and some disenchanted Iranians, they like to be seen among Iranians as they are intelligent, sophisticated, pro western liberal whom the Iranian people can trust. They reinforce trivial tales, elaborately describe in details and perpetuate conspiracy theories about the officials in the Iranian regimes so to make their melodramas more plausible.

Muhammad Sahim the neoconservatives Propaganda War:

“Another facet of the neoconservatives' and the Administration's strategy towards Iran has been an intense propaganda war, pursued in multiple fronts. The war is being aided by exiled Iranians who, in the name of patriotism, are willing to do anything and say anything to achieve their goals. One well-known example is Dr. Alireza Nourizadeh, the London-based political analyst, who not only loudly repeats VERBATIM the neoconservatives' nonsense, but also tops it off by his own exaggerations and innuendoes. In particular, although Nourizadeh lacks even the most elementary knowledge about Iran's energy picture, the state of its oil and gas reserves, and its need for an alternative source of energy, he has been making some of the most absurd claims about Iran's energy problems and the way to address them”.

The question we need to ask these so called opposition groups what happens, the day after US strikes Iran?



Deliberate inactivity amongst Iranian-Americans?

On Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich & Nader Bagherzadeh's "High on hate?":

In your article titled 'High on hate?' you mention "she is equally abandoned by Iranian-Americans. While the Iranians take pride in their history, they shun away from defending her from the imminent danger she is in, or contributing to the future in a meaningful way."

How are you coming to this conclusion? Why do you assume that Iranian-Americans don't care or "shun away from defending" Iran? Why not be a little more realistic and recognize the fact that there's little we can do - some of us do as much as we can in our way(s) - and ultimately until you have any suggestions or solutions for your fellow Iranian-Americans, don't make such general accusations.

You also go on to mention "Yet they are insensitive to the threat of war, death of millions of fellow Iranians, and destruction of their country."

I personally am not insensitive - so I take offense when you write such things - and all of my Iranian-American friends feel the same, they are worried, scared, anxious, depressed, and absolutely horrified about an actual attack on Iran. Some of us are trying to fight the media-war by being "active" cyber-soldiers, and some of us try to be good citizens or question-hungry constituents to our congressmen. These are areas that Iranian-Americans have in fact been more involved in now, especially with the existence of great organizations such as NIAC.

May I suggest that you direct your declarations of deliberate inactivity amongst Iranian-Americans, towards Iranians in Iran - why? Because change must come from within - with some media-support from the rest of the world to jump-start the action. Freedom does not come cheap. Everyone else had to fight for their freedom and so must we.

May I also remind you that it is the Iranians in Iran, like the people who enlist in the Baseej group or become Pasrdars, are the ones that kill and torture innocent Iranians everyday - not me or my fellow Iranian-Americans. Did you hear about the girl who had a baseball inserted in her rectum so viciously that she later died from it? Guess who carried out this heinous act -- my Iranian "hamvatans" in Iran.

By the way, take a look at this video-link below that was posted on Iranain.com not too long ago. It clearly shows that the people living inside Iran are the ones who are being inactive. The men in this video stand around and do absolutely NOTHING to help this poor screaming girl who was arrested for "unislamic" attire.

Had you suggested that we all unite as one, maybe that would have been a bit more digestible. However, this approach of oversimplifying and downgrading one another is one of the main reasons we are not united.

So my only question for you is, what do you suggest Iranian-Americans do to stop you from accusing them of being indifferent to their homeland and relatives back home?

Sanaz Khalaj


Innovative, modern, heavy but yet Irooni

On Mohsen Namjoo's "Diazepam 10":

Again Namjoo proves to be the best Iranian musician alive. He's always got a middle finger up his sleeve. Great bands like Abjeez (Rock, Reggae), Hyper Nova (punk rock) and Kiosk (Dire Straits, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan) successfully and professionally perform Western style music (that's a huge step for retarded Iranian pop culture). However, Namjoo's unique style reaches well beyond anything we have.

Namjoo is innovative, modern, heavy but yet Irooni and illegally traditioinal ... something completely original on his own...and it works! He gives me the chills every time. He's a fucking Mozart! We've never had anything like him before. Namjoo will be copied by generations to come. He's truly the best and I'm extremely proud of him. Keep an eye on him!



Gift of seeing beauty in all things

On Shahireh Sharif's "A drop of humanity":


You have the gift of seeing beauty in all things. I like to know the camera used to take these pictures.

Be well and do good work.




On Shahireh Sharif's "A drop of humanity":

Wonderful pictures, thx for sharing them.



I wish honest people lead us

On Pooya Dayanim's "Standing in solidarity"

Dear Editor:

I truly believe in your motto that nothing is sacred. Therefore, far be it from me to ask you to censor anyone. But it needs to be clarified that Mr. Dayanim has in the past written and conducted himself in a manner that shows his bigotry towards the Iranian Moslem population. I do not see him as a defender of our Iranian Jewish brothers and sisters, but more of a hatemonger towards the majority. He might have changed his appearance, but I will sincerely question this man's loyalties toward our motherland. I stand firm for a secular democratic Iran, free of "Velayateh Faghih", but I wish honest people lead us in that route, and not likes of Mr. Dayanim.


The Sheytan


We owe a lot to him

On excerpt from Monir Farmanfarmaian and Zara Houshmand's book "A Mirror Garden"

I have only read this small part of the book. Easy reading, and very interesting. Made me very nostalgic. BUT...

I think the book would be as interesting, without the silly comment about Reza Shah the great in hell burning with the writer. After all we Iranians (the writer included) have benefited from the reforms of this great man. Especially women. We should not forget that Reza Shah brought reforms that pushed Iran out of the middle ages and on to the 20th. Century. We owe a lot to him. To make the book sellable in Iran, is not a valid excuse to be ungrateful to our history.

Parvine and Cyrus Farmanfarmaian


Upper crust ladies

On excerpt from Monir Farmanfarmaian and Zara Houshmand's book "A Mirror Garden"

Yet another memoir from the upper crust ladies.

Asghar Massombagi


Land of Aryans

On Mehrdad Khodayari's "How shallow have we become?":

I found this article to be interesting and fascinating to read. My only comments is that I feel really saddened to see that even some of us Iranians have been succumbed to this notion of calling our country Persia and not Iran. Admittedly, Persia has those romantic connotations attached to it, and is more readily recognisable to the foreigners, because for far too long they have been used to this name. Persia, as we all know pertains to only one area of our land, where the first unified Iranian state originated from, and from where our greatest (and the first ever world super power) started from. For this reason alone the Greeks, who at the time were the other leading nation of the time, associated us with this origin.

It is interesting also to note that the original Greek state at the time was nothing like we know now. Indeed they were city states of Athens and Sparta. Which really raises the question, why are they not called Athenians?!!

To us Iranians, our land has always been Iran, in some form or other. The origins of this name go back into antiquities and our Aryan heritage. For the record, our ancestors were called Aryan (which is the plural form of Arya), they called their land Aeera Vaejo (spelling). However through centuries this name changed into Iran. In fact if one delves into the literary masterpieces of the sons and daughters of Iran, there are many references to Iran as "Iran-zamin" or Iran-shahr" both meaning "land of Aryans". Nowhere do we see in Iranian literary any references to "Persia" or "Pars" or "Fars" pertaining to the country's name.

The gist of all the above is really, we are Iranians with Persian ethnic group (as  the dominant majority) within us. Let us not get succumbed by the western thoughts, and call ourselves Iranians, not just Persians. Indeed there are many nations around the world whose local names are very different to what the Anglo-Saxon world calls them. For example, do you know where Deutschland; Hrvtska; Hellas; Magyar; Oestreich (spelling); Nippon; Xinhua; etc etc are.

Cam Garry


Iranians never called Iran, Persia

On Mehrdad Khodayari's "How shallow have we become?"

Mr. Khodayari, (I am glad you are not Allahyari)

You have some valid and important points that need to be discussed in a forum of scholars. I just want to mention that Iranians never called Iran, Persia, it was always called Iran! It was originally called "Iran shahr!"

Also, did you know that the co-producer and writer of Apocalypto is an Iranian mathematician from Oxford University? Maybe he could produce a movie about Darius!

Glad to see your love and passion for us!



Sad. Really sad.

On Lance Raheem's "Perverts have rights, too"

The author says Hajiagha's work is disgusting and vulgar. I fully agree.

The author says Hajiagha's work should not be censored. I agree. But that only means the government should not force Iranian.com to take the catoons offline. But Iranian.com should be free to make a decision to publish according to its policy. Don't confuse government censorship with private action.

So ... should Iranian.com take these cartoons offline? I have no opinion on that. I'll let others decide.

But ... one thing nobody seems to mention: Hajiagha's cartoons, besides being vulgar, are very low quality. They are not funny. They have nothing new to say. They are not sharp or witty. They are indicative of a deeply, sad, angry, bitter, and lonely person, pathetically trying to find a wife to change his reclusive, wretched, bleak and miserable existence. And nobody mentions the fact that Hajiagha seems to be virtually illeterate in English.

Sad. Really sad.



Pursuit of happiness is not for all

On Amir Fakhravar:

Click here to read and view the list and pictures of the so called Iranian Student Confederation recently created by Fakhravar and Nazanin Afshar-Jam (who was granted the honor of sitting with Reza Pahlavi, as you see in the picture) and many others who are calling themselves HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS!!!!!!! only for Iranians in Iran, the other humans' rights does not matter!! (Abu Gharib tortures, Guantanamo, Secrect prisions,  and so many others does not count for them!!!. 37 millions of American living in poverty and 48 million who do not have any Health Insurance do not matter. Pursuit of happiness is not for all!!)

As I remember, Mr. Fakhravar was one of the leading persons who during infamous student uprising in Iran, encouraged the students to get out of their peaceful demonstartion, go to the streets and do all the wild actions possible. There were so many banks, offices, public buses and other properties destroyed.  Police came out and defeated the uprising badly. All the progressives groups were supposed to join the student in Tehran University in supporting them, had no choice to cancel it, because of some questionable radicals succesfuly took advantage of the situation.

Seyed Moussavi


Why is it wrong if IRI has lobbyists?

On Qumars Bolourchian's "That's some network":

I am totally lost if I oppose bombing of my country I am on IRI payroll how the H. you come up with that thinking? Why is it wrong if IRI has lobbyists? I do not see the point of your article.

Davood Alian


"Tokyo Rose(s)" of 21st century

On Qumars Bolourchian's "That's some network":

Well Mr. Bolourchian you had me going for a while. Your whimsical portrait of VOA and their lackeys had my blood pressure rise to an unsafe level but then seeing your diagram was a relief. I hope people just don't read a few lines from headlines page.

I was in Iran during last New Year and I had the misfortune of viewing VOA. Unfortunately in Tehran, at least, many people has VOA on during its Farsi broadcast. To them is more a curiosity than a call to action. This station supported by American tax payers is not the real voice of America. It is a voice of Neo-cons and Zionists and I like to call it VON & Z station. To me those who appear on VON & Z are "Tokyo Rose(s)" of 21st century. I hope one day our tax money is spent more constructively to promote Peace on Earth.



Look in the mirror

On Amil Imani's "Payback time":

Dude ... easy on Pro-Israeli Star Bucks and let your Johnson chill for a sec. You don't represent more than handful of Iranians either! We already have the Mullahs with no room for you ... you're adding "Kashk" to crap and calling it "Aash-Reshteh for Iran." Worry about your own issues and practice what you preach by putting an end to apartheid in your neck of occupied woods. Good luck with your "activism!"


PS. Look in the mirror and learn the definition of "hostility."


Trita Parsi shot President Kennedy

On Qumars Bolourchian's "That's some network":

Dear Qumars Bolourchian:

I think you need to behave responsibly while revealing the truth about fellow rat-basterd "Jaasoos" Iroonies. Trita Parsi is also the so-called "grassy knoll" second gunman, which shot at President Kennedy at exactly the same moment as assassin Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots from a book depository.



Miss an important Iranian connection?

On Shahriar Nayeri's "Indian riches":

Dear Iranian:

I loved the photo essay from India! Did you miss an important Iranian connection to one of the structures you photo’d?

The Lotus Temple, aka, the Baha’i House of Worship in Delhi, was designed by Iranian architect, Fariborz Sahba,
now a Canadian citizen, born 1948 in Iran. He received a master's degree in architecture from the Faculty of Fine Arts
at Tehran University.

Susan Bentler


Zedbazi doesn't have it yet

On Zedbazi's rap music:

Real hip-hop is more than smoking weed and weak imitation of hard gangster life. It's an attitude. Zedbazi doesn't have it yet ... maybe they're still too young.

These self-clamed "most influential rap artists from mid-east" are several years behind the real most influential rap artists of mid-east. The real success story echoed by media, comes from a Palestinian group called DAM. First video linked below shows real footage of their environment/upbringing. This low-budget, clever video shows a real riot scene and deliberately done in Hebrew to reach Israeli audience (the female rapper sings in Arabic). Second video also speaks volums without spending a dime! DAM is not about looping West-Cost style software imitatioin ... smoking weed or wearing fancy gangster outfits (before reaching platinum)! DAM is the real deal. Watch and judge for yourself (1) (2)

There's another Iranian rapper from "Sharak Ekbaatan" who's arguably the best we have from Iran. Took him several years before pulling it off! Check him out.



Keep talking to stars

On Ali Mostofi's "Blessing in disguise":

Mr Mostofi's arguments are as mixed up as his self-styled Zoroastrianism. To start with, is it not laughable for someone named Ali Mostofi to condemn the mullahs and their alien culture while his own name is the very symbol of the culture he seeks to deride?

For someone named after the father of all Seyyeds, i.e. Imam Ali, (the son-in-law of the Prophet of Islam) and carrying the title of Mostofi (another Arabic word meaning the 'clerk' and ironically is a cousin of 'clergy') to claim that he is a Zoroastrian is akin to one called Gharapet Gharapetian claiming to be a Seyyed, though under the Islamic Regime in Iran there is a good chance for latter to become a reality. So the self-styled Zoroastrianism of Ali Mostofi carries the same weight as made-up version of the Iranian nationalism. Whether we like it or not, Islam, and particularly its Shiite branch, has become an integral part of our national identity – and it has its roots in the Arab conquest of Persia.

There is compelling historic evidence to suggest that the Persians of 14 centuries ago, who were disappointed and disgusted by the excessive abuse of power by their Zoroastrian priests, openly welcomed the emergence of a new faith, Islam, that put the priest and the people on a more equal footing and removed the widely class-ridden society of the Sassanid Persia. You may think that I am saying all these in defence of the Islamic invasion of Persia fourteen hundred years ago - if so, wait a little longer.  Little did they (Persian converts) know that a few centuries down the line and particularly when the Shiite Islam became the mainstream denomination of the Iranians, their priests, better known as Akhund, would surpass the worst excess of their Zoroastrian counterparts by a factor of 10 in the least.

It is easy for every Muslim born, mid-life converted, kaaseh garm tar az aash, Zartoshti, like Ali Mostofi, to scoff at the Muslim kings and princes of Iran and gives them lecture based on their own blinkered views of nationalism but the last laugh is on them – 1400 years ago a top ranking Zartoshti priest and an army General who was supposed to be the symbol of nationalism, named Salman Farsi, betrayed his king to the Islamists and joined the invading forces. Three decades ago his professional descendants in the same army committed high treason and followed in Salman’s footstep to neutralise the very army that was supposed to protect the king i.e the symbol of nationalism and the nation. That was Iranian nationalism before the advent of Islam and this was the Iranian nationalism 1400 years later. Now Mr Mostofi, if any one needs some advice is you- keep talking to stars.



Seyyeds are cleverer than Mr Mostofi

On Ali Mostofi's "Blessing in disguise":

Mr Mostofi is really wide of the mark when it comes to charlatan Seyyeds. I do not want to comment on his views about RP as he is perfectly entitled to his opinion and RP has little credibility anyway but I want to challenge Mr Mostofi's view of the Mullahs. Mr Mostofi's view of them is incredibly naiive and ignorant of modern Iranian History.

The Mullahs have been very smart in manipulating Iraninan (ofthen misplaced) nationalistic feelings with incredible degree of success. You only need to leaf through the modern history of Iran to see one plot after another by the 'Seyyeds' to channel Iranian Nationalism into uprisings and trouble making for their own gain.

This regime has managed to survive purely because it has turned every foreign threat, real or imaginary into a nationlist cause and prolong its stinking life. The current American adminsitration does not seem to understand this and has played right into their hands by very poor handling of the nuclear issue. So Mr Mostofi, Seyyed Reza Pahlavi - BTW do you become a Seyeed through the Maternal line? Farah Pahlavi until recently had on her site, the Diba family tree proving she was descendent of some 'Shiite' Imam on her Web site and it was taken off in a hurry after everyone compained - as much as you hate it, is correct in saying what we have all said, the regime has avidly followed the nationalist line on the nuclear issue to fool Iranians. And they have fallen for it, hook, line and sinker.

Amir Rostam


Who are the “Seyyeds”?

On Ali Mostofi's "Blessing in disguise":

I’m sorry, I’m kind of confused about your article. Who are the “Seyyeds” that you are referring to? From my understand seyyed is the title given to those who are supposedly descendents of the Prophet Muhammad.  So when you say “Iranians cannot fight violently the Seyyeds who do not believe in Life, but worship death” and when you use it continuously throughout your article, do you really mean to say we need to attack all Muslims in Iran who consider themselves to be Seyyed?

I hope you know that genocide includes the destruction of people based upon their cultural, religious, and ethnic identity. I really hope you don’t mean what you have to say. If you’re angry with the Iranian government, then make that clear. But don’t create a classification where people beyond those who you are targeting are the subjects of your attack, in this case Muslims who are Seyyed and who do not support the current Iranian government, but clearly fall in your overbroad and outwardly racist classification.

Nema Milaninia


Never read a funnier piece

On Ali Mostofi's "Blessing in disguise":

Hahahaha. Your article belonged in the Humor/Satire section. Never read a funnier piece. Good job, you should write for The Onion.

Dariush Abadi


Nothing less than remarkable

On Touraj Daryaee's " Go tell the Spartans":

Good write-up, but the numerical odds of the battle were very (extremely) heavily weighted in favor of the Persians. While the ideals overly expressed in the movie regarding freedom were overdone, the ability of such a small number (relative to attackers) of men to hold off such a massive number of invaders is nothing less than remarkable.

Your analysis exceeds the thought process of most who view(ed) the movie with regard to the East versus the West struggle that you tend to focus on. By focusing on contemporary events in an effort to draw far reaching parallels, you weaken your position in attributing historical hyperbole to anti-Persian rhetoric (Iranian).

Robert Skelton


Did I miss that?

On Ali Mostofi's "Blessing in disguise":

When did he become the Crown Prince, did I miss that? Last I was following that story, he had stolen loads of money from Iran and was sitting on his ass enjoying the fruit of his family's robbery.



I am shocked that Iranians in US still waiting for White House's magic wand

On Javad Fakharzadeh's "Inside look":

I want to express my gratitude to Javad for his piece on inside Iran. It always amazes me that folks try to always put a label on their compatriot if they praise a progress (they call them Islamist) that Iran has made and always bash the regime no matter what.

I also came to US back in 1977 and truly cherish the progress that our younger generation has made under these conditions and how the regime has stood steadfast amid 27 years of sanctions, 8 years of brutal war against not just Iraq (but as Khomeini said "against the world"). As a teen who has grown up in the US and seen its beligerent attitude and hegimony and lack of concern for anyone in Islamic world, I am shocked that Iranian disporia in US is still waiting for White House's magic wand to bring democracy to Iran.

I also agree with Javad that indeed the metro is impressive as I remember back in the 70's the Tehran Mayor was always (Ghafelgir- Surprised) by first snow or heavy rain and the whole transportation system was a mess. Given what Iran went through with devastating War (Millions dead and billions in debt), it is a major milestone that today we actually make and export products, becoming self sufficient in Nuclear power and best of all these folks we berate as Mullah's are controlling the Superpowers. It is a shame that a country who's Shah was practically raised and educated in Switzerland and seen the world was taking orders from Stupid American generals and now these so call mullah's or religious fanatics control the entire politics in Middle East.

Again thank you for your candide opinion. Things are bad here too in US if you look around, 45 million with no Health care coverage, erosion of democracy as been shown by secret detention camps and prisons (Guantanamo), killing of religous sects like David Koresh..absolute control of US media by Zionist and Christian align Zions...and this is all happeining in Worls #1 democracy...what do Iranian expatriot expect in Iran given all the threats we receive everyday by US and Israel?

Jack soo

June 22


Nostalgic Natanz

On Bita Ria's "Returning to Kesheh":

Dear Bita,

I was overjoyed with much exhilaration to have looked at the pictures you shared on Kesheh. My parents, like yours, had left Natanz for Tehran when they were young to finally settle in Shemiran via SaboonPaz khooneh in south Tehran. I was born in Dezashib and grw up in Evian, outside the notorious wall along the Parkway. In fact, my last name Rahni, corresponds to Rahan, a small village south of Natanz proper, which is now in effect annexed to Natanz.

And my mother’s folks come from Tameh, a small sleepy village at the foothills of the Karkas (Vulture) Mountain, elevation 4200 meters; I climbed it dozens of times. The word Karkas relates to an era in the near past, when there were Zoroastrian burial mounds around Karkas Mountain. The vultures were hovering atop the mounds, hills and the mountains such as above Gonbade Baz, a dome, which is said to be the burial shrine of Shah Abbas Falcon, whom he killed out of anger, but in reality is a Atashkadeh (Zoroastrian Temple).

Like you I have many beautiful nostalgic memories of these places in the tranquil Natanz and the surroundings. It aches my heart to see the otherwise good noble name, Natanz, drawn into mud in western media, for the alleged nuclear related activities nearby. No one, including many Iranian compatriots, realize that this township and 70 plus villages and hamlets belonging to its district, spoke middle Pahlavi dialects till recent juncture an many were actually of Zoroastrian faith.

Thanks again for sharing.

Davood Rahni


I do not want my country to turn into another Iraq

On W.K.Angmar's " Not evolved one iota after 30 years" in response to critics of Javad Fakharzadeh's "Inside look":

W.K.Angmar , demonstrates this western taboo in his opening paragraph.

"thinly-veiled bigotry ("Zionism" ........."

You mention Zionism, and you are a bigot! Iran (like before) is still corrupt. Our core culture is still the same. I do however believe that the young 18-30 yrs are far more mature politically than they were when Shah was there. This is no thanks to Shah's de-poloiticization/oppression of our society.

What USA is doing in Mid-East is primarily for USA/Israel interests in the region. There is no question about the oppressiveness of this regime. BUT, I do not want my country to turn into another Iraq, and I do not want another potentially bloody revolution/regime change /civil war.

These guys are not going to go anywhere soon, so I would support change from within and encouraging organic nationalistic/ democratic movements.



Responsible for the death & destruction

On Javad Fakharzadeh's "Inside look":

I guess you’ve started drinking the Islamic Republic of Iran Kool-Aid.

How dare you write as if Iranians love/loved Khomeini or mourn his death? How dare you visit his shrine as if he was truly an Imam? He was and still is responsible for the deaths of MILLIONS of Iranians and the destruction of our country.

Mozhi H.


Should, and will back this guy big time!

On Toofan Hosseinnezhad's "Ron Paul":

Great article on Dr. Paul. I think the Persian community could, should, and will back this guy big time! Go to youtube and search for Ron Paul to find out more about his freedom message.

Avery J. Knapp Jr., M.D.


Go ahead and vote for a fool

On Toofan Hosseinnezhad's "Ron Paul":

Main problem with this candidate is the one and only line you quoted him as speaking: Ron Paul: "Are we really considering nuking an ancient civilization that has never attacked our country and poses no credible threat to us?"

The IRI attacked the US when it seized the US Embassy in Tehran, in 1979. An act of war. And an attack on the United States of America.

It isn't even necessary to evaluate the "credible threat" portion of his statement. Somebody who is too stupid to realize when the country he wants to be President has been attacked is not credible.

But by all means, go ahead and vote for a fool. More power to you :)

I'm not even sure who I'm voting for in '08. It's looking like a competition between bad candidates. But it won't be this loser.

Craig B


He could be a very good candidate

On Toofan Hosseinnezhad's "Ron Paul":

My dear friend, i have to say that I agree with you %100. It is interesting that I came across your article today, becuase about couple of hours ago I was thinking about this guy who happens to be a republican but actually makes sense. He could be a very good candidate for the Iranian-American voice. I just wish we had a little unity, like our jewish brothers.

Long live freedom, peace and our beloved Iran.

Omid Haftlang


ALL Iranians must vote for him

On Toofan Hosseinnezhad's "Ron Paul":

Toofan - I completely agree with you regarding Ron Paul. I am a Republican, and he is the first true Republican (not influenced by AIPAC nor the neocons) that I've seen in a long time. And yes, his voting record is just amazing. I actually began talking about him to not only my family and fellow Iranians, but also (in my opinion, even more important) discussed Ron Paul with my American friends and some colleagues. I'll certainly continue to get the word out ... and yes you're absolutely right, no one will win if, God forbid, US/Israel bomb Iran - not the religious extremists nor the reformers.

Also, the sanctions that the US and other Western countries are proposing will actually have an inverse effect - hindering growth of Iran's economy which will make Iranians angry, possibly increasing support for the current extremist government. Change can be brought forth by increasing interaction with Iran from a business and economic standpoint. We must give the people in our country more taste of the freedom that we're enjoying here in the US and in Western Europe. Of course, we all know that Israel won't allow US to go with this approach.

Ron Paul (Republican Presidential candidate) made a speech titled "Iran: The Next Neocon Target" in Congress in April 2006. Please take some time and read this amazing speech. It is available here. As Toofan Hosseinnezhad mentioned in a short article last week, Ron Paul is certainly one that ALL Iranians must vote for!

From the speech: "... Even with the horrible results of the past three years, Congress is abuzz with plans to change the Iranian government. There is little resistance to the rising clamor for democratizing" Iran, even though their current president, Mahmoud Almadinejad, is an elected leader. Though Iran is hardly a perfect democracy, its system is far superior to most of our Arab allies about which we never complain. Already the coordinating propaganda has galvanized the American people against Iran for the supposed threat it poses to us with weapons of mass destruction that are no more present than those Saddam Hussein was alleged to have had. It's amazing how soon after being thoroughly discredited over the charges levied against Saddam Hussein the Neo-cons are willing to use the same arguments against Iran. It's frightening to see how easily Congress, the media, and the people accept many of the same arguments against Iran that were used to justify an invasion of Iraq."

Let's rally behind Ron Paul!



If only more Americans would bother to listen to a 3rd party candidate

On Toofan Hosseinnezhad's "Ron Paul":

As a long time Libertarian I have been aware of Ron Paul as a voice of reason ever since he ran for President as a Libertarian candidate back in 1988. If only more Americans would bother to listen to a 3rd party candidate we might be in a better place.

Cameron Douraghy


Color Cola

On quiz about the name of Iranian soft drinks:

Zard, meshki, sefid va dough :o)

Kaveh Faroughi



On Ali Khaligh's photos, "Sweet & sour":

Dear Ali:

I tremendously enjoyed your pictures posted on Iranian.com.


Leila Farjami


Humorous yet so truthful

On Jeesh Daram's "I have a dream":

Good Morning to you. I have read your article in Iranian.com, and have been inspired by its humor, and yet so truthful look deep inside our cultural issues, way beyond any political means.

Thank You for articulating it so clearly.

Mehrdad Anjedani


Less of his fat belly, more scenery

On Siamack Salari's videoblog "Globetrotter":

If this narcissistic gentleman MUST tell us about his travels then he needs to turn his video camera off when he is in his bedroom and turn it on when he is filming the cities and natural scenery in his travels. This way the viewers will get less of his fat belly and hairy legs and more of the local people and scenery in countries where he travels.

I would also suggest he pick up a copy of Rumi's poetry and read it on the plane to his next destination.

It will teach him a thing or two about "gluttony" and "self-centeredness"!

N Shafiei


These people all worked for think tanks that wanted "regime change"

On Mehdi Amini's "He is a man of peace":

At a time when the US is openly spending $70 million dollars, plus who knows how many BILLIONS of dollars to overthrow or at least destabilize the Iranian government, I think you have to play MAJORLY stupid to ask yourself what "security charges" implies.

You must have had your head in the sand the past 60 years (since the coup of Mossadeq), when the US has done covert action after covert action against the Iranian people and her interests, to claim that there is no security threat against Iran.

Wake up. Stop playing stupid. These people all worked for think tanks that wanted "regime change" as part of their agenda. It was their own choice to embark on this mission, and if they went to Iran to play martyr, they got their wishes to come true.

Dariush Abadi


Don’t shoot the messenger!

In response to critics of Javad Fakharzadeh's "Inside look":

I was surprised to read the level of criticism aimed at Mr. Javad Fakharzadeh’s report "Inside look". It is beyond my comprehension why so many persons resorted to profanity to express their views. Thoughtful criticism is a legitimate response; personal attack is not.

First of all, Mr. Fakharzadeh is using his real name. Secondly, he is not hiding in another country to express his views. Thirdly, he simply reported an experience while visiting his motherland. One must take into consideration that it is a very emotional experience to go back after many years to visit one’s homeland. It is not difficult to see why he was impressed that there is no graffiti in the subways of Iran.

It seems that a few did not like his attack on Zionism for world problems. One cannot deny that Zionists control the media including broadcasting. Traveling the world helps one see the reality of what is taking place.

I cannot blame only the government for our problems. The majority of people should be blamed because of their inaction and/or apathy.

One should not judge Mr. Fakharzadeh from his recent article. He has been one of the active members of our community defending Iran’s heritage; a simple Google search will demonstrate his activities on behalf of Iran and Iranians.

Rather than pointing fingers and blaming others, get involved. Take time and money to protect what is left of our heritage. Sitting in the comfort of one’s home criticizing someone who is doing something won’t solve our problems. Participate peacefully, defend our rights and the right of others, only then can change be expected. I must add that our problems were not created overnight; obviously change also will not happen quickly.

Mohammad Ala


Actually Orthodox Judaism is a lot nuttier than Islam

On Kaveh Nouraee's "Open your eyes":

Mr. Nouraee (derivative of Arabic nour) in his diatribe against the IRI writes "The real reason none of this is propagated in the West stems from the fact that by doing so, it only serves to legitimize the regime. A regime that has accomplished nothing more than sending our country back to the stone ages where every aspect of life is micromanaged, scrutinized and criminalized." Micromanaging, scrutinizing and criminalizing human behaviour and interaction, in short policing morality, is a Judaic tradition passed on to Christianity and Islam.

To paraphrase Saint John, Moses brought the Law and Jesus brought the Grace, and law of Moses is all about what to do and when to do it and who you may or may not to do it with; what you eat and how you cut and cook it, who do you sleep with and what time of the month and in what positions and facing what side of the room, what you read and you shouldn't read, what you listen and shoudln't listen to, etc.

Actually Orthodox Judaism is a lot nuttier than Islam when it comes to laying down laws for every possible individual and social activity. Containing radical fundamentalist Judaism has been a challenge to secular Jews in Israel itself from its conception threatening to take over the entire society, what with rabbis and their cronies patrolling the streets after sundown on Saturday and intimidating those who "break Sabbath." And by the way, chronologically speaking Judaism being a Bronze Age religion is closer to Stone Age than 7th century Islam. I'm always amused by those who make the attack on the IRI a philistine attack on the entire Arab culture and a blind defense of the state of Israel as if Arab equals Moslem and backward and Jew equals modern and progressive.

Asghar Massombagi


He prefers the ideology of death

On Kaveh Nouraee's "Open your eyes":

Bravo Kaveh;

People like Fakharzadeh have apparently not learned a lesson or two spending a miserable 30 years living among the more civilized. He prefers the ideology of death and mourning and what has passed, to celebrating the living and enjoying the accomplishment of science and technology.

If Khomeini was the Imam (the term itself is an affront to humanity) he had 8 years of daily power to stop the bloodshed. He alone bears the responsibility of killing over a million people.

Next to the Jewish Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide and Mohammad’s Genocide 1400 years ago, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s holocaust should occupy the top three spots. One day soon his tomb will be replaced by a memorial to those killed by his orders, and the people who carried them out will be brought to justice in a Nuremberg style court.

Keep up your good comments.



He was a monster

On Kaveh Nouraee's "Open your eyes":

Not that I believe in hell, but I agree with you. He was a monster and his terrible influence remains.



Fresh air

On Sahba Aminkia's "Very very average":

You make good points. But you have to understand the excitement around this band in juxtaposition to the LA Persian music scene.

After so many years of bullshit out of LA, you can cut some slack. I have been playing reggae music for 8 years now. So when I heard a couple of reggae songs by the Abjeez, two things happened. I first compared them to the good music out of the reggae community at large. The Abjeez play everything right, but it is at best average as far as musical creativity is concerned.

Then I judged them based on their own merit and I got exited. Not because of whom the Abjeez are, rather because of where the Iranian music scene can one day be. In short, I don't believe the excitement that you see is because this band is so good, or that dude is a genius, it is just as a result of first, some fresh air and second, the potential of what could be.

Kusha Sefat


Important, shameful

On Jian Khodadad's "10 women of Shiraz":

Dear Ms. Khodadad,

Thank you for reminding us of the anniversary of such an important, yet shameful event in the recent Iranian history.

Tens of thousands of young Baha'i's in Iran are still subjects of systematic persecution in their birth country. Whether this persecution is in the form of harassment in secondary or high school, or prohibition of acceptance in universities, it is a shme that very little attention is given to this matter by Iranians inside and outside of Iran.

Thank you Mr. Javid for publishing the names and photographs of these brave women.

Carlsbad, Calif


I can't sleep now

On gruesome murder video "Runaway girl":

dear editor,

pls. take out this barbaric vidoe out from your page.. I know it is awful but should we see this type of video?? it makes a very bad bad feeling for public. I cant sleep now because of this terrible video.

Amir Khansari


Poor girl

On gruesome murder video "Runaway girl":

This wasn't a beating, it looks like murder is being committed... where the hell is this happening and who are these people? the poor girl looks no more than 13-14 years old....

Maziar N


We've got to keep his legacy

On Jahanshah Javid's "Konaar in California":

Dear Mr. Javid hello,

I went through your photos of Mr. Khodadad's garden with a lot of interest. I was at his place just a few months back, I got home and realized I had purchased 17 trees I did not have room for in my garden. Needless to say, I fell in love with his garden and his passion for the trees.

I bought shahtoot, hoolooyeh angeery, balang, tooteh seeyah, rozeh mohamady, porteghaleh shahsavar, anareh saveh, narengeeyeh bam, nastaraneh majnoon ....you name it.

Somehow we've got to be able to keep his legacy. Your featuring his garden is a large step forward.

Thanks you.



Hezbollah terroists?

On Pouya Alimagham's "Operation isolation":

I'm curious to know whether you consider Hezbollah a terrorist organization, why or why not?

Flame S


This is called sexual harrasment

On Hossein Hajiagha's cartoons:

Respectful and honorable authority,

Please do not let bunch of psychopaths with sexual problems to tarnish your reputation. Hajiagha is disgrace to our culture and especially women. This is not freedom of speech or press . This is called sexual harrasment.




Iranians need no savior

On Amil Imani's "Payback time":

Mr. Imani,

So to summarize your article, lets pray and hope that Israel and its slave the US should overthrow this terrible regime of ours and bring a wonderfull servant (perhaps Reza Shah III) to turn our country to Turkey or Pakistan!!... have you no shame or have you been living in Moon in the last 27 years?... As for Jews... I am not sure how much you have dealt with them on personal level... but you surely can't blame Romans, and everyone in between all the way to Europeans and now Arabs and Persians as racist?... have you read the Talmud the authoritative book about the Jews?... have you heard the concept of "chosen people"?... Persians or Iranians need no savior...throughout our history we have had resloves and this too will pass.... Israel and Jews in general will only watch their own interest and that is the reason historically no one liked them as they did not integrate into their adopted lands!!

Jack soo


We're not stupid, you idiot!

On Amil Imani's "Payback time":

Why don't go visit Iran? They love to have you! your master israel is trying to get to our heads? Why don't you tell the damn israeli secret police and government to pull it out of Iran's behind and shove it in their own ass! We don't need israel and APAC's help! They are the ones who instigate all the problems in the region! help? They can kiss my a.!

We know who pays for you to publish articles on this site! We're not stupid, you idiot! you are the wolf dressed as a lamb! You didn't even try to hide your israeli name amil! Tell Israel to leave Iran to Iranians! Stop interfering in other countries, especially Iran! Israel is all over the world! Just look at ultra conservative ass hole Senator Lieberman who lost the election, despite that APAC bought his seat back as an independent so he can say: "bomb Iran!" He can go to hell! Is that what they taught him in his religion? Bomb your savior? We know better!

Iranians are too good for Israeli foxes!



Thoroughly enjoyable

On Jahanshah Javid's "The man with a smile":

Thoroughly enjoyed it man... :-)


Loved the comment "Nice job Dad, aaberoomoon ro bordee" ...LOL...

Cameron Niakan


Look beyond few cranes

On Foad's "Iran is thriving (wish it was more democrtic)":


are you sure the economy is thriving? It's easy to carry your US dollars and think every one is enjoying themselves like you. Obviously, you have not looked at any data. Official counts by the regime puts unemployment at over 30%. Can you just imagine that??? When unemployment rates rises above 5% in the US, people are ready to skin the politicians, yet the mullahs have not addressed this issue for three decades.

Putting up crane and construction is meaningless when the economy continues to be inefficient. Soviet Union and the entire communist block in Europe was far more industrialized than the US and western Europe but that was hallow development with no efficiency, no environmental regulations and no cultural preservation. In today's Iran, the gap between the rich and poor has been expanding for so long that that it seems that the living conditions under the Pahlavi era were relatively equitable.

You visit any poor neighborhood in the United States and you find plenty of people at fried chicken, Chinese restaurants and McDonald's - in most countries a trip to McDonald's is a luxury and no doubt foreign visitors would get an impression that poor people in the United States are so rich they can all afford McDonald's. And most poor Americans wear their jewelry more prominently than the upper middle class Americans.

You need to wake up and look beyond few cranes and clients at coffee shops and don't think the average Iranian has the same purchasing power as you do with your US dollars in your wallet.



Rock on Behrouz Jan!

On Bruce Bahmani's " Rock on Shahin Jan!":

Bruce Bahmani is the funniest, wittiest, feature writer on Iranian.com. This article has made me laugh out loud everytime I run accross it, because his metaphors for the evolution of Persian "cool" are so damned priceless!

Rock on Behrouz Jan! You're a classic.

Amir Salamat


Frankly I never cared for your writing that much but,

On Siamack Baniameri's "Good hair day":

Hi Sia,

Frankly I never cared for your writing that much but, this is really funny and for the most part true.

Thanks man,

Amir Moazzami


Humankind is now a mix

On Ben Madadi's "Blue blood? So what? Get to work!":

Very insightful article, applied today not only to Iran but to many coutries and "blue blood" folks as well. It is incredible that in these times of globalized scientific knowledge, still many people thinks that they descended from blue-blood legendary clans or tribes.

The English, the French and the Turks don't believe seriously that they are all descendants from Anglo-saxons, Franks or Turkish clans simply because they are just a mix, as the humankind is now that, a mix, and it is a process on the making. Don't tell me that the Iranian nationalism -- as the Nazis -- has made them believe that they are all siblings from Darius or Cyrus!

Alberto Castellanos
Florida, USA


Respect for life, respect for others

On Ben Madadi's "Republic of intimidation":

Baa salaam,

I haven’t had a chance to read your article in full, just wanted to apologize as a Fars for all the insults you have gotten so far and will get in the future. I got a taste of that year or two ago for actually pleading for cessation of Azerbaijan. One was actually pretty sure I work for Taheri, a journalist in Paris I was told, and get paid by Turkey!

Sooner or later though, you, the Azeris or Turks, have to decide whether you are Iranian or not. Don’t get me wrong, it is not for me to define who is Iranian or not. It is up to individuals to make that decision. I know of quite a few Azeris who are offended even insulted if called Iranian! And that not since IRI. I also know of many occasions where non-Turkish speakers in Tabriz were simply ignored or given false information. Whether Azeris are genetically Turks or just speak Turkish (half Africa speaks French as their native tongue, but they hardly count as French!) the fact remains that you consider yourselves Turks and Turks have been occupiers of Iran. “aamadand, koshtand, soozandand va raaftand” is a very vivid and concise description of what one Turkic tribe, the Ghoz?, did to Iranian cities. These are still in our subconscious minds stored. I presume this is one of the reasons for the insulting jokes and attitudes towards Turks.

And we, the Farsis, have to accept that what happened 1000 years ago can not be undone; and wee have to come to grips with the fact that not everybody within the boundaries of political Iran is raised with Farsi as their first language. However, this is not just our problem. The Turks are not much better either: witness the struggle in Turkey. At least, we acknowledge that you are Turks; your brethren in Turkey deny altogether that Kurds and Kurdish exist! They are “Mountain Turks”. This attitude of denying and suppressing the “others” seems to prevail in the region.

If we are ever to live peacefully in that part of Earth called Middle East, this is what we have to learn: Respect for Life, Respect for Others. Or else we shall be killing each other for the next millennium just as we did in the previous one.

Khodaa negahdaar


You have no clue of the complete or real meaning of Jesus’ message

On Ari Siltez's "Making mistakes":

Please refrain from quoting Jesus Christ, or the motives behind his words. It is obvious you have no clue of the complete or real meaning of Jesus’ message.

How could you use his words, in a commentary so culturally remote in every way and from every perspective, from Jesus’ messages? Just because somehow you thought it will validate your points?

Please, you are thousands of light years away from even beginning to understand what Jesus was about, keep your quotes to what you and yours can fully understand, thanks

Rosa Canales



On iranian.com:

I came by your site via the OpenDemocracy.com. I was browsing through the articles' highlights when I found the following minor error. I hope you don't find it pedantic if I brought it to your attention. You write "...enormous amount of emails..." Since emails can be counted, the proper way of saying it would be "enormous number of emails."

The reason I brought this up is because I think it is important to be a bit more careful in both structure and spelling so that your thoughts are expressed fully, clearly and in an elegant prose.

Your site is quite informative about Iran and Iranians. You refer, quite correctly, to the language as Parsi rather than the Arabic (which I call bastardized) version Farsi. I have studied the ancient history of Iran and would like to make a few suggestions in the future that might be helpful to your timely and important effort to clarify where the Iranian people came from.




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