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Persian text

From mosque to tavern sauntered our guru--yesternight;

.....which is, my fellow pilgrims, our path?

We, the disciples, turn towards Mecca;

.....our guru moves toward the vintner's shop.

In the tavern of virtuous faith we became companions:

.....thus our fate ordained from eternity.

If the mind knew the heart were happy with love's ties,

.....the wise would feign madness in pursuit his chains.

To us, the goodness of your face kindly reveals the secret:

.....nothing in our mind but goodness and kindness.

Your heavy heart--does it kindle on a night

.....with our fiery sighs, heart aflame--a night's affair?

Silence, Hafez! The arrow of our sighs goes through Fate;

Take heed for your life: avoid the sting of that arrowhead!

Copyright. All rights reserved by the translator.

-- Tousled hair, sweating, a smile on her lips--drunk!...
Zolf aashofteh o khoy karedeh o khandaan lab o mast...

-- Oh, Wind, kindly tell that tender gazelle...
Sabaa belotf begoo aan ghazaleh ra'naa raa...

-- Would that Shirazi Turk behold our heart; then...
Agar aan torkeh shiraazee bedast aarad deleh maa raa...

-- Come, Sufi, see the clear mirror in the cup...
Soofi bi-yaa keh aayneh saafeest jam raa

-- Arise! Fill the golden cup--with joyous tidings...
Kheez o dar kaaseh zar aabeh tarabnaak andaaz...

-- Do not grieve: Joseph, lost, he returns to Canaan...
Yoosefeh ghom ghashteh baaz aayad beh kan'aan gham makhor...

-- For long, our heart has yearned to possess Jamsheed's Cup...
Saalhaa del talabeh jaam-e jam az maa mikard...

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 Flower delivery in Iran

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