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Persian text

Would that Shirazi Turk behold our heart; then,

.....I'll gift, to her Indian Mole, both Samrakand and Bokhara.

Pour the remaining wine, Saghi!--in paradise you shall not find

.....the river banks so firm--nor the pleasure of a prayer rug.

These impudent beauties of the city of confusion steal

.....patience from my heart, like a Khan in a joyous plunder.

The face of the beloved is pleased with our unconsummated love:

.....what need the beauteous face has of earth, water, or art?

From the ever-increasing beauty of Joseph, this I understood: rends the curtain of virtue from Zoleykha's face.

If you curse--if you abuse me, I will pray for you:

.....bitter response suits the ruby lips of the sweetest heart.

My love: more precious than life the lucky youth

.....holds the advice of the virtuous sage.

Come, sing of wine and minstrels--seek less the secrets of life;

.....none has solved--nor can--this enigma with the logical mind.

Hafez, you sang ghazal, made pearls of words; come and sing:

the Universe graces your verse with a marriage to the Pleiades.

Copyright. All rights reserved by the translator.

-- Tousled hair, sweating, a smile on her lips--drunk!...
Zolf aashofteh o khoy karedeh o khandaan lab o mast...

-- Oh, Wind, kindly tell that tender gazelle...
Sabaa belotf begoo aan ghazaleh ra'naa raa...

-- From mosque to tavern sauntered our guru--yesternight...
Doosh az masjed sooyeh meykhaaneh aamad peereh maa...

-- Come, Sufi, see the clear mirror in the cup...
Soofi bi-yaa keh aayneh saafeest jam raa

-- Arise! Fill the golden cup--with joyous tidings...
Kheez o dar kaaseh zar aabeh tarabnaak andaaz...

-- Do not grieve: Joseph, lost, he returns to Canaan...
Yoosefeh ghom ghashteh baaz aayad beh kan'aan gham makhor...

-- For long, our heart has yearned to possess Jamsheed's Cup...
Saalhaa del talabeh jaam-e jam az maa mikard...

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 Flower delivery in Iran

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