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May 25, 2002
The Iranian

Running back home
By Siamack Salari

Guess what? I have literally just collapsed onto the sofa after a 35-minute run to find your email! How is your regime going? Mine is going really well in that I am going for some of the longest runs I have ever done. See my workout video. (Photos: (1) (2) (3)

V drives me out 2-3 miles (using the car's speedo) drops me off and I have to run back home. My MP3 player keeps me company to tunes from Amr Diab (we discovered him last year in an Iranian music shop in Santa Monica) and the Beatles.

I am weighing in at 103kgs now - so I've lost around 6.5lbs.

A few days ago I had to drive to the shops for some newspapers. I got behind the wheel, reached across to grab my seatbelt and noticed, out of the corner of my eye, what looked like a bag of chocolate covered raisins. I instinctively grabbed at it and tipped some into the palm of my hand.

Suddenly, it was as if someone had knocked the needle off the record of everyday-sounds that go on in my head. Everything went silent. I sat and stared at the little chocolate covered raisins while my brain caught up with the fact that I was on a very public diet with goodness knows how many readers keeping an eye on me.

I felt like I had been involved in a near miss. I let the delicious little morsels fall back into the bag again. I scrunched it up, opened the door and threw it into our front garden.

This episode taught me that much of my eating is reflexive. I wasn't hungry and I wasn't craving for chocolate. Yet when I saw the bag, I tasted the outcome of what those chocolate raisins would taste like before they had come anywhere near my mouth. My mouth was drooling by the time I realised I should not be eating them.

All those rooting for me - please keep it up, and good luck to JJ too.

A miracle
By Jahanshah Javid

On Tuesday I weighed myself and I hadn't lost an ounce. Then I thought I better get started on this diet thing. Eating less and doing nothing else is not gonna get me anywhere.

But what really made me panic was when I saw Siamack's workout video. He sent it in the middle of the week. And I thought, Jesus Christ. This guy's serious!

So I started running. Ten blocks around my neighborhood. I'm not sure how many miles it is. But it takes me about an hour. I stop and walk a lot, but most of the time I'm running. (You need QuickTime to see and hear. It's free)

And to better my chances of losing weight by today, I stopped eating those Luna bars too. I would eat nothing all day and afternoon (just lots of water) and then at night I would have slices of ham or a tomato omelette. Or some chicken with catsup.

This morning I went on my final run before weighing myself. I felt nice and fit. I got back home, took off my shirt and got ready to weigh myself.

I stood on the evil, evil, scale and slowly looked down. At first I wasn't sure if I had lost or GAINED weight. Look more carefully, dammit! The dial was showing something close to 190. I couldn't believe it. I'm 193 pounds. I've lost five pounds in one, two, three... five days!

It's a miracle I tell you. Baayad goosfand ghorboonee konam.

Of course my daughter Mahdiyeh jokes that a pound a day is no big deal. But she's never been a pound overweight in her whole life. She joined 24-Hour Fitness gym to "get into shape" but also to "meet people". She's been there four times in the past two months. Okay, six times. I guess she didn't find the right people to meet.

Anyway, Siamack joon, run a little faster buddy. I'm right behind you. At this pace, I'll pass your ass this time Wednesday, I reckon! Run! Faster! Faster!

Hmmm... deep down I want Siamack to win. I always side with the underdog. But the monetary prize is too tempting. Shahrokh joon, I'd like that in cash please.

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