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Dec 18-22, 2000 / Azar 28-Dey 2, 1379


* Religion:
- Worst Muslims

* Racism:
- No monopoly on Iranianness

- Terrorize women if they date other races
* Censorship:
- Not exercising true journalism

* Persia, Iowa:
- First Iranian cowboy


* Kurds:
- Reality rarely seen

* Diaspora:
- Only we understand
- A lot of hypocracy

- Censorship, just like in Iran
U.S. elections:
- Get over it

* Iranians:
- Origins of Persian fur

- Hairy Iranians not funny
- Have we become spinelss?

* Bush:
- The chimp might not agree

* Sadaf Kiani:
- I have an idea
- Nothing to condemn or condone

- Soaal-e saadeh
- Best disinfectant: Free debate
- THE most racist people
- Showing a new reality
- Example for all

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December 22, 2000

* Worst Muslims

Let's admit it. Wwe Iranians aren't the most obliging Muslims. Out of all the one billion adherents of Islam, Iranians adhere to Islam the least. The majority of us don't pray even once a day let alone five, and most of us drink alcohol...

The Islamic Republic didn't help our faith. It damaged it. If there is another revolution it is very unlikely that the young women of Iran would wear a scarf or chador on their own free will. They view the Islamic Republic as an Islamic state, even though it's not >>> FULL TEXT

Reza Shiraly

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* No monopoly on Iranianness

Mr. Racial Cleanser ["Iran has seen worse throughout history"],

There are those of us who think being Iranian should not have any religious or ethnic or racial criterias. Feeling like one is enough. And certainly no one has a monopoly on the definition of "Iranian".

You can certainly be gay and be Iranian. Certainly our history has had its share of gay and khaajeh personalities. You can also be a Jew or an Armenian and be Iranian. And guess what? You can be a woman and marry a Black man and still be Iranian >>> FULL TEXT

S. Mashadi

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* Terrorize women if they date other races

This controversy about Iranian girls having sex with Negro guys ["Drawing the line"] is a serious problem. Most Iranian girls regret dating these Negros after they do it for a long time and become tainted and rejected by the Iranian guys. It is the surest way for someone to lose his or her racial identity...

Most Iranian girls I've known when I lived in the States were not decent and many of them dated freely with Negros, and all the rest. The real concern I have is that Iranians need to understand that our women need to get terrorized the same way an Arab or a Paki would treat his sister or cousin for dating anyone outside their races >>> FULL TEXT


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* Not exercising true journalism

This is related to Ali Parsa's letter "A lot of hypocrisy". I completely agree with him. He said it all so well. I am very glad that finally someone brought this issue up.

Jahanshah Javid, I do have a lot of respect for you as a person. However, your work as a true journalist, at times is very questionable >>> FULL TEXT

Babak Aminian

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* First Iranian cowboy

I liked your article ["Persia, Iowa"]. It's really a curious coincidence to see a town in U.S. called Persia. It's really a incredible to imagine that a compatriot immigrated to the U.S. in 1882. This is really incredible and heart-warming.

I must note that an area southwest of Paris is also called Persia and the streets are named after the names of Persian cities, like Isfahan, Mashhad, etc... I believe that that the area was inaugurated when some Persian king visited the King of France (Louis XIV?).

But in the case of Persia, Iowa, that really sounds strange and facinating. So this guy was probably the very first Iranian Cowboy.

Darius Kadivar

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December 21, 2000

* Nothing to condemn or condone

I personally can not think of any reason why Maryam and Darryl's picture would be posted on this site.

By the way, congratulations to the newly weds. May they pave the path of prosperity with their love. If they did not give consent to having their picture posted on the Iranian, then that's a whole other foul issue on its own...

If genuine admiration exists between a man and a woman, then their marriage will prosper as it will perish if there existed reasons other than the aforementioned. Either way, this matter is nothing to condone or condemn. It is an arcane force between a male and a female and only time will tell if it were to prove effete or immortal >>> FULL TEXT


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* Reality rarely seen

A simple thank you to Rasool Nafisi who shares - even revels - in the spirit of Oraman ["People of Oraman"]!

With his lyrical prose and keen photographic eye, Dr. Nafisi depicts a slice of reality rarely seen and appreciated by those of us who most need to understand - city dwellers, who are caught up in the hustle-bustle of self-important lives.

The Kurds of Oraman - as well as their guest - remind us what is real: hospitality and grace amidst life's trials and tribulations.

Haleh Vaziri

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* Only we understand

I can't express my feeling about the poem by Mahrokh Pourzaynal ["Gham-e bahaaraan-e Iran"]. All I have to say is that I could not stop crying once I finished it & unfortunately I am @ work.

That was a piece that does not come around very often & only we, the immigrant generation would feel thru our hearts. T

hank you for printing it. Doorood bar all of you.

Eliot Salehi

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* Origins of Persian fur

Making fun of hairy Iranians is a shameful activity ["Persian worrior"] ["Hairy Iranians not funny"]. Don't you understand? Don't you know how much money we spend on Nair, razors and cream, laser operations and other hair removal methods? Don't you know our history of hair? ...

I really don't know who my true Persian jaddo-aabaad were (like some 1,400 years ago) and how hairy they were. But I am fairly certain that somewhere along the line some sheikh inserted his genes into my lineage and thus gave me the beautiful 100% Persian fur coa >>> FULL TEXT

Asghar Pashmak

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December 20, 2000

* Soaal-e saadeh

Yek soaal-e besyaar saadeh az Nariman Neyshapouri: Aayaa ishaan midoonand keh saakenaan-e sarzamin-e Iran az bish az 30 ghom va nejaad-e motefaavet tashkil shodeh?Dar in soorat manzoor ishoon az "Iranian racial characteristics" chist? Besyaar jaaleb ast keh ishoon khodeshoon raa "racist" nemishenaasand!

Zartosht, az Italia

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* Best disinfectant: Free debate

I applaud Mr. Javid's courage and respect for free and open debates ["Drawing the line"]. The right to be heard only matters when it is granted to those with whom we disagree. Perhaps the most unpopular ideas deserve the most lattitude in being aired.

Race relations is an explosively tough issue. To tackle it , it takes a lot of intestinal fortitude. But not to address it is arrogant and in many ways oppressive. My experience is that the best disinfectant against bad ideas is to allow them to be debated -- freely.

Tony F. Soltani

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* A lot of hypocracy

I know you will ot print this but I just have to get it out of my chest. With all due respect for you, I think you are exercising some hypocrisy. As a person who admires you for a lot of good work to provide a forum for Iranian-Amricans I am compelled by my conscience to offer you some constructive criticism. I do my part even though you have often choosen not to print what I sent you because you personally don't agree with me >>> FULL TEXT

Ali A. Parsa, Ph. D.

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* Censorship, just like in Iran

Dear Nariman,

Your point of view of there being absolute censorship by the is validated and true. I am usually one who accepts all different opinions and as a law student am most definitely used to two, three, or four sides of an issue. It really disturbs me that there are indeed people who call themselves "progressive liberals" yet who reject freedom of ideas and expressions WHEN THOSE IDEAS CONTRADICT THEIR VIEW POINTS. I know now that there is nothing redeeming in the, and am saddened by this fact, because just like the censorship laws during the pre and post-revolutionary Iran, this gentelman has brought this archaic notion to something like this >>> FULL TEXT

Cyrus Raafat

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December 19, 2000

* THE most racist people

RACISM IS WRONG. Plain and simple. It's old news. We Iranians are THE most racist people on the planet. Please don't deny it ["Everyone has some prejudice"].

We even put each other down when we want to join families. As if the other family is below us. This has always been the case.

As a kid born and raised in Abadan until Saddam decided to bomb us, I hated Arabs, specially Iraqis. But when I went to Shiraz and witnessed what our own people are doing to the Abadani families that fled to Shiraz, I was shocked.

There is too much hatred among ourselves. I am not even Muslim, but if you are, go read the Koran, it says all humans are equal.

Bardia Bakhshandeh

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* Showing a new reality

In response to the judgments made about publishing a picture from Maryam and Daryl on ["Drawing the line"], and its follow up articles, I just wish to point out that we need to separate the two.

Publishing a picture of these two beautiful people, was an act of marvelous journalism. It was a silent way of shaking up people and making them see a new reality.

In my opinion, the follow up articles should not be seen as having anything to do with Maryam and Daryl. They reveal the prejudice of its authors and the problem of racism among some Iranians.

Having separated the two, I think the editor of has done the right thing to publish racist points of views as well as those opposing them. This type of open journalism is what attracts many people to

My only hope is that people are courageous enough to reveal their identities when they write a letter. A coward does not deserve to get publicity for his points of view.

Poopak Ta'ati

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* Get over it

It was sad to read your editorial ["And the winner is..."]. Clearly, it is a partisan view of the recent U.S. election. I do not want to discuss any partisan politics here.

Instead, I am writing this note to remind the writer about the fact that there is no absolute election. In fact, this issue has been studied extensively in statistics and many mathematicians have spent a lot of time developing algorithms to better understand the dynamics of elections.

Like any "noisy signal" the entire sample must be manipulated and not a very specific part of it. The Supreme Court ruling simply affirmed this mathematical fact.

So, get over it.

Omeed Alaverdi

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* Hairy Iranians not funny

You actually published this article by Siamack Baniameri ["Persian worrior"]? If this is supposed to funny, let me tell you it is not! If this is serious, well then there is much more to worry about than this article being published.

Not only does this article make fun of a great empire, but it puts down every hairy Iranian and Iranians in general. I could get into the specifics of the article to point them out, but I do not know where to start!

Please do one thing, DO NOT PUBLISH ARTICLES LIKE THIS. This article was not humorous, if that was the intent. And I hope it was not real!

Thanks for listening to a concerned reader, regarding the content of this page.

Saied Delagah

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December 18, 2000

* Example for all

You are a beautiful couple ["Maryam & Daryl"]. Let no one ever interfer in your lives and may you have a wonderful life together. If only more people were like you and open-minded about the unity of mankind, there would be a lot less violence in the world. May you be an example for all of us.


Parisa Sarraf

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* Have we become spinelss?

"... haghighat dar zendaan enferaadi voojood nadaarad."

This is Akbar Ganji writing about the serial murders suspects held in solitary confinment. Did he know that he himself would be in solitary confinement when he wrote this? Is anybody reading his book ["His red-robed highness"]? How come no one ever comments? Are people scared to engage in political discourse? Have we lost all our political spine? >>> FULL TEXT

S Mashadi

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    * The chimp might not agree

I was highly amused by your satirical depiction juxtaposing George W. Bush and a chimpanzee. It was creative and quite funny, albeit the chimpanzee might not agree.

I'd also like to state my disappointment with Mr. Mehryar Tabib, based on his condemnation of the aforementioned satirical analogy. As an Iranian presently living abroad most of the time, I have utmost contempt for Mehryar Tabib. His disposition as henchman for a wicked foreign political figure (in this case George Bush) is appalling...

What ill will does George Bush (the son) have toward our nation? Well, we have at least four years to find out! >>> FULL TEXT

Farshad Zarrabian

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* I have an idea

My name is Nastaran. I am 13-years old. I was born in Iran. When I was eight, I went to Australia, and when I became 13, I came to Texas!

I really like your stories ["Sadaf Kiani"]. I wish I could write like you. Every week, my mom and I sit down and read a Farsi book or something interesting so that I wouldn't forget this wonderful language!

One day my mom told me, "I've got some really interesting things you can read on the Internet." Then I went and there were your articles. I really like them. I hardly ever go on the Internet just to read farsi things, but lately I have and right now, I registered for

Please write more because I have started to run out of things to read! I've got an idea: make your own site and every week add one or two new things.


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