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June 19-23, 2000 / Khordad 30-Tir 3, 1379


* Politics:
- I supported Shah's return

* Afghans:
- Small-mindedness

* Writing:
- Better observer than grown-ups

* Satire:
- Az Seyed Ali natarseh


* Media:
- Let's produce better programs

* Photos:
- Loaded with feelings
- Childish
- We did not chose the Shah

* Afghans:
- One-sided view of Afghans

- Deport ALL Iranians too?
- Afghans threaten national security
- Can't a Jew ever be spy?
- Fussy

- Age has nothing to do with it
- Por kardan-e jib
- Best news ever
- Wanted in Australia
- Royalties?
- Only one?
- Vel kon digeh!

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June 23, 2000

* I supported Shah's return

I am not Shaban Bimokh. But I participated in the uprising to bring the Shah back. And I did not care who paid for it or who did it. But I was one of the crowd. Do you want to know why?

On one of the last days of the Mossadegh government, in Koocheh Berlin off Lalehzar Avenue in Tehran, the Islamic hooligans threw acid on the face of my eight-year-old niece and my sister, ruining their faces for the rest of their lives. My sister could not bear her predicament; she committed suicide. Do you or Mr. Rafat understand the pain in our family? >>> FULL TEXT


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* Small-mindedness

Nemattullah's letter brought tears to my eyes. He is not quite right in his assertion that we treat Afghans like Americans treat Iranians. We treat them worse.

Our historical hatred of Afghans is only second to that of the Arabs. With a thousand and one bonds that exist between our two nations, our hatred can only testify to our small-mindedness. A big nation strives to swallow others and make them its own, no matter what the creed, color, religion or even language may be.

It is the worry of puny nations that always seek purity and isolation and cannot lend a helping hand even to neighbors in need lest they lose everything >>> FULL TEXT

Massud Alemi

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* Better observer than grown-ups

I truly admire the ability and style of Ms. Fakhraie. I don't think her articles belong to the children's section. In fact her ability to critically and elegantly express her observations of the social and personal issues is outstanding, and certainly much better than those of many grown ups ["Tehran's good side"].

I think her articles deserves to be where they appear now. At the same time, I don't think her observations about the goods and bads of the current Iranian society is biased, or unrealistic. Perhaps, you have not been in Tehran recently.

Merhdad Valibeigi

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* Az Seyed Ali natarseh

LOL, Kofi bayad bereaghseh, az Seyd Ali [Khamenei] natarseh :-) ["Kofi Annan busts the move"]

Khosh Teep

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June 22, 2000

* One-sided view of Afghans

I read some letters from Iranians about Afghan refugees who lived in Iran. First of all I must say that I am an Afghan and I am 22 and I have lived in Iran for more than 10 years. I finished high school in Iran and I know a lot about Iran.

But I feel sorry when I see someone saying that Afghans must leave Iran because they are a problem for Iran. They say Iranians are hospitable but if you ask an Afghan who has spent a few days in Iran he would give you a negative answer.Why?>>> FULL TEXT

Nematullah Mohammady
Maidstone, England

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* Fussy

You didn't send a special email about the feminist Iranian women who were freed on bail, but made such a fuss about Googoosh ["Khosh oomadi"]. Oh well...


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* Age has nothing to do with it

I have taken offense to the categorization of Googoosh as a middle-age woman past her prime who should just stay out of the limelight to save herself the embarrassment of looking foolish ["Khosh oomadi"]. Stay home and watch Britney Spears's belly button on MTV then.

I happen to think middle-age women are much more attractive, beautiful, and capable than any women in their twenties. They are confident of who they are, and boy is that intimidating to the men who want to control them. PLEASE! >>> FULL TEXT


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* Let's produce better programs

I am a radio & TV guy myself but I totally understand and clearly can see the frustration of Sadaf while listening to the radio or watching TV in the U.S ["Yekshanbeh-ye Irooni".

Those who cannot fulfill their financial obligations through commercials and/or sponsors, should NOT put the burden on folks who just want to listen or watch for a few hours. Let's produce better programs and people will help automatically.

Mohammad Ali

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* Loaded with feelings

I just wanted to tell you that I found your black & white pictures of that "sandoogh-e nooshaabe" (although it seems to be a "tasht"!) simply fantastic ["Taabestoon"].

I don't know how to put it, but it was so loaded with feelings and memories. The picture says it all. thank you for making my day. :-)


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June 21, 2000

* Childish

May I suggest that you create a "children's section" and post Ms. Najmeh Fakhraie's articles there. You must be very desparate for articles, if you are letting them appear on your front page. I am mostly referring to "Tehran's good side" which lacks good taste and judgement.

I lived in Tehran for 27 years and it has never reminded me of drug addicts, homeless children and rude people. What exactly is Ms. Fakhraie comparing Tehran to? Could it be the United States in 1855?!


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* Deport ALL Iranians too?

Comments by some of the readers about the necessity of deporting Afghan refugees are very disturbing, to say the least. While millions of Iranians have taken refuge in countries all around the world, for exactly the same reasons as the Afghans who have been seeking refuge in Iran, these readers demand the deportation of Afghans who are apparently all "violent criminals."

There is not much crime, at least according to Western standards, where I live. With the influx of Iranian refugees in the U.S. during the past decade, I have had the opportunity to read about their involvement in criminal activities, from petty drug dealing, to major drug trafficking, to heinous murders.

I guess this gives the native people of America the right to demand the repatriation of ALL Iranians who "are responsible for the eventual political turmoil within" Iran "by neglecting to remove the backward and savage Taliban." Well, our version of Taliban, that is.

I suggest these writers read a little bit about the history of Iran to learn a thing or two about "Persian hospitality." ["Not welcome"]

Mohsen Kashani

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* Por kardan-e jib

Googoosh aamad nah baraaye khaandan balkeh baraaye por kardan-e jib-e khod va Kambiz. joonesh. Googoosh 20 saal nakhaandeh ast. 20 saal peesh cheh meekhaand, haalaa cheh bekhaanad? Shaah Maahi-e Iran noon-e qiyaafash raa meekhorad va ella naneh-ye bandeh behtar az Googoosh meekhaanad. man ki bilmiram!

Ahmad Osgouee

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* Best news ever

Thank you very much for this news about Googoosh ["Khosh oomadi"]. I live in Tehran and I told this to about 100 people and forwarded your news to 48 friends. Everyone said it was the best news they have ever heard! Thank you very much much again.

Mohammadreza Akbarbaygi

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June 20, 2000

* Wanted in Australia: Googoosh

Earlier this week we heard the news of Googoosh's departure from Iran and her upcoming Amercian, Canadian and European concerts ["Khosh oomadi"].

Although delighted and ecstatic about the news, I among hundreds of thousands of other Iranians living in Australia felt outraged and most disappointed to find out that Googoosh's tour did not include a visit to Australia.

While we understand that The Iranian Times is not responsible for organizing Googoosh's tour, we felt the need to speak out and express our anger and disappointment for being excluded from sharing this experience with the rest of the Iranian community worldwide.

We sincerely do hope that the organizers of Googoosh's world tour would at least try and consider including Australia to their list of visiting countries.

Iranian Community - Australia

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* Royalties?

I recently bought a video of Googoosh. I own all her CDs. Do these major CD and video distribution companies pay her any royalties? Every month hundreds and hundreds of Googoosh's CDs and videos are sold. Are they paying her anything?

We claim we love her. But are we honoring her? It is not fair if Pars Video, Caltex and all other distributors are making money off of her life's work.

Niloo Soleimani

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* We did not chose the Shah

I would like to thank F. Rafat for responding to Farah Pahlavi's letter, "Shah's Return in 1953". There are some good points. I will add some more.

The facts are that we Iranians did not choose our leader (Shah). He was given to us by the British and then the U.S.. He came back in 1953 by the WILL of the U.S. and for the price of $60,000 and NOT the will of the majority of the people, unless you call Shaaban Bimokh and his gang of hoodlums the majority of the people!>>> FULL TEXT


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    * Afghans threaten national security

    Bravo, very well said ["Higher priority for Iranian interests"]! Your expressed opinions were exactly my same sentiments too!

    Although I was hopeing you could have mentioned that these Afghans are not only a threat to Iran's national security and economic vibrancy, but they -- all the Afghan people -- are responsible for the eventual political turmoil within Afghanistan by neglecting to remove the backward and savage Taliban.

    Taliban is not the land of Afghans anymore but Talibanistan! Imagine if the the 1/3 the Iranian population left Iran after the Iraqi invaded in 1981!? I'll donate .35 cents for the expulsion of every able-bodied Afghan male to the border ["Not welcome"]. Let's see if then they can build a home there!

    Cyrus Raafat

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June 19, 2000

* Can't a Jew ever be a spy?

In your article ["Let's face it"] you have only mentioned the Jews and forgotten that there are eight Moslems in custody for the same alleged spying.

You seem to forget that three Moslems were executed for the same crime in the past. It is very strange no voices were raised for that anywhere.

For those who know the real picture of international politics and the Jewish-controlled media, your story does not cut any ice, though it is very effective with an average Western hilly billy.

The sort of irresponsible, sensationalist media hype coverage like yours hurts the national interests of Iran and adds to the suffering of average innocent Iranians who have nothing to do with the government of Iran.

Simple questions: Can't a Jew ever be a spy? Should Jews be untouchable? Are Zionists superior in the way they hammer messages in our heads every day? Shouldn't the in each country be respected?

These are the issues you should answer to your conscience and forget the hype.

H. Rismani

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* Only one?

Am I the only one who thinks Googoosh ["Khosh oomadi"] is not only tacky but in all likelihood personally responsible for the egregious consumption of eyeliner/mascara by otherwise sane and lovely Iranian women?

Sarvenaz Sheybany

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* Vel kon digeh!

Baabaa shomaa ham koshti maa ro baa in Googoosh baazi ["Khosh oomadi"]. vell kon digeh!

Saeed D.

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