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Wednesday November 22, 2000 / Azar 2, 1379, No. 1112


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By Zara Houshmand
November 22, 2000
The Iranian

It has been so long,
how will you know me?
I am the one standing still in the rush
scanning the screen again and again
trying to find
a believable destination.


By Aram Gharib
November 22, 2000
The Iranian


Call yourself Persian?

By Roxana Samimi
November 22, 2000
The Iranian



By Reza Razavi
November 22, 2000
The Iranian


Akbar Ganji ends hunger strike

BBC Persian Service

Akbar Ganji has ended his hunger strike. His decisionfollowed a two hour meeting with three members of theAssociation of Journalists in Evin prison. MahdyehMohammadi who acts as spokesperson for the families ofimprisoned journalists gives details to Sima Bahrami >>> LISTEN HERE

S.A. native relishes her work in Iran

By Marina Pisano
San Antonio Express-News
November 19, 2000

Like any working journalist, when Geneive Abdo heads out to an assignment, she takes along the tools of the trade - notebook, tape recorder, research materials. But she doesn't leave the house without donning a black, head-to-toe garment that limits mobility and renders her suitably modest, shapeless and anonymous: the conservative Muslim veiling called the chador >>> FULL TEXT

    Thanks to Laleh Khalili

    Boxing ring

    Sosiaalist-haaye enqelaabi-ye iraan: Student protests at various universities >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

    Kayhan: The strategy is to have no plan at all >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Bush executes Democrats

ALBUQUERQUE, NM--New Mexico's five electoral votes swung back into the Bush column Monday when George W. Bush executed 253 Las Cruces-area Democrats >>> SEE HERE

Thanks to Payman Arabshahi

More Letters

* Grow up, for God's sake

Mojdeh Mohseni writes: If you think there is a single "untouched piece of cake" in Iran, you are a very dumb man ["Real Iranian girls?"]. Generation X women in Iran are probably the most "touched" on this earth. You will have better luck in New York's Central Park.

You know, only dumb fucking men like you buy into that crap. Wake up dumb Iranian men!! How long will Iranian women be able to fool you? It's all a lie. Grow up, for God's sake, you are an embarassment to our nation and culture!!! >>> FULL TEXT

* That time of the month?

Farzad Farahani writes: As an Iranian man I resent your article ["Happy without you"]. You were either very mad at the time you wrote this article and/or you were on your monthly period.

I have read and listened to many such arguments and most of them were from women who were deprived of fatherly love. Most of you suffer depression for being overweight, ugly or suffer from lack of attention from Iranian men who may find you less desirable >>> FULL TEXT

* Be a proud Persian

Tannaz Hussaini writes: I would just like to point out how proud I feel to be Iranian. I am half british, half Persian.

There are a lot of Iranians I know who just seem to have given up on their country, or are ashamed to say that they are Persian. They are just sell-outs, especiallly Iranian guys.

I`m not saying that they should walk around carrying the Iran flag, but they should remember who and what they are, and be proud of their roots.

You should adapt to your surroundings and be broadminded and not think backwards but, when asked where you are from, you should be proud to say that you're Persian!!?!

Community: Get involved: Iranian-Americans in New York

The goal of this project is to write, act out, and film/record facets of the Iranian experience in the US. If you are smart, funny, creative, uninhibited, and willing to get together at least twice a month, get a hold of me. If you are all that AND you have a camcorder, definitely get at me! >>> DETAILS HERE




Saffron Sky
A Life Between Iran and America
By Gelareh Asayesh



Nehzat-e melli-ye Iran va edaalat-e ejtemaaee
By Khalil Maleki

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    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    My heart, if you can't take the sorrow, go.

    The streets are full of homeless lovers; go.

    My soul, come now, if you are not afraid.

    But if you fear, your work is not here: go.

    * Also see more Rumi translations

    Rumi book

Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

Copyright © Abadan Publishing Co. All Rights Reserved. May not be duplicated or distributed in any form

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More news

Trial for serial killers of dissidents to begin next month

TEHRAN, Nov 22 (AFP) - The much-anticipated trial of the suspects inthe shock 1998 serial murders of several Iranian dissidents and intellectualswill open in military court next month, state radio said Wednesday. The announcement of the December 23 trial date comes a day after violentclashes between police and protesters in Tehran following a memorialservice for two of the victims >>> FULL TEXT

Students warn of political tensions

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iranian students have warned of potential tension if campussecurity personnel at a Tehran polytechnic continue harassing women students,the Iran Students News Agency (ISNA) said on Wednesday. A petition was sent to the minister of higher education by students at the Amir Kabir University of Technologycondemning searches of women students' bags at campus entrances.>>> FULL TEXT

Russia to scrap Iran arms pact with Gore

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States will consider sanctions againstRussia if it cannot talk Moscow out of resuming conventional arms sales to Iranfrom Dec. 1, a U.S. official said on Wednesday. He said Russia intended to scrap a pact that Vice-President Al Gore (news - websites) sealed in 1995 to waive U.S. sanctions against such exports if Moscowstopped the contracts by the end of 1999 >>> FULL TEXT

Iran confirms Belgian arrested on spy charges: ambassador

TEHRAN, Nov 22 (AFP) - Iran's judiciary on Wednesday confirmed aBelgian national has been arrested on charges of espionage, the Belgianambassador to Tehran, Guillaume Metten, told AFP >>> FULL TEXT

Terrorism victims shun damage limits

WASHINGTON (AP) - Lawyers for American terrorism victims accused the Clinton administration Wednesday oftrying to limit damages the victims can collect under a law that lets the government pay part of court judgmentsthey've won against Iran. The lawyers failed to persuade U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth, however, to block implementation of rulesissued by the Treasury Department (news - web sites) this week for paying claims to terrorism victims under a lawPresident Clinton (news - web sites) signed last month >>> FULL TEXT

Iran weapons programs may be slowed

WASHINGTON (AP) - China's promise to not help other countries developballistic missiles could slow down Iran's ambitious weapons program, U.S.officials say. But like a similar pledge by Russia, which has not blocked all assistance to Iran,the pledge announced in Beijing and welcomed at the State Department is only asgood as China's willingness to implement it, the officials said Tuesday >>> FULL TEXT

Britain's HSBC extends Iran 500 million dollar credit line

TEHRAN, Nov 22 (AFP) - British banking giant HSBC will open a 500million dollar credit line for Iran to finance infrastructure anddevelopment projects, a bank official told AFP here on Wednesday >>> FULL TEXT

Tiny Canadian firm eyes huge Iranianoil deposit

CALGARY, Nov 22 (Reuters) - A tiny Canadian energy company is bidding for a contract to boostoil output at Iran's Masjed Soleiman field, the oldest producing reservoir in the Middle East, thefirm said on Wednesday.``The discovery well was drilled in 1908 and the pool was estimated to hold six billion barrels atthat time,'' said Terry Lawrence of Calgary-based Sheer Energy Inc.which has teamed up with Iranian local Naftkav to bid on the project >>> FULL TEXT

Massoud Khayyam: Busy writing

Tehran (Hambastegi) -- Massoud Khayyam is a well-known author and researcher. He's working on several books, including a novel, a book on Shamloo's life and "history of tragedy and comedy" >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Historian's library to be donated

Tehran (Hambastegi) -- A portion of Ali Hakemi's private library will be donated to the National heritage Foundation. Hakemi, who died 1998, was one of Iran's most famous historians >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

"Shab-e sizdahom": Two thumbs up

Tehran (Hambastegi) -- A glowing review of "Shab-e sizdahom" -- a play currently on stage in Tehran >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Iran vs. Iraq

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Iran to face Iraq in the semi-finals of the Asian youth soccer matches in Tehran. Japan will face China >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

National team update

Tehran (Iran daily) -- Latest news from the Iranian national soccer team's preparation for the upcoming preliminary World Cup matches in Tabriz >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT

Game schedule

Tehran (Hamshahri) -- Schedule of World Cup preliminary matches between Iran, Tajikistan and Guam in Tabriz >>> FULL PERSIAN TEXT


Verdict on Eshkevari issued, his life not indanger

Verdict on Hassan Yusefi Eshkevari has been issued andpresented to his lawyer. Although the nature of thepossible sentence has not been revealed but according tohis son, Ruhollah, Mr Eshkevari's life is not in danger >>> LISTEN HERE

BBC Persian Service

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Fallen leaves

I am the one tying poems
to the branches of a tree
whose leaves have fallen.

-- Zara Houshmand
The Iranian
November 22, 2000

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