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Friday February 16, 2001 / Bahman 28, 1379, No. 1168


Sehaty Foreign Exchange

Los Angeles

New Tehran
Iranians in Westwood, Los Angeles

Photos by Nader Davoodi
February 16, 2001
The Iranian


She stole the show
Dancer at Iranian concert in Washington

Photos by Jahanshah Javid
February 16, 2001
The Iranian

Ebi and Andy performed at the Constitution Hall in Washington DC on December 23, 2000. The concert went well. They were very entertaining. But the woman who danced during Andy's performance was something else. Hot damn! >>> GO TO FEATURE


Better than Googoosh
Backstreet Boys in concert

Photos by Mahdiyeh Javid
February 16, 2001
The Iranian

I dropped off Mahdiyeh at the recent Backstreet Boys concert in Washington, DC (February 2, 2001). Afterwards I asked her about the show. She loved it. "Was it better than the Googoosh concert?" "A LOT better," she said. And she's a big Googoosh fan too. But... -- >>> GO TO FEATURE


Persian cooking
This week's recipe

By Pari Ardalan Malek
February 16, 2001
The Iranian

This week's recipe: >>> GO TO FEATURE


L'Eminence Rouge
Exposing Iran's dirty secrets

By Akbar Ganji
The Iranian

Playing with death (By Scott MacLeod) >>> GO TO FEATURE


Main reform party declares Khatami as their candidate

Feb 16, Tehran (AFP) -- The main pro-reform party, the Islamic Iran Participation Front (IIPF), heightened pressure on President Mohammad Khatami Friday to stand for a second term, declaring him their official candidate >>> FULL TEXT

Jailed journalists refuse prison food

BBC Persian Service

The wives of the jailed journalists, Emadeddin Baghi, Akbar Ganji and Mashallah Shamsolvaezin, say their husbands have refused to take prison food since six days ago. Masoumeh Torfeh talks to Mr Baghi's wife, Fatemeh Kamali, and asks about the reason >>> LISTEN HERE


Don't laugh...

Hameen roozaa een balaa sar-e khodemoon ham meeyad >>> HERE

Thanks to Sourena Mohammadi

More Letters


* Document your complaint

Guive Mirfendereski writes: Dear Ms. Sabety ["Punch"]: There is not a day in the hallowed corridors of our schools that some kid does not bully another one. While there are a ranger of permissible reactions to this form of intimidation and harassment, I believe, you should be documenting your talk with the school officials in writing, setting forth your complaints against the students who bother your daughter, the teachers and administrators to whom you have complained and their response, or lack thereof >>> FULL TEXT

* He's just a child

Sheila writes: Racism is nothing more than fear ["Punch"]. The boy is reacting to what he sees and hears in his home and you justify his actions by your reaction and violence. He is just another child... in the first grade!

Kids say mean things. If your daughter was in high school or a little older I would understand your concern, maybe, but shit! I can't imagine how confused and terrified your daughter must have been at your reaction >>> FULL TEXT

* Monarchist fascists

Fariba Amini writes: It is obvious that Mr. Miniri ["Shah's mistake..."] has not grasped the essence of my article ["Thy father's sins"]... As for your statement that the Shah's only mistake was not to get rid of more "rebels", this shows the true face of some supporters of the monarchy whose dictionary definition is Fascists >>> FULL TEXT

* Petty little things

Hossein writes: It was interesting to read the response from Persian Watch Cat (PWC) ["It's official"] and their threat of lawsuit and how they think their reply should have been in the features section, etc, etc.

Do these people and others realize that, and for that matter any other site, has editors and it is the sole choice of these editors to decide where each subject fits?  >>> FULL TEXT

Art: Miniature exhibition, Washington


    Translation of today's poem by Zara Houshmand:

    I rush here and there in search of a friend.

    Still I dream, though my life has reached its end.

    And yes, one day I will find my friend,

    But how will I find the life that is spent?

    * Also see more Rumi translations

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Rumi: The Life Teachings and Poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi
By Frankin D. Lewis

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Washington is the only city in America where you'd drive for five miles and you'd still be at the scene of the crime.

-- S. Amirani

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