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American portrait

Iranian-American artist Sara Rahbar
Neda Sarmast

Fast-forward man

Interview with Jim Muir, who has reported from the Middle East for more than 20 years
Peyvand Khorsandi

The BBC journalist Jim Muir is currently in Baghdad. Before that he was in Scotland, stealing a couple of weeks' rest after reporting the war in Lebanon -- having just come from Iraq. For more than 20 years the Middle East has been his territory. From 1999 to 2004 he reported from Tehran where he successfully trod the tightrope of reporting the truth while not falling foul of the authorities. For many Iranians, his name remains as synonymous with Iran as Mark Tully's is with India. Below he outlines why he still chooses to operate in life -- threatening circumstances -- why he doesn’t eat lamb and his favourite Persian nosh >>>


Imperial assault and tasks for the left
Interviewing Alex Callinicos, member of the Central Committee of Socialist Workers Party and Professor of European Studies at Kings College, London
Ardeshir Mehrdad

Good for everybody
Interview with Hamid Taqvaee: Human beings have the same values everywhere in the world
Maryam Namazie

Mac friendly
Nazanine Moshiri, newscaster, ITN, London
Peyvand Khorsandi

New life, through translation
Interview with The Translation Project's Niloufar Talebi
Bruce Bahmani

Doctor You
Training U.S. citizens and permanent resident International Medical Graduates for U.S. residency
Jahanshah Javid

Calm amid the storm
Middle East expert Hossein Shahidi responds to six questions about Israel’s conflict with Hamas and Hezbollah and the prospect of war with Iran

Simply a stunner
The proper etiquette of meeting Shahrnush Parsipur in the United States
Golbarg Bashi

COMMUNITY's opportunity and future
Interview with entrepreneur & philanthropist Noosheen Hashemi
Alaleh Azarkhish

Why do they hate us?
Interview with Stephen Kinzer, author of "Overthrow" and "All the Shah's Men"
Fariba Amini

History tour (de force)
Interview with Ehsan Yarshater
Hamid Karimi

Reinvesting in our communities
Interview with Azadeh Hariri, an Iranian American philanthropist
Hamid Karimi

The question of women

Interview with Ayatollah Montazeri

Golbarg Bashi

Perseverance and honor
Interview with Abbas Amir-Entezam
Fariba Amini

Young, mature and bold
Interview with Majid N.: An image of Iran's youth
Fariba Amini

Talk of Venice
Interview with Ramin Bahrani who's film "Man Push Cart" has generated quite a buzz at the Venice Film Festival
Poopak Taati

IRI cannot be reformed

The regime is a sultanate and incapable of reform, says jailed journalist
Akbar Ganji

Long ago
Interview with Barbara Waller, widow of Operation AJAX man in 1953
Fariba Amini

The world is watching
Interview with presidential candidate, Hooshang Amirahmadi
Arash Salehi

Accelerating freedom
Interview with filmmaker Mahvash Sheikholeslami
Farid Parsa

My people

Interview with the author of "Searching for Hassan"
Fariba Amini

Wider goal
On the U.S. threats against Iran
Interview with the leader of Worker-Communist Party of Iran

2,500-year-old lady with Alzheimer's

Interview with Esmaeil Mirfakhraei
Farid Parsa

We are the outsiders

Interview with Khosrow Seif, leader of Mellat Iran Party
Fariba Amini

Forming visions

Speaking to the founder of a rare venue to showcase children and youth culture
Farid Parsa

Not the last

On Theo 'an Gogh's assassination: interview with Azar Majedi
Maryam Namazi

Adam, Eve & Amin
Interview with a pioneer in the internet personals business
Jahanshah Javid

Truth and confession
Interview with a former Evin inmate
Fariba Amini

Pari's cuisine

Interview with the author of The Joy of Persian Cooking
Tara Taghizadeh

A huge conservation project
Interview with Dick Davis, translator of the Shahnameh
Jahanshah Javid

Balanced mission
Interview with a community leader
By Jahanshah Javid

Hejab ban?
Interview with Azar Majedi
Maryam Namazie

Freedoom for fundamentalists?
On Qaradawi's visit to London
Maryam Namazie

Two thumbs down
Islam and human rights
Maryam Namazie

Systematic murders

Interview with Parastou Forouhar
By Fariba Amini

Going home
Interview: On University of Chicago's return of ancient tablets to Iran
By Jahanshah Javid

Lady justice
Shirin Ebadi voted Iranian of the year

A different image
I thought it was time to present a different image of the Muslim woman
Interview with Tissa Hami

Our Persian boy
Conversations with Farhad Diba
By Fariba Amini

The cheater
Interview with Mohsen Khalili, painter, sculptor
By Tandees Tanavoli & Mitra Sadrameli

Funny in any language
Interview with author Firoozeh Dumas
By Golnoosh Niknejad

The last colony
Interview with filmmaker Parvin Ansary
By Brian Appleton

We shall never forget
Interview with Abdol-Karim Lahiji
By Fariba Amini

Conversations with Maryam Houleh va Houman Azizi
By Niloofar Beyzaie

From Islam to the West
Interview with Dariush Homayoun
By Reza Bayegan

The pretender
Interview with David Ackert
By Sanaz Khalaj

Do it now!
Some advice from the chairman of the internet's new craze
By Sanaz Khalaj

East dances with West

The boys of Blurred Vision
By Mitra Sadrameli and Tandees Tanavoli

Khodaavand ham qaader neest...

Interview on the 1953 coup
Ramin Kamran

Persian politicos
Iranians drive Gavin Newsom's San Francisco mayoral campaign
By Behrouz Bahmani

If he were alive
Interview with Ali Akbar Saeedi Sirjani's daughter, Sayeh
By Fariba Amini

Farewell to Khatami

Interview with student activist Saeed Razavi-Faqih
By Kaveh Ehsani

Divine nostalgia

Fantastic tension of the opposites in Hafiz poems
Interview with Paul Smith by Farid Parsa

He is us

In defense of "Dardedel"
By Rob Levandoski

Weapon of choice
Houman Mortazavi's art and ideas
By Elham Gheytanchi

Divine nostalgia

Fantastic tension of the opposites in Hafiz poems
Interview with Paul Smith by Farid Parsa

Change will come from within
Interview with a former American diplomat in Tehran
By Fariba Amini

The man behind the apron
Faz feeds souls as well as appetites
By Behrouz Bahmani

Comedy dar vaashangton
Bourgeois Iranian opposition meeting in Washington
Interview with Ali Javadi

American World Order
Interview with Farhang Rajaee
By Fariba Amini

Private talk without shame
Conversation with author of "Dardedel"
By Ali Akbar Mahdi

No happy ending
U.S. special negotiator in the oil nationalization affair looks back and into the future
By Fariba Amini

Playing with the past
Interview: Fusing past and present with music
By Shadi Vatanparast

More than that
Covering aspects of Arab culture overlooked by mainstream media
By Elham Gheytanchi

Arguing for a good deal of pluralism
Islam, terrorism and the West

Who are you wearing that perfume for?
I am stronger, wiser and better
By Yalda Bidar

In history's archive
I wanted to take photos that would make a point
Interview with photographer Jamshid Bayrami
By Fariba Amini

Open case
My husband is in effect a victim. A scapegoat
An interview with Mehrangiz Kar
By Fariba Amini

Archetypical architect
By Bruce Bahmani

Junior Jiant
This kid who just took the ball and ran with it
By Bruce Bahmani

Paayandeh Iran
We believe in a democratic republic
By Fariba Amini

March 2002
Peyvand, Elham & Saman
Norooz show interviews

November 14, 2001
For people & country
Interview with Arash Forouhar
By Fariba Amini

June 18, 2001
Iran's daughter
Interview with filmmaker Farhad Zamani
By Bruce Bhamani

June 6, 2001
Crime and punishment
An interview with an assassination survivor
By Fariba Amini

May 9, 2001
Don't call me "Sir"
Mossadegh: Humility and integrity in government
By Fariba Amini

March 8, 2001
Something about Maryam
Interview with film director Ramin Serry
By Bruce Bahmani

March 6, 2001
Polittical revolution
Interview with a student activist
By Fariba Amini

February 2001
Interview with female boxer Kina Elyassi
By J. JAvid

June 14, 2000
Things you'll never hear
Interview with Noam Chomsky
By Ramin Jahanbegloo

November 4, 1999
Time to move on
Twenty years after the hostage crisis
Interview with Bruce Laingen

November 23, 1999
Truth & justice
Interview with Arash Forouhar
By Haleh Vaziri

October 21, 1999
It's time
Mehrangiz Kar's human rights campaign
By J. Javid

August 25, 1998
In dialogue with Kiarostami
By Ali Akbar Mahdi

May 19, 1998
Something to sing about
With Don Dilworth about his opera, "Rostam"
By Shahram Sadri

May 8, 1998
Grandma's dream
With musician Partow Hooshmandrad
By J. Javid

May 4, 1998
Tanz-e teez-e Khorsandi
With satirist Hadi Khorsandi (in Persian)
By J. Javid

April 24, 1998
One with the guitar
With classical guitarist Lily Afshar
By Shahram Sadri

April 3, 1998
Law & Order?
From arbitrary arrests to legal harassment: Interviews with Ibrahim Yazdi, leader of the Freedom Movement of Iran (Nehzat-e Azaadi-ye Iran); Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, editor of the radical student newsletter Payam-e Daneshjou (Students' Message); and Habibollah Payman, leader of the disbanded Combatant Muslims Movement (Jonbesh-e Mosalmanan-e Mobaarez).

Dec 17, 1997
The making of Paradise
With film-maker Kamshad Kooshan

Nov 25, 1997
Building trust
With former U.S. National Security Council staff member Gary Sick
By J. Javid

More than a country
of Ayatollahs

With Roxane Farmanfarmaian
By J. Javid

A happy grandmother
With Farah Diba Pahlavi

Kennar kooh, raahat raa gom nemeekoni (Persian)
With playwrite, director & actor Farhad Aeesh
By J. Javid

Hakemesque (Persian) == Go figure (English)
With the "queen" of Esk village, east of Tehran. Really
By Parivash Berenji; Parisa Tashakori

Raqss baa fekr-e baaz (Persian)
With Persian dance artist Shahrzad Khorsandi
By J. Javid

Myths of a classic
With satirist Iraj Pezeshkzad about "My Uncle Napoleon". (Feb 97)
By Tara Taqizadeh

Man hastam (Persian)
A chat with Forough Farrokhzad (Dec 96)

Khoshhalam keh zendeh-am (Persian)
With novelist Shahrnoush Parsipour. (Dec 96)
By J. Javid

Sabt-e ma (Persian)
With the editor of Encycolpedia Iranica, Dr. Ehsan Yarshater. (Sept 96)
By Hossein Tavakoli, J. Javid

A (different) religious experience
Mother Teresa's compassion overwhelms an Iranian television producer. (Sept 96)
By J. Javid

Pesare Darya (Aqua Boy)
This Kourosh the Great is definitely not asleep! (Sept 96)
By Behrouz Bahmani

Being a woman in Iran
Prof. Azar Nafisi's on the lives of women in Iran. (July 96)

Princes of Persia
Shahin & Sepehr: Iranian musicians in mainstream USA. (May 96)
By Behrouz Bahmani

With a 14-year old Iranian in New Jersey. (May 96)
By J. Javid

An Iranian becomes an American citizen. (Jan 96)
By J. Javid

Open Wounds
With former U.S. National Security Council staff member Gary Sick. (Jan 96)
By J. Javid

Masoud Behnoud: Between Extremes
With Iran's premier political analyst, Masoud Behnoud. (Dec 95)
By J. Javid

Our Boy; their Prisoner of War
Iranian soldier recalls harsh Iraqi war camp. (Dec 95)
By J. Javid



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What happened?

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